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I was a girl scout for years and have very fond memories - camping, volunteering, learning about government, fun trips, we even toured a women's prison. All of these experiences i felt were a huge influence on turning me into the raging liberal I am today I know it couldn't have been my mainstream, conservative parents or the 9 years of catholic school.
Now I am the mom of 2 boys and would NEVER sign them up for the boy scouts cause of all the reasons listed by the other responses. I had an idea a couple of years ago that I would start the "Earth Scouts" all based on the good stuff in the boy and girl scouts without the "bad". When I googled the name it was already taken by people doing the exact same idea I had only they were much further ahead and are really doing it. They are basing it on the earth charter and the cirriculum I have seen is absolutely wonderful. I do not have the website available to me since I am not at home but you can google "Earth Scouts" and get in touch with these amazing women putting it together. They are at the point that you can start your own group and give them feedback and ideas. I will be doing it myself this fall with my 4.5 and 6.5 year old - We can't wait.