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I'm starting Aug 29th too!

I have 4 pre reqs before applying to nursing school in the spring!!
This semester I am taking:
State & Local

13 hours-I don't need all of those classes, but to get the most out of my pell, I'm taking full time!

Glad this thread is here! I"ll definitely need y'all!
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Another full-time student here!!! I start back in a couple of weeks. I am not really looking forward to it because I have spent the last 3-1/2 months with my sweet baby. I'm sad about leaving him (all day) - but.......... I am kind of looking forward to getting back into a little bit of my former life.

I am an Interior Design major and I have a couple of years to go. It is a lot more work than what most people think. It is a common misconception that Interior Design and Interior Decorating are the same thing. I have learned how draw floor plans, elevations, section cuts and use ACAD. I really haven't learned so much about decorating. I have learned some color theory though

I am glad I found this thread!!!
Here's to making good grades in the Fall Semester. Best wishes to everyone!!!
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tish~ dont you almost have be be an architesture major to do interior desing? that is the impression i always got.
hallesmom~it looks like you and i are on the same path. have you applied to schools yet? here you apply 2-3 years before you are ready to get on the waiting list...
how much has everyone spent on books? so far 600.00 dollars and that doesnt include note books, calculators, pens or anything but textbooks. ahh the price of college.

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My dh works with interior deisgners and is constantly amazed that they can pull stuff together. He looks at the design (he reads blueprints as part of his work) and looks at the color samples and shakes his head wondering what drug they were taking and ends up (almost always) being amazed that everything just pulls together in ways he could never imagine.

So I can imagine it's hard work learning your craft.

Debra Baker
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Tish! I so envy you! I wanted to be any architect, back in the day. Interior decorating was a thought to when I was taking home ec and learned about color schemes

Maya~ We had a two year waiting list for our nursing students. They are lucky if they get in at the two year mark.

I've only spent 410 on books. I have one more book to buy that hasn't come in yet, so I am thinking another 80 dollars. I have bought the binders, paper, pens, subject dividers, and sharpener. That is in the 410 total. Tuition and fees were 620. I still have 1600 left from financial aid, and really only that book to buy! YEEHAA!!! We are really getting only the bare minimum in supplies this year.

Mark still has to go set up his account at UNCP. He'll spend 2100 for tuition and fees and another 500-600 on books. He'll end up with about 2000 left from this semester. We are all about getting debt free by New Years
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Originally Posted by ian'smommaya
hallesmom~it looks like you and i are on the same path. have you applied to schools yet? here you apply 2-3 years before you are ready to get on the waiting list...

how much has everyone spent on books? so far 600.00 dollars and that doesnt include note books, calculators, pens or anything but textbooks. ahh the price of college.

No, I haven't applied just yet. I can go to nursing school at the same place I'm doing my pre reqs and even get my bachelors through a university at the community college. It's a pretty good deal.
There are about 5 colleges/universities that have the nursing program around here!

I am buying books next week-I'm hoping it doesn't cost me 600$!! I have 2 books I am borrowing from friends, hopefully!
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Ahh books. :LOL My books are INSANELY expensive. I'm taking 6 courses, and one of them has 10 REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS. This course (Intro to Midwifery) also happens to have super-duper expensive books (medical dictionaries, guides to physical assessment and history-taking)... so. I got 70% of my books on amazon.ca and my grand total is:


These are books I will have and use for reference for life though.

I start in 17 days! I am so glad to have connected through the cyber-dimension with all you mamas. It gives me an awesome sense of pride and community.

Congrats and welcome to the new mamas!

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Originally Posted by ian'smommaya
tish~ dont you almost have be be an architesture major to do interior desing? that is the impression i always got.
There is indeed a lot of architectural elements involved in design. When I get my degree and become qualified I will be able to design a building up to 5,000 sqft without an architect. Anything more than that and I would have to work with an architect.

Ya'll are so nice Many times when I tell people my major is ID they seem to get the idea that I am in college for 4 years to learn how to hang window treatments, make pillows or rearrange furniture

I admire anyone going to school regardless of their major. I think it is wonderful when people pursue goals and dreams. It's hard work and it takes time and effort.

I didn't think of cooking and freezing food for the semester. That's a great idea. It will be especially great during crunch times when there is no spare time between parenting and schoolwork.

Our tuition went up another 14% this year. It seems to go up every year. It is insane how expensive books and supplies are for school. I usually end up spending a good $500 on all that stuff too. The good thing for me is some semesters will be cheaper than others because we tend to use books for more than one semester. The only thing about that is not being able to sell them back and get some of that money back. So, I guess you win some and you lose some.

I have a friend in nursing school. She really seems to love it. It does get her stressed out because of the practicals, tests, and labs and all the projects involved. I know nursing school is hard. I couldn't do it. I am not scientifically inclined. That part of my brain does not work :
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I hear you on not being scientifically minded. I'm stressing a tad over the CHM class I have to take this semester.

I'm actually going to be cooking and freezing food this weekend in preparation for tough times

Have you considered selling your books via ebay or half.com?
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Hey mamas

I'm new to the tribe. I will be going back to school in about 2 weeks after a 5 year hiatus. I dropped out when I was pregnant with DS1 who is about to enter Kindergarten. Since it's my first semester, I've decided to ease into it by going part time. I'll be taking one class online and one or two on campus (dh will watch the kiddos while I'm at school). I got my financial aid award letter a few weeks ago and tried to register online this week only to be told I need to update some information? : Ugh. I'll head up to the school on Monday and hope to get it all straightened out then. I'm pretty excited about going back.
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Wow! Online registration!! I am so jealous. Each semester it seems they try a new resitration process and i must say this semester's was by far the most horrible, and chaotic. They had professors punching in registration cards, new students were getting lost, returning students were being run around on a wild goose chase, it was frustrating.

The professors didn't have any training on the computers and only had a cheat sheet to use as they went along. THey keyed in two of my classes wrong but you don't get a prnt out immediately, so after waiting 30 I had to do the whole process over again. UGH! It took me 3 hours to get registered. Talk about a pissed off mama. But, all ended well, as I had Mark go get my books the next day so I could avoid long lines. Good thing to since I have a raging bladder infection!
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Books I'm getting mine on amazon.com but the Chem book is vexing me. None of the texts online have egrade which my prof has said is essential. I may need to spring for the $130 for that dang book. I am taking five classes and two labs but Chem is what is making me have the dry heaves.

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I only have to buy a student teaching handbook.. : YAY!

I am so nervous to start school. I havent been there since a year ago. (My DD was born Jan 05) I dont want to leave her, but I really want to finish my degree. It's a catch 22. I'm nervous about the daycare.. I'm just nervous in general I dont want anyone watch my baby girl grow up except me.. hehe.. Oh well.. I'll write more later..
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I'm thinking of getting my books on Amazon too. The university bookstore raises the prices on the books and the professors make a profit on them for having the students use them. I think that is ridiculous!!! Oh well, it's part of it though.

Teresa -We have online registration too. I can't imagine going back to the days of standing in line and waiting and waiting and.....
I would be irrate if I had to go through all that to register then find out my classes were wrong and have to do it again. to you for having to deal with that. Hopefully your school will upgrade soon.
We used to have phone registration but that has been discontinued.
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wow...alot was said...

we have online registration, it rocks!

pottydiva and hallesmom~ it looks like we are at about the same spot, i applied to several nursing schools but need biology and chemistry before acceptance into the one i go to now. the other one i was accepted into is a private womens school, st. kate's, and it is about two years before i can start the nursing school part, one yera and i can start the pre~professional...

blissfulmaia~ those books you mentioned, i see them at the bookstore my mom works at. i almost bought them just for refererence...
vlvet~ if you can definatly buy your books online, i couldnt scrap up the money, i charged books against financial aid...
morningtillmoontime~ good idea going part time at first, i have seen people get very overwhelmed trying to start back with 16 credits...and welcome.

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Can I join you all? I'm not a working mom, but I'm starting back to school full time in about 2 weeks on the 29th. I've been out of school for the last 3 years while I had my babies. I just got my financial aid worked out today. I got way more than I was excpeting though, so I'm trying to scrape together the money for books.

I'm taking online classes this semester at the community college before transferring to the 4 year school. I'm not taking anything to terribly interesting (at least to me) or challenging this semester. I'm just finishing up my gen ed requirements.
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welcome nicole!
i've been going for several years and i am still not done with gen. ed...
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I took me up until this summer to figure out what I was going to go for...I've just been kind of going here and there with no plan!! eeek!!
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and what is it you are going for???
due tell girl...
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Nursing.....(see previous posts...)
Or rather getting my pre reqs to start...lol
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