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MDC flylady 10/11-11/17

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Since it's time for a new weekly thread, I'll start it


We're in Zone 3, the bathroom and one extra room this week.

I already did my yoga, am dressed to my shoes, and ready ts start FLYing this week!

We're having my parents up for Thanksgiving, so I am getting serious about cleaning and finally getting fully unpacked.
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YEAH!!!! THanks Khris, I actually slept until 8 am this morning. I haven't combed my hair or done anything.

Will post back when I get off my butt, lol
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ok, I am dressed to my slippers, lol. My sink is clean. And I just realized that I have to decide what my "one other room" will be. Dd does the hall bathroom so I am off the hook, the joys of having a teen.

Maybe I should do those kitchen jobs I neglected in my self pity last week?? I could clean the fridge from top to bottom??
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I am so proud of myself!

I did my weekly home blessing last night! And the 1st mission for this week. and I caught up on last week's missions on Saturday.
I'll give myself a little pat on the back...
Let's see how long this lasts!
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I cleaned one bathroom, still have one to go. And I got dd's room roganized and managed to get her to toss a few toys. Woo hoo!
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Can someone explain ZONES and how they work for you?

Did she say not to do zones until you've really decluttered (should take years!) or was that deep cleaning?

Fluttering for months but never did zones. Not sure I'm ready for them. Please spill. (Spill...ha ha...no pun intended!)
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the zones are what area you should be decluttering (if I understand it right) The zones are listed on the flylady site. You spend a week in each zone, this week is the bathroom and one other room.
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Spent the early morning (before work) putting out the hotspot on the dining room table.

For the last few days I've been really good about going to my closet before bed and laying out my unders, socks, and whatever I'm wearing the next day (since I'm 37 weeks pregnant, my clothing options are limited. Anyway, I MAKE SURE I shower and dress before I do anything in the morning, and it really helps me get it together and be more productive. Sometimes I have a bath before bed, so I skip the morning shower. I still don't 'fix my face' right away, which for me is combing my hair, brushing teeth and washing face and occasionally makeup, but I'm convinced it's worth a try. I'm a believer.

About having only 2 pairs of pants that fit and a few shirts...this
has been unexpectedly freeing. I have 2 pairs of maternity pants
left that actually fit and I rotate them daily. I have probaby 7 shirts, but I prefer a few more than others so I wear them more. I love having a limited wardrobe. I know when I have this baby I'll want to expand my wardrobe a bit, but I'm convinced less is more, and will look for quality items I love instead of lots of cheap

I haven't done any bathroom missions this week but tonight I need to. We're planning a homebirth and everywhere I look I
see something that needs to be cleaned.

all the best flybabies!
#1 edd 12/04/02 (give or take 2 weeks)
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I lost it yesterday, but before bed, even though I was really tired I finished up my bedtime chores, and I am so happy that I did. I even put dinner in the crock pot before we left for the park today.
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Hi everyone!!

Wow sounds like you guys have been busy bee's. I've been working on organizing the garage and kitchen. We are getting some additional shelves in the garage. My sink is clean but I do need to declutter the counter.

I did get alot of holiday shopping done yesterday and I'm going to start wrapping my gifts up. No waiting until the last minute this year!
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I'm so impressed with all of us!
Today, I think I'll do a 27 fling boogie in my hall closet...or go to yoga class and then meet some friends at the local pub....hmmmm...which will win?

Anyway, speaking of the holidays, I am so into the clutter free holiday idea, and believe it or not, my family is on board! It's a miracle!

Take care, friends, and have a great weekend!
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I'm impressed with us too you guys.

Today I did more organizing in the kitchen and garage. And I did 2 loads of laundry.

Hope you all have a great weekend.!!
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