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i know in several classes i have been in, spanish for one ( i dropped it and the person who took my spot was overjoyed) students sit in the class, do the work, participate in class waiting for a student to drop it. i would be more than happy to do this, but i would need to know the instructor first or i wouldnt feel...comfy. ya know?

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My term will start August 29th, and I'm so excited. I get to sign up for classes this week, but I haven't totally decided which I want to take this term, and which to take in the spring!

The ones I'm super interested in are -
Intro to the History of Women and the Family in America
Intro to Chinese History and Culture
African History and Culture
The Middle East
War and American Society
Dilemmas of War and Peace

I'll have to take American History 2 and a science class, probably biology.
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i'm a full time birther of homework as well. I'm a fifth year senior and I've been studying electronic and digital synthesis and recording, guitar, art, and writing. Next quarter I am taking a class called Buddhist Pyschotherapy.

My little one (Uli born 2-8-04) was quite a surprise- but I am doing better in school since having him than ever, though it's mountains harder. I graduate this year and am wondering what the flip i'm gonna do with my musical skillz. I'll probably just continue to graduate school...http://www.mothering.com/discussions...e=1&p=3355394#
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hiya lovehertz- nice to meet you...
there isnt on this thread by any chance two maya or maia's is there?

i had to ask.
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hi everyone...just wanted to post and say hi...haven't posted in a while.

lots of you have so such interesting schedules this semester! i think mine will be good...i'm thinking of adding a developmental (lifetime) psych/women studies course this fall...making this a 12 hour semester.
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Hey all! I am new here!
Doing PhD in chemistry, my first year. Will go back to school in October, ds will be 4 month by then... Worried about continuing bfing. My mother will stay with him and bring him over to nurse for lunch, so hope it will be ok. Have my doubts about continuing, but no we're dependent on my studentship money, so have to go back. But in a perfect world would like to be a SAHM!
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Hi again...I was wondering if anyone wanted to share with me things that help them stay organized with classes and family and everything when you're in school.

I know that's vague...
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I think that's a GREAT question mamaley. That's the aspect of starting my PhD in September that has me most worried! So far, I am attempting to cope by making food ahead of time that I can freeze & reheat (I do most of the cooking). Other than that..... : I'm not sure! I want to give my little one lots & lots of time (and will since we are bfing ) but I don't know how all this will balance out with school. Oh yeah and time for dw!
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Originally Posted by mamaley
Hi again...I was wondering if anyone wanted to share with me things that help them stay organized with classes and family and everything when you're in school.

I know that's vague...
I'm starting 3rd semester nursing school at the end of the month.

What has gotten me this far is this philosophy: If it has a soul, it's first priority.

I know my priority isn't the laundry, dishes or housecleaning. My husband and children come first, school work second, everything else third.

This has worked well for me thus far.
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Just popping in here for an update.

School starts for me on August 29th. I'm really excited (and nervous) about starting back. This will be 3rd semester, out of 4, for the nursing program. This semester we are studying med/surg and psych nursing. From what I hear, this semester is the hardest. I am thankful to be starting it fresh after a long summer break.
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well, for me having stuff ready ahead of time, like setting out my clothing and bag the night before, studying during breaks mean i save time. taking the bus or riding my bike bringing my lunch, and buying certain books from abe books ( an online store that sells textbooks) instead of from the school bookstore save me money.
ive been in school for so long now that stuff just sorta comes naturally...i'll think about what else i do and suggest them.
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ummm yeah and the having a soul coming first part, that's really important... and be willing to be upfront with your instructors, i have had mostly women and if i say hey i am a single mom, i work and take care of my mom, would i get an extra couple of days on this? no-one has said no.
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I'll be starting my second year of law school, and have a 2.5 year old. Stuff that helps keep me organized: I pick a day for laundry, a day for shopping, and once a month make stuff to freeze. I order pizza a lot (but that was first year law school, so I hope it gets better this year). Let the housekeeping go. Make yourself a good study schedule.

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Since this will be my first semester (and last) with a child I do not know how to keep oraganized. Ask me in Dec..

I am starting to get nervous about student teaching. I havent been in a classroom setting in about 8 months..That's the longest its been since I was in high shcool.. Its crazy....

I am in my last semester, but it might not be happening. For all you student teacher mamas out there you know about the dreded Praxis test, well for some they are ok but the Math part of the PPST is driving me batty. I've taken it 4 times and did not pass for my state requirement. I have one more chance THIS saturday to pass or I will not be allowed to student teach this fall. I really need to pass, b/c otherwise I dont know what I'll be doing if I dont, I need to goto school this semester.. for several reasons.. Grr. why does this alway happen to me....

ok I must go.. My MIL MUST stop by today at 10am.. (RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF DD's NAP)
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Whoa mamas, I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to write back and answer questions.

So, yes I am starting a Midwifery program in Ontario, pretty exciting because yes they do accept only 10 students per year! Crazy eh? I wasn't expecting to get in this year, but am moving forward and very honoured. Feel like the universe is helping me out on this one... can't imagine myself having another life path, you know?

My first year classes are:

Introduction to Midwifery
Life Sciences for Midwifery (+ lab)
Human Anatomy and Physiology (+ lab)
Introduction to Social Welfare
Women's Studies
Women's Health Issues

Words cannot describe how excited I am... honestly. I will be learning such ancient knowledge from women who have brought so much life into the world.

Then my second year goes:

Reproductive Phsyiology (+ lab)
Critical Appraisal of Research Literature
+ elective

Then I need to do 6 12-week placements, my registration exams and I AM A MIDWIFE!!!

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so is your name maia?
that was my question...mostly cos i am a maya too.
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i forgot to say congratulations you rock!

i bought my text books yesterday. ouch costly much?

i still need someother stuff but i want to see if they have it at a regular store not the school bookstore..
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Haha, no my name's not Maia... I just put that because it means mother. And I am a blissful mother! However, when I have another child, if it's a girl I am planning on naming her Maia.

Good job on buying your texts.... sorry what are you taking again? Something that fires you and inspires you, I hope. Yeah, I'm taking 6 classes and one of them has 10 required textbooks!!! Can you believe that?? The crappy thing is that it's hard to find them second-hand because most people in the program want to keep them for reference... I have found a woman who is passing along two of them on the cheap, but the rest are my responsibility to figure out!

Only 26 more days till I start!
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i am taking...

000086 HIST 2241 01 Women in Early America
000305 PSYC 1110 01 General Psychology
with lab
000333 SOCI 2115 01 Family Violence
000385 MATH 0060 05 Prep Algebra and Techn P
001283 PSYC 2260 02 Social Psychology

the math is a prereq for chem and bio for nursing, the sociology and pyschology classes are recommended for nursing and the womens hist. is for my women's study degree.

i am slso thinking of working towards an herbalism certificate or post partum doula work this semester, i think that would compliment my massage therapy and birth partum work...
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congrats blissful_maia!! I just had a wonderful homebirth in april with an amazing midwife here in Ontario and I'm so pleased to hear that more of you are being trained!!
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