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So yesterday I got the remnant check from my financial aid (the stuff left over after tuition and other fees on accts recievable are paid).

Well, I bought my textbooks, then I earmarked $300 that I owe the babysitter...

and I have a whopping $10 left.

So much for grocery shopping, buying new pens, etc....no more money until I get my first GI Bill payment somewhere around the 7th of September. Looks like I'll be taking PB &J for my lunches the first few weeks, since DH has things like rent to pay and won't be able to cover anything but the most basic groceries.

I don't know WHAT I'm going to do when my GI Bill runs out next fall...
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I think I "got" more than my tuition and fees. My daughter said she has had extra checks and mailed them back but then she started just pocketing it. (I guess for books)

I budgeted books from our family income and I'll likely send that check back because I want as little debt possible.

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Sorry Db, I'm in NC I have a CTzone? I was sure my Clearisol took care of the darn T zone!

I have Chem in the evening! I loved the first class!
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I'm a little bit afraid of Chem.

NC is closer My daughter will be in NC when she gets back from Iraq (and she will L-rd willing be home for good at the end of NOv.)

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db i hope your daughter comes back safe and sound...
i will have "extra" money after books and tuiton. if i didnt i wouldnt make it. just ian and i.
raven have you checked out scholarships? there really is alot of money out there if you apply for it...
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Hi all, introduction!

I'm a FT WOHM who goes to school PT via distance learning (2-3 classes per semester, at least that's what I've done the last 2 semesters). I am FINALLY ready, after 13 years of school, off and on, to move on to a 4-year university and am SO nervous about making it.

I'm nervous about student loans - never had one before, about whether I'll be able to switch careers once I'm done, about several things. I do get some tuition reimbursement through work, and that helps a lot. I miss being in the classroom so at some point I may try a night or weekend class here or there but then I feel guilty about spending even MORE time away from my 2-year-old... though my husband, who is a teacher/volunteer firefighter definitely needs more time with him! :LOL

I'm interested in graphic art and copywriting and.... anyway, that's me!
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We're going to end up with surplus aid, too. Thank goodness. I know we'll be paying it back eventually, but right now it all counts. Dh is practically getting paid to take classes. Me, on the other hand...it's laughable. I'm not even thinking about paying it back right now. We're using every penny.

I bought our books last week. Dh is using 2 of the books that I had last semester so we ended up buying books for 7 classes for $420. I shopped around, but it didn't work out. I ended up buying all but 2 used, from the school's book store.

I went to the orientation at the university's childcare center yesterday. It seems pretty cool. I'm more nervous about dd going there on Monday than anything else. Anybody else have their child in the school's childcare center?

As someone else mentioned, I'd definitely suggest selling your textbooks on half.com or amazon. I've done it and the prices are much better than what the school would give me to buy them back.
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Hi Nora! I adore your name!

I got more than book and tuition as well. I am really trying to save as much as I can. I had 1688 left before today when I had to purchase my computer book, and that was 122.25! So I have about 1565 left. We are paying off some bills and saving for a winter cabin getaway

Nora, have you looked into a stafford loan? mark has one and he doesn't have to start paying until he graduates and if he continues on to his masters they decrease it by 25%
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I feel like such an idiot now. The only time I took out a loan was my freshamn year to pay for housing, and my mom really did all the paperwork for me. I didn't realize I had to apply for the loan seperately. I was so confused as to why the school has a cost of attendence of $5500 a semester,we're expected to pay $500 and all I got was $1500 in financial aid. After dealing with the morons in financial aid, I was not wanting to call back. I checked the school's website though, and I'm printing the loan forms and faxing them tomorrow. I feel much better now.
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Originally Posted by Potty Diva
We are paying off some bills and saving for a winter cabin getaway
LOL. I'm saving some for my trip back to the PNW! :LOL Shhh!
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Nice how I did a hatch job on your name, eh? Sorry about that NoLa

Well, they did say it was for tuition and LIVING expenses. We'll still be alive when we are atthe cabin. So that counts, right?
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NOLA NOLA NOLA...not Mola or NoRa. BLECK!!!

I'm originally from Oregon City, OR. What about you?
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i :heart the pnw, but old freinds of my parents say its changing. is that true? the influx of newbie, i guess.
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Neither of us are from there, but we lived near Tacoma for a few years. That's where dh & I met, got married, had dd...we've really come to regret leaving and hope to move back during or before the summer of 2007. Right now, we're thinking Portland may be "the" city, but time will tell. If I could somehow manage to graduate before then :LOL I wouldn't rule Seattle out. I'm open to anything as long as it's in WA or OR.

In other news, I took my dd to "play" at the childcare center today. I *think* she'll be okay on Monday, but I'm planning another visit tomorrow just in case. This is definitely the worst thing EVER! If she's not fine with it after the first month, she's staying home with dh again.

Forgot to say that if somehow I don't finish before we leave, I surely wouldn't be opposed to going to UW or UP.
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I'm all registered! Went to the school to correct a problem that 5 phone messages didn't fix. After waiting 40 minutes to be seen, it took 1 minute to fix. I'm only taking two classes...Cultural Anthropolgy and ballet.
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Originally Posted by mum2a&a

In other news, I took my dd to "play" at the childcare center today. I *think* she'll be okay on Monday, but I'm planning another visit tomorrow just in case. This is definitely the worst thing EVER! If she's not fine with it after the first month, she's staying home with dh again.

I dread this day
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mtilmmama~ glad you got yer problems worked out, sometimes i think it takes a human face for the phone answer~er on the other side to realize i am a human being.

mum2a&a~nice to hear about your time there, i always think of berkeley as a wonderful place, all dreamy and nice, we lived there when i was real young so found meories for me.;..(berkeley the open ward)
daycare is so hard...you work it out.
nora welcome! graphic arts cool, occasionaly my dad gets hired to do a piece for someone cos its by hand and not with computer graphics or cad...

well, i just worked out my schedule on my calender and today i finish helping my mom trade bedrooms with ianand work out some chicken recipes for frozen dinners...i think it'll all be done by the time school starts...
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Ok, be brutally honest with me:

Am I completely crazy to take 12 hours? 4 classes? I've done it before, but never while having 2 children. Last time I did, my son was 2 and I was in my first trimester with my dd, and it wore me out. Of course, I was exhausted anyway and felt ill. I did it when my son was a baby and that went fine...

But I haven't taken a full load in a long time and I'm feeling kind of nervous. But I am TIRED of going to school semester after semester and not graduating...I just want to finish this degree, once and for all.

Ok, thanks for listening. :LOL
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yes, the only knots in my stomache are the childcare induced kind.

mamaley, i don't think it's too much but you know better than anyone what you can handle. if you don't think it's working out, you can always drop a class or you can just think of it as a learning experience and take less hrs next time. i'm probably not the best person to respond to that question as i seem to be trying to punish myself this semester. i work better under pressure though. lol.

(i'd say the exhaustion that comes with pregnancy would overwhelm me for sure, so thumbs up to you for managing. i think from rereading your post that you sound completely capable of handling it but just need some encouragement through the nervousness. this week, i've been thinking i'm a little nuts for my schedule. just jitters. )

have a fun weekend! this is my last before classes begin on monday. dh starts tomorrow, heehee. i'm taking the kids to a movie and that's about it. we're vegging it this weekend.
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mum2a&a I am sending you relaxing, calm vibes.....

mamaley, I don't think you are crazy. The key to any successful semester is TIME MANAGEMENT! You can do it sista!

UPDATE on the time change for my COM class. The next class meeting he informed us that the time change was a no go. he said it was a popular thing for professors to do but his department chair advised all professors to keep on schedule and not do any changing of it. So, that worked out pretty darn good. We have our first quiz on Friday and a speach coming up as well.

I had my first assignment in CHM, pretty easy(but very math intensive).

All classes are going really well How bout you mamas?
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