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: Well keep on truckin..

I only have ONE semester left......... YIPPPPPPPPE
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Originally Posted by blissful_maia
What are everyone's childcare arrangements and how old are your children? Any advice/tips since I'm diving into this adventure big-time. My dd will be 19 months when I start... how did you get your children transitioned to child care...? Etc. etc.
i'm beginning my last year of coursework for my phd, and have a 4 yr old and a 3 month old. in the mornings (well, until about 1pm), i will be putting in my hours for my research assistantship and practicum. since i'm in an education program, the vast majority of our classes are late afternoon/evening (since many people are in schools during the day). i have only one class this semester, and dh's aunt will be watching the kidlets.

we've had a lot of different childcare arrangements in the last three years since i started - dd was 18 months old when i began the program. she stayed at home with dh in the mornings, then did parttime daycare in the afternoons when dh left for work, and either i or my mil would pick her up (depending on my class schedule). so about two nights a week, she was at mil's until about 7:30.

then dh was laid off for a period of time, so he was a sahd. when he was rehired, we went back to the previous arrangement from the time she was about 2 1/2 until this april when ds was born.

i am cutting back my r.a. hours this year so we don't have to do daycare with the little guy.
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I am in school!! I was hoping there was a thread somewhere for me! I am crazy right now I think. I am taking pre-cal, micro bio and bio. I am finishing up my pre reqs and hope to transfer to Bastyr U in fall 06 to major in health psychology with a biology (pre-med {ND}) track and a summer massage intensive.

I have been pretty stressed lately because this is a very intensive quarter for me.....and the babes are out of school and we have not been able to to do the fun stuff we like to as often as we would like.....

I do not feel that I am doing my best as a parent right now but I know that I am doing what is necessary for us for our future....I am so torn....
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Originally Posted by Mackenzie

I do not feel that I am doing my best as a parent right now but I know that I am doing what is necessary for us for our future....I am so torn....

This is why I persevere in school against the odds. I KNOW that it will make a difference in our DD's future if/when I am able to finish school. The process also makes me a better educated Mami, and shows a good example.
I know it can be hard. Have you been able to schedule out some concentrated "kid" time as well as study time? I found when my younger sis lived with me, she felt like we were always connected even though I was in school over summer quarter and studying, because I made sure to schedule one dedicated "fun day" a week where I wouldn't study and we would do something special like going roller skating, taking her to a movie, out for Coffee, etc. She was 15 when she came to live with me, so long periods of time interacting in this way weren't as necessary, but maybe for youger ones saying something like "Mami needs to study for an addtional X amount of minutes and then we can spend X minutes doing something you would like to do together" (my DD is 2 1/2, so I can only do this in small doses, but even she enjoys coloring for 15-30 minutes while Mami works, and then reading a book or playing playdough for 15-30 minutes). I use an egg timer to mark out the time which is very helpful to me because I have mild add, and will get so deeply into something that I loose tack of time easily.
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Hi, everybody!

I'm a senior at Arizona State, going for my BA in Anthropology with a minor in Biology. Thanks to transferring, and switching majors as a junior, I've got 4 more full semesters to go.

I'm really excited about my fall schedule. I've managed to arrange all my classes for Tues-Thurs except College Algebra, which I'm taking online--and have already had but couldn't transfer the credit because it was too old. I'm also a little nervous because I'll be taking 16 hrs, prior to this I've only taken 12 or 13 since having DD. But my GI bill is going to run out before I'm finished, so I'm kind of feeling some urgency!

I've been able to minimize the amount of loans I take out thanks to the GI bill. I also get grants, but am very worried that they won't be enough after the Bill runs out.

I'm thinking of doing a Fulbright after I get my BA. I want to go on to grad school at Cal Berkeley, and as they're one of the top in the country and I'm not an honors student, I might need some extra oomph in my application. The logistics of taking DD with me on such an adventure are somewhat daunting, however.
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Originally Posted by Mackenzie
I do not feel that I am doing my best as a parent right now but I know that I am doing what is necessary for us for our future....I am so torn....

Holy cow! I have been thinking the same thing very often lately!

Thank you and you are not alone!

(And I used to live Pierce County!)
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Originally Posted by mamimapster

I know it can be hard. Have you been able to schedule out some concentrated "kid" time as well as study time? .

I do but it comes at a sacrifice to my school work. My pre cal class is VERY demanding. You know something is up when the teacher, speaking of future math classes and whatnot, says "if you pass this class" not "when you pass this class". You know when there is a phrase on your syllabus that says in big and bold "EXPECT TO SPEND AT LEAST 4 HOURS A NIGHT ON HOMEWORK FOR THIS CLASS" and you have two more classes on top of that. You know when the teacher tells you that since summer quarter is 3 weeks shorter than fall winter spring and she still has to cover the same amount of material so your 5 credit class is the equiv of an 8 credit class during any other quarter. *sigh* Thank you....

But my kids deserve to have a fun summer so I get up at 3 am to work on homework so that I can have the evening and weekend time to take them to ballet and to the summer program at the park and to the movies and to the ocean and to fly kites.

I am tired
I am so so tired.
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: Well, I guess until I file for an extention and pay more $$ I'm not a student mama right now. I finally got my act together and went to work on the next essay, just to find that my class had timed out because I took so long Oh well, until i call I just continue my normal pattern of being an autodidact.
and possibly get off my tush and call school today
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Originally Posted by Mackenzie

I do not feel that I am doing my best as a parent right now but I know that I am doing what is necessary for us for our future....I am so torn....
I totally know what you mean and I feel the same way. I took this summer off just to be with my kids because I know once school starts we just don't have as much time like we do now. I haven't had a summer off in a long time.

Even though I have one class on friday mornings that is always our day off and we always do something fun on that day....go out to eat, go to the zoo, go shopping, just fun things together. We look forward to it every week. I have to study on the weekends but I am able to get some balance with that (ie only study in the mornings or the afternoons, not all day) so we get out a lot as a family on the weekends.

I also homeschool my kids, so during the school year, mon-thrs it is all about my education and theirs. I don't let myself feel guilty about going to school full time myself because I think I am a good role model for both my girls and this is important for my family's future.

It is hard but totally worth it!
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I'm happy that this thread has been started b/c I'm wondering how I'll finish school, teach, and mother in the fall -- as well as get those bills paid! I am a new mom of 4 months, working on a graduate degree in English -- finishing up a dissertation or trying to as I am suddenly running out of steam. My baby -- 4 months old -- is SO much more interesting!!!

How do you all stay focused on work? :

Abbey's Mum and happily !
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Hey, mamas,

I'm so glad that the end of the summer term is near. I had my English final today and I'm now dying for the grade. My math final is Monday and it will also be dd's first time ever at the child care center. Like I'm really going to be able to concentrate. Then my last final, Sociology, is on Tuesday. And then...I'm taking a break from everything!!!

I've changed my major (again) to Sociology and thinking I'm as sure as I'll ever be. This fall I'm taking:

World Geography 9:00-9:50
Basic German I 10:00-10:50
ANTH-Peoples of the World 11:00-11:50

(possible Math class) 8:00-9:15
PHIL-Reasoning 9:30-10:45
SOC-Methods in Social Research 11:00-12:15

I'm not going to be away from dd anymore than I have been this summer. The only difference will be that she will go to the university childcare center Mon & Wed. She has to go Monday because I have a final and dh has to be in court for a juvenile case...not how I would have liked for things to work, but in the future we'll be prepared.

Dh will be taking 2 classes as well, 1 Internet and 1 Saturday class and with ds back in school...we're turning off the cable. Like someone else mentioned, I think that the best thing to do is set a family schedule and not stray from it at all.

Good luck this fall!
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Something bad turned to something good

Well not necessarily bad but stressful. In fall I was supposed to be taking a speech class but I found out that it got canceled the other day : . So I had to scrable to find another class. I have to be registered for 12 or more credits for my financial aid and the loss of that class dropped me down to 10 credits. So I went and got one of the schedules to look for a class. I was going to take a 2 credit PE class but low and be hold it was full : ....UGH, so what was I to do. There was nothing else that I NEED to take that I could take (that did not coflict with classes I had scheduled) So I start flipping through...just looking for a class, any class that would not be add to much difficulty to an already tough schedule. Well I look in the sociology section (I already have plenty of soc credits but I NEED a class) and I see that there is an Intro to Womens Studies class . I had wanted to take this class a few quarters ago but could not fit it in. AND it was at a time that I am scheduled to be available AND it had openings!!! YAY!! I am so excited !

Have a great day on purpose!
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i have loved the women's studies classes i have taken and oddly enough that is how i got to take this one. it is only offered once a year so i am so lucky to be able to take it. i also have to take a minimum of 12 credits to work with my financial aid.

mackenzie and every one else are you done with your financial aid package? i finished mine last week and already got the fafsa reply sheet, i am all set for this semester, excpt buying books and supplies. one of my favorite things is getting nice new pens for each semester...i know it is dorky but i think it's fun...

eventually i will have a women's study certificate, which i think will go nicely with nursing, massage therapy doula work and herbalism...

i am so excited to start classes again i can hardly wait, i've been looking on abe books for textbooks and wow i am so excited....

maya queen of the ramble on and on's
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I just got my fin aid award letter today. Woo hoo! Finally some $$$. Too bad I have to pay it back. Well, most of it anyway.

I am soooo tired of being broke and I can't wait until the end of August!
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ME too me too! Just found this thread, kinda late... and I've been looking around for my tribe, too! I'm going back to finish my teaching credential in September- High School English. I'll be done at the end of May. In a way I'm excited to get out of the house more and have "mommy projects" to work on because I haven't been doing much since I've been a SAHM (6 months). I'm also nervous about leaving DD-- she'll be with DH and I know she'll be fine, I guess I'm really worried that I'll miss her. Also worried about when/where to pump, and getting all my work done.

It's soooooo good to know that other mammas are going through this, and are surviving
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Our fall award letters do not get sent out until August. We do not start fall quarter until 9-26. I am *guessing* that it will not change much from these quarters. I do need to start looking for scholarships though for when I transfer.

I was surprised to find out that the womens studies class it taught by a man though but people have said that it is a very good class...I was just kinda shocked about it.
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I had a womens study class where the teacher was a man.. But we suspected he was gay.. he was an awesome proff tho...... it was an awesome class too...

I am so nervous about going back and studetn teaching and my milk drying up.. I know that is so unlikly since I have an huge supply.. but still I worry about that. I also worry about daycare.. But i'm sure that will be fine too..

I got my aide letter. Im getting so much more than last year.. Now I am just waiting to hear about my child care grant... please please let me get it..

hugs to you fellow mamas out there.. I'm glad I'll have this place to vent..
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god i would love love love a childcare grat...
the school i go to is a community college and has lots and lots of single mom's a child devolpement program but NO CHILDCARE available. it is ass backswards if you ask me.

i am so excited to start school again, the semester starts on august 25th. we cant buy our books until august 1st.
mommy2julia a women's studies class taught by a man? that's strange. oh well...
freakyspice, we all worry, but were doing what is best for our families...really just breathe. it'll be okay...
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haha yah about the womans studies class taught by a man.. It was a cross listed women's studies/european history class ..so i'm guessing he was a history PHD...
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haha yah about the womans studies class taught by a man.. It was a cross listed women's studies/european history class ..so i'm guessing he was a history PHD...
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