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Student Mama Tribe

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How many student mothers out there? I am working on a BA in Anthropology through a distance program at a local university. Anyody else?
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I'm a student mama too! I just finished my junior year (going for my Bachelor's in Psychology) and will be starting my senior year in the fall. After that I'm going into the Master's program for Early Childhood Education and eventually I want to teach K-3rd- possibly special Education.

I had my son in March over spring break :LOL totally not planned but worked out great! I only missed that week and the next and my Professors were very understanding. It's strange how having a baby has affected my school performance- in a positive way. I actually made the Dean's List this semester which I have only done one other time!

I will have less time to focus on school now that he's here so I only hope I can do fairly well next semester...I'm trying to figure out where to pump on my 15 min. break since my there is no nursing/pumping room
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I'm here. Pre-nursing, eventual bachelor of science.

See my thread here:

I was just wondering where everyone was at yesterday.
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I just finished my first year of a four year BScN program (RN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

Buttttttt, I switched to the RPN program for the fall. I automatically get placed in second year - and this time next year I will have graduated and be working.

Giving up a degree for diploma was a touch painful, but dh and I are hoping to TTC next spring, and I want to be done school by the time the baby comes - and have worked six months in order to get maternity leave.

Nice to meet everyone!
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Student mama here!! :

I am two classes away from an associate's in law enforcement. I will have another two years for my bachelor's degree. I was full-time for a year, but I am switching to part-time in the fall for awhile. I am a little burned out and we are pulling our crew from ps to homeschool them. I figured I would need some time to adjust. I will have class one night from 5:30 til 9.
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Nice to meet everyone. Being a full-time student while working from home and being a mom is certainly crazy sometimes but I'm lucky I don't have to go anywhere to go to school, and I can go at 3 in the morning if I want, of course I did end up taking my biology final while I was in full labor I would really feel like I was missing out on a whole world full of knowledge if I didn't attend school, I do love it.
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Biomajor here.

I just took another clep yesterday and have one scheduled for 29 June. When I pass the next clep I'll be a sophomore :

Im thinking about going into the PA program but, if I have the overies, I may go to be a DO.

Time will tell.

In the meantime I have Bio and Chem in the fall, oy-vey.

Debra Baker
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I'm a senior in Psych. I went to school (prenursing) for 3 years in CA, then took a 7 year break (military, got married, had a baby), and went back as a junior when Ben was 13 months. I'm doing an internship next semester, and hope to get a job out of it. I'll graduate in May, take the summer off, and start grad school in the fall, if all goes according to plan(which, of course it never does)
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Originally Posted by USAmma
Moving this. See this thread for more info

OK I was about to sign onto this tribe, but now I see its in working mamas (I'm not) and err, your link goes to the ganja thread :LOL
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Another student mama here

I should be done with my BSN by the first week in September. I am already a nurse, but wanted to get my 4 year degree.

Will probably start the Masters program Fall 06' *sigh*
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Starting law school in the fall... quaking in my birkenstocks...

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I am a sophomore getting my BA in biology so I can then hopefully apply for Veterinary School. I have a long school road ahead of me. Nice to see other student mommas!
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I'm currently a BS in Bio but I'm likely changing to a BA because the only difference is a language cluster and I want to be a PA or DO and want to take Spanish so I can communicate with Hispanic patients.

I may switch to (go ahead and laugh) a BS in "Liberal Studies"
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Full-time working, student single mamma here - - working on finishing my BA in History and planning to start law school in 2007 :
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i'm a bsw major with 3 semesters left. i've been in school off and on for the past 7 years or so, and i'm going back after taking 4 semesters off after my dd's birth. i have 2 kids, an almost 5 year old son and a 1.5 year old daughter. as i've mentioned a trillion times on mdc, i am nervous about going back after being gone for so long, and with having two. glad to have this tribe! the posts here are pretty inspirational, and i'll take all the inspiration i can get!
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Try a 27 year hiatus.

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HI, me too! Masters in Library Science - I'm a children's librarian. Have 1 year left. Between school, work, and dd and being divorced, some days I don't know if I'm coming or going!
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Originally Posted by DebraBaker
Try a 27 year hiatus.

no thank you
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i just registered for school on friday, and in a year i will be a massage therapist!!

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hello all!

well i signed up for classes just the other day. the semester starts on august 25th.

here is my schedule
mondays social psychology
tuesdays general pyschology, pre algebra
wednesday general pysch. lab and social pysch.
thursdays pre algebra and general pysch
fridays families in contemporary society.

holy smooley i am excited!

what of all of your classes? as you can tell i relied heavily on the recommendations of the school for what nursing students needed. thats why the pysch. and families in contemporary society (sociology class) and math.
otherwise i would be sticking to the women's history certificate but i felt as though i needed to be closer to getting into nursing school.

maya ramble on and on queen
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