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Solarveil sling/pouch

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Hi all,
I'm looking for something cool to wear Dd in, and am wavering on whether I should get a solarveil sling or pouch.

I've ONLY JUST got the hang of the sling, and I tried on a couple of pouches but they never worked for me cause I just couldn't get the sizing right. Should I continue trying a pouch, or just stick with a ring sling? Any advantages/disadvantages to either? What do most people like?

For the people who have tried solarveil, what does it feel like? I'm almost imagining that it feels scratchy? I'm also assuming it doesn't stretch?

Also, PLEASE spam me with sites that sell the pouches/slings! I've only got a couple to look at...

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Solarveil is quite scratchy - I don't like the feel of it against my bare shoulder because it rubs.

I've never tried a pouch, but I like my ring slings VERY much.
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solerveil does soften with use, so hang in there
i don't think an either or would work for me w/ carriers. i like them all for different reasons. i think a sling and a pouch are great. i have a hotsling sv on my wish list
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I really don't thing it's scratchy-more like pilly cotton if that makes sense. I love our sv sling alot and use it quite often since it REALLY is cool to wear. I like the sling (vs the pouch) since I can use the tail to cover his head when he's sleeping or even his exposed leg when in a hip carry. No sunburn at all here!
I love pouches (have 6 LOL) but for solarveil I like the sling better-just seems more functional with the tail.
Good luck
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I have a solarveil Hotsling and I love it. My dd doesn't seem to mind the fabric against her bare skin. I wouldn't say it's scratchy, but it is textured. And it softens up with use, as the pp mentioned. It stretches just slightly. Kristen is great for getting the sizing right, even if it means exchanging it. Between a ring sling and a pouch, the pouch is my fave.
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I'm not a big fan of RS, but I just ordered one from Tentoes because she has seafoam! I love that color and it is discontinued.

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I have a navy solarveil ring sling from SBP and I love it!!! The tail is great for popping over dd's head when we are out in the sun. We just spent a week at the cottage and I wore this sling the most. I guess some people don't like the feel of solarveil but I actually like it!!!! I don't find it scratchy at all and in fact I would describe mine as soft.
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ok, whats SBP? Link please??
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Originally Posted by Ellp
Also, PLEASE spam me with sites that sell the pouches/slings! I've only got a couple to look at...









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I asked for a list over at babywearer.
Here's the thread:
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