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Did everyone mail their shower packages?

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mine went out late, but is on it's way.. everyone else get theirs out?
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Nope!! Mine goes out tomorrow. I was gone at a show, and forgot to send before I left.....oops!
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Sure did buddy! Mailed it Saturday.
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Yep! I ordered and had it shipped yesterday.

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Yup got mine out last wednesday and recieved mine yesterday from Yummy-Mummy
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Mine went out on the 11th... I haven't heard from my Mama, yet, though on whether she got it...
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yes indeed. I sent it out on Friday... :LOL

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will be mailing on Saturday, now that I finally found the packing box it's in.
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mine went out today (priority mail)
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Mine will be going out this weekend (sorry for the delay, mama!)
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Sent mine out on Saturday and GOT mine on Saturday (Thanks again LoewyMartin!!).
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Ooooh!!!! I got a cooool green and blue cup, tea, and soaps! YUUmmm!!! ThANKS!!!!
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I'm so glad that you like it....
I made the soaps...
Enjoy mama!!

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Ohhh! Thanks heheh I didn't connect Liv to Olivia! LOL I thought they came from somewhere online! Very nice and professional lookin'! You must have a webstore PM your addy!
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Not yet, but only because the original place I ordered from totally flaked on me and I'm having to redo my stuff for Sunny. But I've been makiing sure to let her know about what's been happening this whole time so she knows why I am tardy.

But it is coming! I promise! (DH and I share a car so it is also difficult for me to get to a store on weekdays - thus the having ordered from the internet before).
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I had mine sent out yesterday. I had to fix the order because I accidently ordered the wrong thing, but caught right after I hit "submit order". I wanted to send something handmade but have been dealing with severe depression and just this Monday have felt better (unfortunately, thanks to a LARGE dose of anti-depressants... but I tried to get through it for SO long without it . . )

Anyway -- regardless, mine went out yesterday!
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Yep! Sent mine out last week, haven't heard yet wether it's arrived way up north to yummy mummy!!

Chasmyn!!! No worries Mama Like I said, I've still got two months until this bean arrives. Please don't stress about it!!

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Mine went out about a week ago.
- Kerri
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Kerri, I got it - you're so sweet. I LOVE the honeybee blanket I've got tons of pink/mint/pastel - but this is cool that it's JUST for her *huge hugs*
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Ha ha ha, well I ordered my gift for Niki from an awesome WAHM (Sarah from New Life Woolens), and she was much more punctual than I am - Niki got her soaker before I even managed to send out my card! Oh well.

Michelle, I haven't gotten your gift yet...grrrrrrr, I hate waiting for mail to clear customs! Can't wait though, and check my mailbox eagerly every day
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