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Hey mamas, I live downstate in Plymouth but during the summer I spend most weekends at our cottage just outside of Clare on Lake George. We are trying to have a day trip with some MDC mamas there so check out the thread.

Also, no reason to move your little tribe from here if you do not want to. Chatting with local friends is exactly what this forum is about.
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Originally Posted by Gailsbeeb
I agree-- a yahoo group is a great idea. Now for a name... I say we all think about that one! We could be boring and call it "Tri-City Moms"--that would be straight forward even if it isn't the most creative name out there.
--Does anyone know where the LLL meeting will be held in August?
--I was also wondering where those of you in Saginaw shop for groceries. I am having a hard time finding a good place to buy food.

If you PM me, I'll give directions to the Bay City LLL meeting for August. It is on August 9th, topic of Nutrition & Weaning facts and fallicies. Unfortunatly, I won't be able to make it because we'll be up north at our cabin. There is also a Breastfeeding walk in Bay City on the 13th (again, I can't make it, boo) which I believe starts at the Community Center and goes along the riverwalk. They will have details at the LLL meeting, I'm sure.
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Yeah! New friends! I'm in Midland, too.

For the person interested in the Saginaw LLL meeting, the next one is on the 11th at 7:00 PM. If you want directions, let me know. I have been to lots of the meetings there and have never seen a mom let her baby CIO...how terrible!

For the person interested in shopping in Saginaw you might want to check out www.greenseedcoop.com. It's a newly formed co-op where you can order lots and lots of organic stuff (including produce). And the people who belong to it are great! (Hi Ashley! Hi Christine! ) If you have any questions after you visit the site, let me know.

I'm a Bradley Method teacher, so getting to know more people in the area who are AP friendly is such a blessing...I had no idea you all were out there!

: and :home: Mom to Alina 6 yrs, Elise 3 yrs and Nadia 4 mos
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Glad to see a group forming in that part of the state . I grew up in that area (went to Harrison schools, so NW of Midland) and most people were far from crunchy/AP/NFLing. I now live "downstate", but make my way up that way occasionally to visit family.
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A time to get together?

I think it would be fun to get together for a little while so our kids can play and we can talk. Doesn't have to be anything fancy.

I don't know how to post a poll on here. I wanted one that could have a list where more than one thing could be selected. Any ideas on how I might accomplish this?

For example. M, T, W, Th, F, S, Su. Morning, noon, afternoon, or evening. Tridge, or Plymouth park.
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I don't know how to set up a poll, either, but a get together sounds great! Week day mornings are best for me. I'm closer to the Tridge side of town, but Plymouth would be good, too. What about the Splash Park at the farmer's market?

2: and :home2: Mom to Alina 6 yrs, Elise 3 yrs and Nadia 4 mos
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Get Together

I am also unsure how to conduct a poll. I am pretty flexible as far as when we meet. Mornings are better than afternoons and evenings. I do not know where either of those places mentioned are, but I will have to travel from south of Saginaw regardless so either place works for me. The farmers market sounds interesting. Another idea is to go to the Shiawassee Wildlife Refuge for a little walk on one of the trails there.
Lets start by picking a day and time. How about next Tuesday or Thursday at 10:00--someone else pick where and just give me directions!
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I'm out of town for the next week...but after that I'd love to meet up. (Until the end of August when I go back to work...then I'm only free on weekends!) There's also the playscape park on Wheeler Rd (maybe that's Plymouth park? I don't know the name of the park! )
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Let's try to meet after next week so Kiltiegirl (Jenn) can go too. How about August 16th (Tuesday) at 10:00. Where...

Who is in?
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the sixteenth would work well for me. after august i will be working nearly every day at a neat resale shop in auburn. i am so amazed that i have gotten a job where i can bring ds to!!! never in my wildest dreams did i think i would find such a job in this area. looking forward to meeting all of you. about the LLL meeting in saginaw, i have never seen a baby CIO in a carseat at any of the meetings i have been to.
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Ashley, congratulations on finding a job where you can take Taso!!!

The 16th at 10:00 works for me, too! Now where to meet. Here are some options:
  1. Plymouth Park "Fun Zone" on Wheeler Rd. (large playscape, not so little kid friendly, very little shade for nursing)
  2. Splash park at the Farmer's Market/Tridge (great for both little and big kids; would be easy to watch the kids play while we visit, nice shade trees for nursing)
  3. Thrune Park off of Main St. (small park, great for little kids - small wading pool, sand play area, etc.)

My vote is for the Splash Park, but that's just because my kids never get tired of it and I'm able to watch them while I hold and nurse Nadia, my four month old. The only other question would be where we would meet if it is cold (yeah, right!) and/or raining. Any ideas? My house is fairly easy to find, if any body is interested.
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Vote for splash park!

I think that day will work for me too. To say my oldest LOVES the spray park would be an understatement. LOL

I definitely need the shade, this horrible nausea makes me severely heat intolerant. I MISS SITTING IN THE SUN! :*(
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I am glad that we have a date and time. Splash Park is fine for me! I just need directions--or an address and I can find it on mapquest.
Will I be seeing any of you Thursday night at LLL meeting?
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Sounds like the 16th at 10:00 AM at the Splash Park will work for just about everybody!

Here are directions to the Splash Park from Saginaw:
  • Take US-10 West toward Midland
  • Exit left onto M-20/Business US-10 toward Midland
  • Continue on Bus. US-10 to Ashman Street (one way to the left)
  • Turn left onto Ashman
  • Continue on Ashman down to the Farmer's Market/Tridge area
  • Turn right at the stopsign
  • Splash Park is back behind the Midland Courthouse and Ashman Court hotel

If you want to Mapquest it, you can use the Ashman Court Hotel address: 111 W. Main St., Midland

There are few picnic tables and lots of grass for blankets/lawn chairs. There are no changing facilities, other than a porta-potty (which was put down there because I called the city and requested it a couple years back--they were making parents and kids go way over to the Farmer's Market to go pee! : ).

I'll be at the LLL meeting on Thursday night! It will be my last one for a while, as school is starting back up and our schedules will be way busier. Homeschool is starting to look better and better...

Looking forward to meeting everybody!
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Yahoo group name

How about TriCityMIAPMoms?

I would like to keep it to only women on the Yahoo group.

However, if the men folk want to, they can attend the get togethers IRL. I know my hubby would want to come when he can and that is fine with me since Kayden can get kind of wild if he isn't around. Personally, I find it difficult to go places by myself with the girls. I haven't mastered the art of being in two places at once and still being able to enjoy myself.

What do you think of the name? Any other variations you can think of?
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The splash park sounds like it's going to be fun! I can't make it b/c we'll be out of town for a family reunion but I'm hoping there'll be a next time! I won't be at LLL on the 11th either (for the same reason ), but I'm thinking I'll give it a try again next month.

Kara- I remember you from the meeting I attended when we first moved back to Midland earlier this year. You had the CUTEST teeny baby in a pouch (or at least it was a pouch IIRC)!

ETA- I'm sure the CIO I saw at that meeting wasn't typical. It just really threw me since it was my first try at LLL meetings. I'm going to give it another chance 'cos you all seem so awesome.
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sweetbabyE - sorry you can't make it to our gathering or to the LLL meeting! Hopefully you can make the next one. Yes, it was most likely me with the baby in the pouch. She's not so little anymore...we occasionally call her "Budda belly" because of her prolific rolls. My mom, who bottle bed both my brother and me, is still amazed at what nursing on demand can do for a kid. .

Alison - I think TriCityMIAPMoms sounds good! It's easy to remember if you sound out the acronym as part of the name. I also agree that the online group should be just women. I am pretty comfortable talking about things like pregnancy, birth, and bodily functions (like comparing milk leakage stories or the return of ovulation after babe stops nursing quite so much ) in mixed company because I have to do it as part of teaching Bradley, but I know lots of women who aren't. And I totally agree that it's easier to have dad along to help watch the kids IRL!!!
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We have our group!


Of course the description will change as we evolve as a group.

Just so you know it is a restricted membership. That means EVERYONE has to request membership, and then return a mandatory introduction to be approved and to see anything more than our description. This is for everyone's safety as I feel we can never be too careful in this age of raging weirdos and pervs on the internet.

I stated the group is not intended to be a militant AP group as that is not what I want it to be. I am not militant AP, but if people who are want to join that is fine as long as that don't jump on other people's backs for not being the same way they are. Not everyone can be alike.

I do not want to become exclusive and militant as another MI AP group became. I do want some limits but we will establish those as we grow.

Input is welcome on the description.

Feel free to join. Feel free to leave. lol
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Thanks Alison!!!

Thanks Alison for choosing a name and getting our yahoo group started!

I'm looking forward to the LLL meeting tonight! I just made the connection between names here and with greenseed
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i will be at the LLL meeting tonight. are you part of greenseed gailsbeeb? i just had to give up my fun job of distro coordinator due to finding a job at a clothing resale store. i'm not ready to have so many obligations and i don't want to let anybody down. i'm bummed because it was a neat job to have.
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