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Help me understand my 6 year old nephew

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My nephew who just turned 6 has always been a sparkle in our family. He is funny and smart and full of energy. I won't bore you with all the details but basically he's been driving me nuts now when I see him (he lives several states away and I have seen him 3 times since may) He is very narcissistic, he never stops to think of anyone else. He interrupts conversations to interject cartoon phrases or announce something about himself like "I'm hungry" or "I don't like that" or "I, I, I"

I have to admit that I have been somewhat stressed out when I see him and I'm not used to any 6 year old being around. I just get tired of the running around and yelling he does all day long. I must sound like an old crab, but I really want to understand what is "normal" or what I can expect developmentally from this age group. Any insights will be appreciated!
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I think you pretty much described behavior that's well within the "normal" range for 6-year-olds.
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I have to agree with Baby Phat.
That sounds really familiar to me and how my 6 year old can act at times.
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My 6 year old acts that way sometimes. we are trying to teach him to respect when people are speaking and not interrupt. I think it is an attention thing alot of the times.
I think it is very normal behavior for your nephew and most likely, a phase that will pass also.
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This behavior sounds much like my own six year olds behavior. He especially tends to "show off" in front of someone he is especially fond of, but does not see often, or when he is sencing that someone is uncomfortable with him. Maybe next time you see him you could give him some one on one time if possible-- might help him and/or might help you to understand him!

Good Luck!
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Thank you for the responses! I had a long discussion with my dh about it and agree that my nephew suffers a little by having 2 full time working parents and a less than ideal father (he is quite lazy and authoritarian) I respect what my sister does with him tremendously but she can't do everything all the time. It is relieving to hear he isn't alone in his behavior and it may take some extra work on my part to connect with him. He is much more attached to objects and his cartoons than to interaction with people so that is an extra hurdle, too. I will try harder next time I see him but this isn't really an area I'm strong in. Thanks again!
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