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hey student mamas

i was in my first year of art school when i became pregnant (surprise!), so i've taken a year off to be home with the kidlet. i am planning on returning part time in the fall.

i am having a hard time justifying a fine arts degree to other people now that i have a little one. no, i don't think that drawing/mixed media will get me anywhere (although i do have plans/dreams of starting an art-therapy-type studio for folks with disabilities, but that's way in the future), but i do think that it is important to me to do this for myself. it's trying to find a good balance between work/home/school that might be a bit rough at first.

my SO is also in school, working on his (also apparently useless) history/art history degree. he is, however, going full-time.

anyway, it is good to be here.
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Hi everyone, I am (deep breath here) seriously considering starting my PhD this fall! My baby girl is 3 months old and will be almost 5 months when I start. Not sure if I am crazy, or if this is a good arrangement. My mat leave benefits will really help us financially this year, and my dw just finished teacher's college so she will be supply teaching next year & have a flexible sched. My courses should only take me out of the house 6 hours/wk plus library time etc. And we have an ideal child care arrangement with an AP friend of ours who has 3 girls ages 3, 6 and 9 who love babies. I'm so excited about finally getting to start this PhD. And my dw is VERY supportive and will try to arrange her sched. to care for Annie so I can work at home etc. But I'm just not sure if this is completely crazy! She is BF exclusively and so far won't take anything else, but we will be trying again to intro the bottle next week.

Not yet sure if I'm completely crazy. Wish me luck! Emmaegbert, I'd love to hear more about your experiences. I may PM you.

good to be here & to meet other student mamas
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I can't wait for August 10!! It's the first day of registration and i am taking the day off for it (long ass lines).

Got my FAFSA award letter in the mail as did DH, I am so excited!!! BTW, because of financial aid, and our tax refund this next year, we will be completely and totally debt free by feb of 2006!!!
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i got my letter from expensive private womens school....

i am so excited

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WOOHOO!!!!! MAYA!!!!
I'll keep my fingers crossed that they make "good choices" and bump you on in
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is this crazy? mamas, share your thoughts!

Hey all - another student mama here.
My babe Kalina is 6 months old and I started my MA in Religious Studies (with the hope to do PhD next) last fall... I found out I was pregnant - Surprise! - about a month after getting accepted to the program.

My studies have been on hold since Kalina's birth - couldn't concentrate for the life of me due to sleep deprivation... and breastfeeding troubles... and then - as if having a newborn wasn't enough - I came down with severe postpartum depression... I'm recovering slowly and getting more and more clarity about the importance of school to my sanity! But... financial woes abound.

SO! My big dilemma is this: is going on the with degree worth selling our home???? My dh wants/plans to start law school fall 2006 - he got into a program for this fall but declined in order to support us with babe. With both of us just itching to go to school, keeping our humble (but expansive) abode will probably be impossible. We are actually thinking of moving in with my parents (yiyks!!!). Is school worth this??? It seems like a huge investment... does it pay off????

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Hi Ag,

I would say that selling would be a GREAT burden lifted from your shoulders. Though I would suggested perhaps an apartment of your own to moving in with mom and dad. For me, it would put undue stress on the relationship(s) and living on your own is so nice. Does it pay off...I hope so!
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That's such a hard personal decision I couldn't even try to make it for you.

I'm going into student debt and it scares the crap out of me but my *van* cost more than my BS so I try to put that into perspective. I'll be going for a PA or a DO, the PA (Masters) will cost me an additional $50K and the DO would put me well into the six figures. It is frightening.

You only have one child? You could possibly sell the house and buy a more humble condo? Or even live in student housing? I usually encourage people to own real estate but an education is priceless.

Debra Baker
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selling your home is a personal decision, but do look into the tax liability before you sell,
think about the what if's: what if i dont buy another much smaller home and the tax man takes say 50% of the profit from selling?

what if housing prices rise dramitically after i sell and in 5 or so years you can afford another home?

i am sure there are more what if's.
good luck.
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Originally Posted by emmaegbert
I'm also a student mom and procrastinating here by writing this.

This is the essense of my problem. I left HS in the middle of my senior year at 16, started College the following fall and have been struggling to work at it ever since. I have procrastinated for about 15+ years. I did finish an AA in 2001. I am in a distance BA program at Indiana U. right now, and I have been registered for a class for over a year, paid for an extention, and have only written 3 out of 12 essays for the class. it is NOT that I can't study. I am constantly reading/writing/etc. etc. What i can't seem to do is focus myself into the courses that I am PAYING very hard earned money for (a severe lack of money is about 50% of why I haven't finished yet, the other 20% was family responsibility, the last and HARDEST 30% is the lack of educational structure/focus/ability to make deadines. procrastination is a MAJOR vice for me. Anyone an organized student mama w/pointers?
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Hey mami,
I consider myself to be a pretty organized student, otherwise my life would fall apart.
The most important part of being organized is time management, and of course sticking to your schedule. During a semester I make time for EVERYTHING, well, except potty breaks which come whenever.

A big part of staying sane is scheduling time for myself as well.
Being a student mom of course is tough, and this may seem harsh, but, I rarely devisate from my schedule, even to take care of Kailey. Mark and I have a schedule that allows each of us study time while the other takes care of/plays with Kailey. I have precious little time to study and I NEED to study to get good grades.

So, that is what works for us.
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My life is going to be different come fall.

I know I'm going to need to learn how to manage time. My daughter recommends different colored highlighters and index cards

I am going to also schedule time and if I don't have specific assignments I'll do long term reading and projects. Also the general no tv, games until after dinner is going to be more strictly enforced.

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Originally Posted by Potty Diva
Hey mami,
I consider myself to be a pretty organized student, otherwise my life would fall apart.
The most important part of being organized is time management, and of course sticking to your schedule. During a semester I make time for EVERYTHING, well, except potty breaks which come whenever.

So, that is what works for us.
Well, I got a palm pilot as a gift for my birthday (from My AWESOME foster mom & her partner AKA Bubbe & Gramma) , and would like to use it to schedule. I already use it for reminder type stuff, it is one of the best presents I ever got (I have a mild case of Dyslexia/Add) and has really changed my life in some ways already. What would a sample time sechedule look like to you? I tried to schedule in a "essay morning' once a week, but i think I haven't done it right because I haven't actually followed the time I set for that once. After reading your e-mail I did just change it from Thursday ( a day when my Dc is not in daycare) to Wednesday, and scheduled it to start at 9:00-10;00, which is early for me on wednesdays, but maybe that will help me not sleep late. I work part time as well as going to school, and so I am working on tuesday & wednesday. I am soo backed up with things to do when tuesday comes around that I know I wouldn't study on tuesdays.
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Student Mama here..
I will be in my LAST SEMESTER in Sept..
I will be student teaching in a high school social studies class.. Im totally nervous about pumping and keeping up my supply during the year.. My DD will be 7.5 months when I return.. I am not planning on weaning..and isont want hedr to wean either...
I have to take the dreaded Math Praxis and pass before I ST... (ive taken it 4 times.. ) im taking it again on July 30... i need magical poweerrs and vibesssss.. i suck at math
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Sending you magical powers and vibes for your math class, mommy2julia! :

I am starting to pack and clean for our move (which is in t - 29 days!). Strangely enough, it doesn't seem real yet. I can't wait to start midwifery school. I can't believe it. My schedule is pretty crazy... on Tuesdays I have classes from 8:30 am until 10 pm. With two 1-hour breaks which will undoubtedly involve a certain someone glued to my boob. :LOL

What are everyone's childcare arrangements and how old are your children? Any advice/tips since I'm diving into this adventure big-time. My dd will be 19 months when I start... how did you get your children transitioned to child care...? Etc. etc.

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My youngest is going into first grade this year. I waited until she was older so I didn't need childcare. If I go the PA route I will be studying in the summer three years from now (her going into 4th grade) and the following year I will be doing preceptorships(sp) when she's going into 5th grade. I will need childcare and I honestly don't know what I'll do except pay one of her siblings to watch her.

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Where ya moving..I'm gonna need a VBAC midwife in about 5 years..lol.. (and i'm planning on relocating after I graduate...hhehe ..)

Anyway.. about child care.. grrrr.. I'm sending Julia ( who will be 7.5 months) to a "mainstream" daycare facility. My mother works there, and also it was on the list that we could get through a grant at my school for student mothers.. So its paid for.. Its good that my mom works there so the transtion will be easier for her.. but I still dont her to be with women who are not AP oriented. I understand that there is a 4:1 ratio and a baby will cry when hes hungry or tierd..they by no means dont let babies cry but im sure htere are times whne all 8 babies are crying at the same time.. so.. yah.. who knows.. and plus one of the ladies who works in the room is older.. taht means she gets tierd sooner.. I made the arrangemetns when i didnt know what kind of baby julia was going to be.. well she is pretty independent, but that is b/c I respond to every single wimper.. they may not be able to do that..I dunno..maybe i should let them know how we parent and hopfully they will adbide by my wishes..also.. we cosleep so i dont know how shes gonna do with a crib for naps..

anyone have any advice on what i should tell my center?????
I wish i could afford a NAnny ( the grant wont cover that b/c a nanny is not an accredited center, and the grant will help tons)
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i dont have any advice to anyone about day care, ian is in school and i have classes that are when he is in school.

in august i will be taking...

social pyschology with lab
families on contemporary society
general pyschology
pre algebra
women and violence the humanities respond

the math class is a 4 credit, pass no credit class that's why it seems like so much.
everyday but thursday i can get ian from school, on thursday my mom said she would babysit lucky me...i'll pay for it later...

good luck everyone! are you all as excited as i am?
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Yes excited.. BUT VERY NERVOUS!!!

I want to graduate so badly.. DH said we can move from PA to NC a little while after I graduate.. Man I want to get away from here....
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i have years before i graduate...
good years of schooling ahead, atleast 1 year on the waiting list before i can start nursing school.
trying to make the best of it. womens studies, sociology and pyschology.
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