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raw foods & flax oil for vegan one year olds?

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I have recently started using my Champion juicer to make baby food, and my one year old triplets just had their first glass of fresh carrot juice, which they loved. I just wondered if there is anything that I shouldn't give them as far as vegetable juice goes. I also wonder about adding flax oil to their morning smoothies. Right now it consists of banana, 100% rice protein powder, and rice dream. They are vegan and I am concerned about their fat intake. (They also eat avocadoes & tahini, but they all three just stopped nursing on their own so that's really all the fat they get.
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I'm 100% raw vegan, my 27 month old is 80% raw vegan. She sometimes wants noodles or vegan sausages or something like that so that makes up the 10% non-raw. She gets her fats mostly from avacado's, and nuts that don't need to be cooked to eat such as walnuts, pecans, almonds. She eats mostly fruits, but lately she's been eating tons of celery. I wouldn't use *any* oil, it's far from the natural state of what the original food was. We use flax seeds, I eat them whole and so does she, tho when she was little I would grind them up JUST BEFORE she was to eat them.

A great site is www.living-foods.com , its a raw food community, and you don't have to be 100% raw to post there. You can get tons of ideas on how to feed raw children, there are lots of parents there including myself. A great raw book to get, that also has smoothies and such is from www.shazzie.com . I love how simple the recipies are (no cooking involved!), and they are extrememly nutritious and would be awesome for your little ones. Has a great section on raw soups, smoothies, salads, puddings, etc. All raw and easy to make and would be great for your little ones.

I have tons more to say but Amanda is screaming "It's time for boobs in bedtime mommy!" .... I guess she's tired

edited to say I would so love a Champion juicer! I could make nut butters and banana "ice cream" and all sorts of awesome things! Too expensive right now, but I'm saving up a little each month...

edited AGAIN to say that the book is Shazzie's Detox Delights.. don't let the title scare you thinking its some weird diet thing. You can get examples of the recipies on the site or email me and I'll give you more detail. It's worth the $11!
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Thanks for the info..don't know why I never thought of grinding the flax seeds. I will definitely check out those sites. Right now I am deep in the Phish ticket trading scene, but as soon as I get some good reading time...
When did you introduce nuts, and how did you do it? Our anthroposophic doctor recommended starting with almond milk, but I have not heard any other suggestions. I eat lots of nuts, so the babes have had them all along in their milk and they've shown no reaction. I don't know what I am waiting for. I am sad that they don't want to nurse anymore. I still nurse them when I can get them to, but they are just over it. I guess this is probably a good time to add some new things.

Mama to Mia, Kesey & Kyler
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Wow she was tired, she nursed for maybe 3 mins and fell asleep!

Anyway, she didn't really start to eat solids until she was around 15 months old. I'd offer, she'd play with the food sometimes eat some but that was all. I never did the jarred processed to death baby food thing. You ever smell that stuff? Yuck!

With the walnuts I'd smoosh them till they were in little tiny pieces, no fear of choking. Pecan the same way. Almonds I didn't start giving to her until recently because they are a very dense nut and can be hard to digest. I only give her them when she asks for them. They really need to be chewed good, and she simply doesn't do that.

Raw pumpkin seeds and raw sunflower seeds we eat also. I can only get them at Wild Oats, and that's 45 mins from my house unfortunately. Our halloween pumpkin seeds were washed off a little bit then put on the dehydrator.

Oh, that's another thing we do, for a change of pace when we want something crunchy, I dehydrate zucchini, cucumber, beetroot, turnip. We have interesting crunchy chips for when the mood strikes.

She's not 100% raw because I trust her body to know what it wants. If she asks for a vegan sausage, or rice or noodles or whatever I figure there must be a reason so she gets it. I just follow her lead.

We don't eat sprouts, btw. Toxic.

I do have olive oil, but only Spectrum Organic's COLD PRESSED olive oil. Other olive oil is heated up when it is processed, and it changes the structure of the oil. Spectrum does not have heat, either from the machinery or from the pressing process. I use olive oil sometimes to make raw soups dressings have a bit more texture to them. Oil without the rest of the olive isn't very good for you, I maybe use a tablespoon every few days for example.

A favorite thing my dd and I do every day is juice something. She has no idea that grape juice or orange juice can come out of a carton. She will bring an orange or some grapes to me and say she wants juice. She helps by pushing the fruit into the juicer Ive never juiced vegetables, well, I tried once and it just doesn't taste right to me.

She also drinks soymilk sometimes, but mostly water.

I think you are doing something so very awesome, by having the triplets start out in life with healthy food! I think its so important! Every parent I've ever seen in the store has a cart full of Little Debbies, or chips or or other stuff, nothing fresh and alive, nothing that will enrich their little growing bodies.

Oh, an example recipie section from that book is at http://www.shazzie.com/products/sdd/recipes.shtml . They are sooo good!!!

I'm sorry to hear about them stopping nursing. The fact that you are nursing triplets, wow, you are an amazing woman! I just get chills thinking how awesome you are for nursing 3! You are truely a remarkable person!
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Thanks for the positivity! I can use it on days like these...

My trio only has two bottom teeth so it seems like maybe I should just put the nuts through the juicer and make nut butter. BTW, my Champion is 10 years old and seems like it's brand new. If you can find a used one (I know I see them on bulletin boards from time to time) that is a good option.

We are also into Spectrum Oil. I don't know if Rice Protein Powder is too refined for you, but it is made by NutriBiotic and it is only processed with purified water and natural enzymes (no chems). I realize that this is not a whole food, but I think that it is a good protein source when mixed with Rice Dream and fresh fruit. I feel better giving the kids this than soy, which we don't eat in our house. My philosophy is to do what works for us, and to live & let live---and not judge others for what they do, but to provide information to those in need. Thank you for taking the time to help us!

We are a naturally fertile couple and these trips were a total surprise. I have had to compromise when it comes to certain things. Some things that work for 1 kid just don't work for 3 unfortunately. Nursing was not a choice for me, it was simply the way. I can't say the same for cloth diapers, but I just have to accept the things that I can do, and not beat myself up over things that I can not. One thing that I will not compromise is their natural health care & their nutrition!

Three Blessings to you-
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