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The Week Before Birth: What should I do?

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It looks very likely that I will birth this baby on June 20th: seven days away.

I have tons of organization projects, and I just don't know what to do. So little time!

What is the most important?

I don't *feel* like doing anything... I try to read or write or put things away, and I just can't engage the tasks. I'm tired or tired and sleepy.

-- Caitlin
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I don't know lol! I am the procrastinator extrordinaire!! Just do what reeealy needs to be done. I bet that most of the stuff you feel needs to be done really doesn't neeeed to be done. Personally, I think rest is important. Especially if you don't really feel like doing anything, don't! Relax, feel good, get those good labor hormones going. Believe it or not, you will have time to work on some orginization projects after the baby. What I am focusing on now is making the house semi-presentable since we will have guests over. The midwives during the birth and then the next couple weeks our moms, so we want it to look like we sorta keep the house up. I will make sure the bills are paid, mortgage paid a little ahead of time, caught up on other bills, just in case I am sidetracked by way of being sleep deprived. So, um, bills, basic house upkeep, food stocked up, that is about what I think I will be concerned about the last week. Otherwise, seriously, rest, you should rest too. If you can afford it get a massage and/or a pedicure (I love those things, they relax me! )

Don't feel like everything has to be done.

So how do you know it is going to be the 20th? Intuition?
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I am not kidding. You remember this, right? Labor is hard and having a newborn can be exhausting. Get your body and mind ready by resting as much as you can stand to rest. Everything else can be done some other time.
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Sleep! Of course! Why didn't I think of that!

I am resting a lot, but I should try to take more naps. My MW advised a one hour nap in the am and a one hour nap in the pm.


As to the 20th: I see an applied kinesiologist and he muscle-tested out the expected DOB. He's done that for the past five months and it has always been around this week, and mostly either the 19th or 20th. So, I figure I'll prepare for it. Today, he muscle-tested the current weight of the baby at 7 lbs. 5 oz. ... so I definitely want to birth before my official due date on July 7th.

That reminds me that I didn't take my black cohosh yet today.

-- Caitlin
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I second that!!!

I found the last week of pregnancy to be a very sweet time for me and my baby too. I spent alot of time talking and singing and bonding even more with her during that last little bit: part of me sort of sad that this very special intimate period that I'd had with her was going to be over but obviously very excited to have her to hold in my arms soon.

So many people say "I can't wait for it to be over". Enjoy and relish every moment of this beautiful majical time in you and your precious baby's lives!!!
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I agree with the pp--sleep, eat good food, take care of yourself. There is always more you could do to prepare for a new baby, so let go of that.

By the way, June 20 is my birthday.

Have a wonderful birth!
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yes, sleep!

eat plenty of protein and good vegetables and fruits

I had a serious itch to nest the 2 days prior to going into labor (who knew?) and so I organized like crazy, put together a huge bookshelf/storage unit by myself and cleaned cleaned cleaned for my mom's arrival.

BOY I wish I had saved all that energy for the birth.

After a great start, my labor stalled at 8 cm, I was exhausted by that hour, too (hour 8)....it was a miracle I avoided a section. But only because after 12 excruciating hours of being stuck at 8 cm in utter "kill me now" hell with irregular contractions and swollen cervix, I reluctantly agreed to a walking epidural and pitocin. It did get me through, but it certainly wasn't the natural birth I had hoped for, and thought I had prepared for!
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Originally Posted by cwaddick

I don't *feel* like doing anything... I try to read or write or put things away, and I just can't engage the tasks.
Then rest and take it easy! You never know, labor could be before your due date... and labor takes a LOT of energy. Would eb miserable to go into labor exhausted because you just had to sort the closet. :LOL
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sleep, pedicure, going to a movie with friends, lunch with friends, getting caught up on rentals that you've wanted to see for awhile, making a belly cast, getting your hair done, massage, etc....

treat yourself. luxuriously!
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