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Did everyone mail their shower packages? - Page 2

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Sunny's gift is finally in the mail - and I shipped it myself so I KNOW she will get it this time. Woo!
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Thanks Chasymn Can't wait to see it!!!

Jennifer, grrr customs.... I didn't think it took as long if it was labeled "gift"--I know one of my customers up in Alberta always has to wait forever since it's not a "gift"!! Soon hopefully....

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I got mine the other day, and totally forgot that I hadn't said so...I get to blame pregnancy, right???

Thanks so much, Henhao!!!
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You are very welcome!!

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Kathie (kseabose) sent me the most fabulous Taggie blankie--heck, I want to curl up with it and give it a nice rub already. Thanks so much!
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Sent my gift to Hadley's mom about a month ago (I didn't want to forget) - haven't heard from her - but got delivery confirmation...
Haven't received anything yet...
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It made me happy to hear my buddy received heres. I haven't received mine either.
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I haven't gotten mine either... There must be some s l o w postal services out there...

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Sent mine and it was received....and just recieved my gift from Anguschick! Thanks again!!
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I recieved mine and my buddy has gotten hers as well this was so fun! thanks again for putting it together!
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Yay yay yay! I got my gift! Thanks so much Michelle, I love it! DH can't believe that someone I've never met sent such a lovely, generous gift - Michelle made a gorgeous AIO (with monkeys!), a baby shirt (with monkeys!) and wipes

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Got mine today!! Thanks Chasmyn!! Yummy smelling package. Thanks Mama!

Grrrr, Jennifer! It's not fair! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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Debbie (henhao), they tried to deliver it on 6/17 to you and left you a notice. It says that that if you don't go pick it up at the post office, they will return it to me!

0304 3490 0002 1802 5300
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Kaitnbugsmom- USPS also tried to deliver your package 6/13- they left a notice and if unclaimed it will come back to me!

0304 1070 0002 6474 7962

Just want to make sure you receive it!
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Crunchy Clark,

I want to call you out in front of all to say THANKS for the way cool gifts. I got lip balm, soft soft cloths that will be good for EVERYthing and soap. It was wrapped beautifully with a big blue bow and made me so happy. I could just sit around and enjoy the scents forever.

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Yay!!!! I'm so glad you got it! I was worried they'd return it to me. You never know with the PO. Thank you so much!
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I keep checking everyday... :LOL
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Hey, I finally had a good day and sent mine out today. Been on more than partial bedrest but today I managed to get it together and wrap up the pressies and get to the post office (grr there's only 2 parking spots) and get it mailed! *sigh* felt like I had swum the english channel by the time I got the kids out of the p.o. and on to my prenatal appt. *sigh* Kitty
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