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Well, I really should be done with gen ed. I've got 5 full semesters and 1 part time semester under my belt. I probably should still be fighting the english comp, but I give up. It's easier to just take the classes.

I'm taking:
English Composition I
Intro to Information Technology
US History II
Concepts of Fitness & Wellness
Public Speaking (I'm still not sure how this will be done as an online clss, but I guesss I'll findout.)

I'm not worried about this semester at all. Next semester after I transfer and get in my major classes again, has me a bit worried. I'm a physics major with a math minor. I'm just hoping it'll all come back to me pretty quickly. I kept most of my books though (well not the gen ed ones), so I'm going to pull them out and work on some of it between now and Jan.
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[QUOTE=Nikel1979] I'm a physics major with a math minor. [QUOTE]

Just those two words scare me let alone actually having to LEARN it!!! :LOL
That's awesome. I feel sort of stupid because of my inability to comprehend any kind of science and I'm pretty slow at math too. My dad is super at math. I wish I could have picked that up from him.
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i'm with you velvet. the idea of comprehending physics. uggghh. i so admire anyone who can do it. ask me about the herbies i understand them, hmmmm, need to know the history of american radicalism, gotcha covered. physics no.

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I think I have only posted a couple times here, but I am getting excited to start back to school on the 22nd. I need a break from my kids (I also homeschool) and to be around more adults!! LOL

This semester I am taking:
Cell Bio
Plant Bio + lab
Microbiology + lab
Psych of Death

I think it should be a fairly easy semester overall. Last semester I took like 19 hours and almost died, ughh.

I have been trying to deep clean my house (if you have seen my closet you would know what I mean about 'deep clean'...lol), I figure the less junk I have hopefully the less messy everything will be. I am not a very good housekeepers/organizer at all, I just lack that skill.

As for food, I am trying to think of just quick HEALTHY dinners and snacks for us all. Last semester I just wasn't with it and we ate fast food 3-4 times a week, I don't want to repeat that.

Anyways, good luck to everyone!!
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Originally Posted by Nikel1979
Well, I really should be done with gen ed. I've got 5 full semesters and 1 part time semester under my belt. I probably should still be fighting the english comp, but I give up. It's easier to just take the classes.

I'm taking:
English Composition I
Intro to Information Technology
US History II - took this last Spring and loved it I am thinking about taking HIS I just for fun
Concepts of Fitness & Wellness
Public Speaking (I'm still not sure how this will be done as an online clss, but I guesss I'll findout.) - I'm taking this class this semester too. 14 yrs ago I took it and would cry each time I had to give a speach. Now they are total cake walks
I can't wait to transfer out of RCC, I absolutely loathe the closeminded conservatism of the students. The only thing that keeps me going are the professors who wisper incouragement and agreement in my ear.
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Originally Posted by DebraBaker
I want to be a PA (I think they start at about $65,000 here or a DO (six figures.)

But the debt seems overwhelming.

what's a PA?
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physicians assitant. if you dont mind me answering. very very close to a dr.
marilynmama~isnt that funny i am doing the same thing, getting rid of tons of junk, clothes that dont fit, worn out, stuff i dont like or use or is just taking up space, clothing ian doesnt like, etc. i have until the 25th? i think to get it all done and am i glad i stated doing this at the begining of the summer...
the food thing i am still working on. trying to configure more freezer space and how to freeze it woth out it getting burned...

any suggestions on the freezer burned idea?
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Ok, we must all be on the same page here, cause today has been the cleaning day from hell. We just got three new dressers so old cothing is going out, getting boxed, donated. Toys have been thinned out. Dining room overhauled to make it look less cluttered(really hard with arts and crafts stuff AND two computers.

Bathroom the same. I am going to start working on the kitchen and getting stuff ready for freezer cooking after I post this.

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it feels so good doesnt it p.d? it makes getting ready to go back to school all the more wonderful...
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I've taken a notion to deep clean the house before school (2 weeks from today) because it certainly isn't going to be cleaned until Christmas break.

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Forgot to mention that I registered for my classes and got my books! I feel so prepared even though my classes also don't start for another two weeks. Hmm, except I guess I should buy a few notebooks, maybe some paper? Hmm... :LOL

I'm taking:
History of the Middle East
Intro to the History of Women and the Family in America (I thought this one would be interesting to take before I have my baby)
Dilemmas of War & Peace

The last class is 6 credits, a very intensive class I guess, and it has the biggest textbooks I've ever seen. Not only are they tall and wide, but they're really thick, and really, really heavy. Thank goodness they get to stay home!

I also received my history degree audit late last week, and it looks like I won't be finishing my degree this year (which is just fine, considering how my life is going to be changing). Instead it'll be next year, and I think I'll only have to take two classes each term for three terms, and I'll be done at the end of next year. If I'm able to with taking care of the baby, I think I would try three a term and get done a little bit sooner. Either way, after that I'll be SAHMing and figuring out exactly what my next step is once I'm ready for it to happen. That might take a few years, since I've just always been terrible with deciding on a path!
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i have all my books (but one one back order) staked up neatly where i do my homework. my room is almost done and my closets have had a nice going through and are almost done. now for the rest of the house , incuding ian's room.
getting closer everyday...
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Right on mamas. Looks like everyone is doing great and getting ready for their first days of classes.

This was day 2 for me. Monday was a fullday and the classes rocked. Today I only had my evening CHM class. It also was a surprising ROCK!

I actually received homework on my first day of classes from Public Speaking, and American Lit. This evening we received homework in CHM as well, but not due til next week. The others are due tomorrow.

I also am starting off the semester in a grand way, by causing trouble. The problem...

I signed up for my public speaking class because it is 1-2P MWF. On Monday the professor asked how many would like to just come in on MW. Everyone but me said yes. Why? Because I have to be at work by 2:30P. I wouldn't have signed up if the class was 1-2:25 like he wants to change it. I told him this and he says I can leave at 2:10. This is a no go, as it takes 5 minutes to walk to the parking lot, and 10-13 minutes to get to my work. I get no breaks from 8 - 2 pm as it is and that last 5-10 minutes is used for eating.

So today I called the school to see what I should do, drop the class maybe? I was transfered a few times until I surprisingly ended up voice to voice with the Curriculum VP. YIKES! I told her the story, said that I was the only one who couldn't do it, and asked what I should do, such as drop. She asked for the professors name, and said I didn't have to do anything, that the schedule was made and no one changes it. I tried to explaine that he asked all students and everyone agreed so it wasn't like he was forcing the change. She said it didn't matter and that I shouldn't worry because it wouldnt' be changed.

Now I am all nervous. It is going to be obvious why he was told not to change the schedule no matter if she got my name or mentions a phone call at all. I honestly did NOT want there to be waves. He could make my life murderous in that class. Not to mention all the students knowing who said what. UGH!!!
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Ugh, that sucks Theresa. Maybe he won't be too hard on you though. Here's hoping!

I haven't done a single thing to get ready for school. I'm way too focused on TTC. I hope I can make it through. Even if I'm pregnant this cycle, I won't be due until after Spring Semester. Don't know if I can handle school full time, plus a toddler, plus being pg. But I'm going to try. Maybe I can at least make it through fall. The morning sickness will be no fun! Especially with my early classes.

2450 MKT 301 02 PRIN OF MARKETING 3 MB 101 M 1815-2115
2527 CTE 461 01 COM ED SKILLS 3 WWW WWW 0000-0000
2637 FCS 323 01 EXPERIMENTAL FOODS 3 MH 202 T T 0845-1045
2664 FCS 355 01 FAMILY LIFE EDUC 3 MH T T 1100-1230

Fun Fun! Especially since I don't have a clue what two of the above classes even entail! And hopefully I won't have any food aversions, as Ex. Foods is my morning class.
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That's crazy that a prof would try to change the schedule like that! I could understand if it was a one time thing or something, but to change it permanently is insane. I hope he (or any of the other students) doesn't try to give you a hard time.

My classes are all online, but there are orientations. One of my classes has the orientation on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend! So crazy! I e-mailed the prof that we were planning on being out of town. (My dh is one vacation) He said it was fine to miss it. Yeah! I was afraid we'd be stuck at home.
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My chem prof pulled one of those on me a couple of semesters ago. Luckily, I didn't have any conflicts.
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I'm taking Public Speaking 2:00-2:55 M-W-F, if you're in the Central time zone we'll be taking the classes at the same time....that is if you can settle the conflict with the A-hole Prof.

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ohh that does suck. ive had prof's do that but say make friday optional, if you had questions, wanted to talk, whatever but never lengthen the other days...
i hope it works out...
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ah, thanks mamas. I have the class at 1:00P EST today. Here's hoping everything works out.

DB~ So cool we are in the same class together Hee Hee!

We have a schedule of when we'll be doing our speaches and what types (persausive, argumentative, etc. I have already planned out my topics for each. I'm going to do a "theme" this semester. All speaches, including the "descriptive" will be centered around the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I'm going to describe the process of mining Coltan
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Apparently we're going to be focusing on advocacy. Hahaha. Public *Writing* as well as public speaking.

If I focus myself I should do well because I have so much experience :LOL

PD I thought you were in the midwest somewhere hence the CTzone. I'll be taking Chem while you're taking Public Speaking.

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