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I would talk to financial aid offices at a few schools. Ask if any of them have tuition waiver programs or funds for childcare grants or would let you work in exchange for childcare. Is there any family you could live with that would help with the childcare in the afternoons? Keep your hopes up
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I would look into other schools. Apply to all nearby that offer yoru program,a nd see if anyone offers a better deal. Can you get any state assistance for childcare? If there is a YMCA nearby, they have childcare centers and offer financial assistance
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Thanks for the replies! The Y in my city doesn't have child care available. I can't get govt child care assistance. There is a charter Montessori though that offers financial assistance for their preschool program (and then it's free for kindy, but it's harder to get into that). They have an opening so I could enroll him there for this semester. I'm so sad at the thought of DS having to change schools though. We both really like his teacher and one of his really good friends was gonna be in his room this semester. And I was so happy that they were going to let him go there another year even though he was kind. age. He's going to be SO disappointed and confused if he has to switch schools.

I'm so pissed about the whole situation. The counselor said that they were getting record numbers of students who needed child care and were requesting assistance... and yet they cut this program?!@ : Seriously this is such a small amount of $ ( yet SO important) and it makes me mad that I have to pay for crap that I don't use (like on campus gyms) while the things that are truly NEEDED by students are left unfunded. Well, I'm going to have to call the director tommorow and have her confirm what the counselor said. It would have been nice if they would have sent a letter or something explaining what was going on with their funds but I guess it's not a priority to keep the student parents informed of these things.
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