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Feeding 9 month old

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I have a 9 month old and he is eating a lot of solid foods but I am wondering if anyone has any recipes or suggestions for mixed foods that babies like. I am feeding him really mushy foods still. Any suggestions for finger foods that are easy to pick up? He is still breastfeeding too but I am trying to feed him more rounded meals.

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My DD2 is 9 months also and won't eat anything unless she can pick it up and put it in her mouth herself. Which is a bit irratating to me because I had just put a whole bunch of food cubes in the freezer! lol! ATM she really loves peas, green beans, and carrots along with pasta (loves those wagon wheels and they cook really quick) and cheese ravioli. I will admit, I bought the "toddler" ravioli, but as soon as I have time (sometime soon I hope!), I'm going to try my hand at making some. She also loves chicken (I cook it in the crockpot so it's very tender and then cut into small pieces) too. Oh! And fruit! Loves cut up peaches, pears, and apples Almost forgot scrambled eggs and hm french toast sticks and bagels. I will also give her an occassional cracker or cherrio to snack on too.

Almost forgot...I have a book by Vicki Lansky called Feed Me, I'm Yours. The list of appropriate finger foods for babies 9-12 months is:

bagels, soft
carrots and other vegetables, cooked soft
Cheeses, soft
Chicken, in soft cooked pieces
custards, soft
egg noodles
fishe, without bones
french toast fingers
macaroni and pastas
tiny meatballs
meats, tender varieties of lamb, veal, and beef
orange sections with loose membrane removed
peaches, ripe and peeled
spaghetti with meat sauce
vanilla ice cream
yogurt, frozen or regular

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He only wants to eat cheerios!! I don't know if it's because he can feed himself or if he just likes them. He doesn't want to eat anything else!! I am going to try to cut up some more foods for him. Does your 9 month old have many teeth? Mine has the bottom fronts and top fronts.
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Thanks for the list QueenMommy! My ds2 is 10 months old and mostly eats whatever we are eating. I also feed him the toddler ravioli and have a few of the Gerber Graducates things (jarred precut veggies and veggie/fruit puffs) on hand for when I am in a rush or he is hungry before I am done cooking. It's nice to see a list for different things I can try though. It is so different for me this time, ds1 only liked pureed foods and still has a ton of food issues at almost 4. Ds2 will try anything I put in front of him and there have only been a couple of things that he did not like. He eats better than the 4 year old most days!

lorikuschinski my ds2 also only has 4 teeth but he mashes things with his gums very well. Some of his favorite foods are: wheat chex, cheerios, cut up pasta, peas, carrots, cut green beans. He will also eat small pieces of meat. Almost anything that we are having I just cut some up and give it to him. He prefers not to be fed and just uses his hands, no matter how messy.
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Right now she has 1.5 on the bottom! lol! The second one hasn't quite come up all the way, but that's it. She just gums everything!

Glad the list is helpful!
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