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What's the youngest you've known a baby to walk? - Page 2

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7 months, my niece and the little boy I used to babysit both walked at 7 months and were steady by 8
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A friend of mine was a foster mom to a little girl that walked at 7 months old. The really incredible thing about that was, the baby was VERY neglected, and left most of the time in her carseat, and couldn't even sit up when she got her in her home only 4 weeks before that! So in 4 weeks, that baby went from not hardly being able to hold up her head to walking. It was an amazing transformation.
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My dd was 7 months old when she started walking. She was my first so I didn't know that was early. The problem I had was with my son. He was 13 months when he started...NOW I know that was completely in the 'normal' range but at the time I had no clue and thought something was wrong with him! I thought that my dd was the one in the 'normal' age and so I thought my son was an extremely late walker.
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My daughter walked on her own (now holding onto anything) at 8 months. I had several walk at 9 months.)

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my oldest DD walked at 7&1/2mo. she started pulling herself up at 6mo and was soon able to stand unassisted... then she started to cruise the furniture... and well, then she walked. she rolled over, sat, and crawled "early" too.
i tell you, as first time mom it freaked me out!
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I had a friend who walked at 6 months, I have heard Tiger Woods walked at 6 months... dd took her first steps at 10 and that was early enough
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My DH walked alone at 7 months & 1 day. My SIL also walked somewhere around that time. Our dd pulled up for the first time & started walking along stuff 3 days shy of 7 months. Actually she was pulling up and cruising WAY before she was crawling -- that didn't start until over a month later. Now, 10 days shy of 9 months, she's crusing & crawling all over. I'm totally expecting her to start trying to walk on her own any day now. You can see she's thinking about it sometimes when she's trying to get from one thing to the next, but so far she chickens out, drops and crawls. :LOL
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Dd took her first unassisted step at 8 months 1 week. DS #1 took his 1 day shy of 9 months. They were both running before they were 10 months old.
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I had a little boy in my daycare class who walked at 7 months.
Then we had another little boy who didn't walk until 16 months.
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I saw a baby walking around at 7 months. It was really weird to me because my then 5 month old was bigger than that baby.
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DS 2 was cruising at 6 months, walking at 7; he's 9 months now and runs.

Oldest dd walked at 14 months, ds1 at 9 months and dd2 at 9 months.
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My sister at 9 months. She never crawled or scooted.

We were getting ready for a bath....she was naked......stood up and started running!!!
It was the funniest thing!!! :
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My dh and I were amazed to see dd4 up and walking at 10.5 months. She's the earliest by far in any of our families. In fact, one of her cousins is 6 months older, they started walking the same week.

She is also my fattest baby, people would try to console me (as if I needed it, lol) when my older three weren't even crawling at 10 months and say it was because they were so round.
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LOL! My ds2, the earliest walker, is also my fattest baby, and that's saying something! Also, surprisingly, in the 6 weeks or so since he started walking, he hasn't slimmed down, either. All breastmilk, too.
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Six months, another non-crawler.

I know someone who had one of the fattest babies I've ever seen crawl at 4 months and walk at 8 or 9. He was so beautiful and round and he just took off! :LOL

My kids are both petite, my daughter was an early walker and my son pretty average. I used to think size had something to do with it, but meeting that chubby one really turned my head. :LOL
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My 1st dd walked a couple of weeks before her first birthday. Dd2 is starting to walk at just under 10 months. The earliest I know of personally is 10 mos.
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dd's godmother's daughter (her godsister?) walked at 8 months. she was a pipsqueak though, so it didn't require a lot of muscle to get her up and moving! my dd was a LOAD at that age.
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The little baby my mom used to do daycare for took her first steps either right on or right after her 7 mo. b-day.......child could run, climb, everything by 9 months old!! That's the youngest I have ever seen.
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The youngest walker I know is my own. She took her first step without support a week before 8 months. She was walking with help (holding my hand or pushing a toy) about 6 1/2 months.

Supposedly my DH's aunt walked at 6 months, but her older siblings say that's not true.
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My ds walked at 9 months, but my mom says my brother was walking at FIVE months and jumping off the backs of furniture by 9. I could *totally* believe it. :LOL
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