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Weight Gain Question

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I know there is already a thread about weight gain, but I have to ask...

I've gained 10 pounds since my last prenatal appointment. Does 10 pounds in 4 weeks sound like a lot to you?
I'm just worried because with my daughter I had a few big weight gains over a short period of time, and I had hypertension and developed pre-eclampsia.
So far my blood pressure is fine and I feel pretty good. I'm just worried that I'm doing something wrong, causing this weight to gain.
I have been eating healthier than I ate with my daughter. I did try a higher protein diet but gained the majority of the 10 pounds on it. When I cut back on so much protein, I still managed to gain a few more pounds.
Someone...shake me and tell me not to be so concerned about my weight!!!
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i've been averaging 1 to 2 pounds a week and the midwives haven't seemed concerned. not sure if that would be related to preeclampsia. i did the same thing last pregnancy without any problems. maybe you could ask your midwife/doctor if that's a risk factor
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Don't be so concerned about your weight.

How has your weight gain been otherwise? Was this your first big gain? Are you swollen anywhere? Could it be muscle weight?

If your midwives were concerned, they'd surely dialogue with you about it. Mine are concerned about my weight gain (still losing weight, grrr) and are very open with me about their concerns.

If they don't seem the type to mention it, ask!
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We just moved, so I haven't found a care provider yet. I have a consultation with a midwife this weekend, but if we don't think she's the one, then the search will continue. I thought I'd ask here in the meantime.
I was dieting when I first got pregnant, but stopped once I found out. I continued to lose weight though. I got down to 179, but then went up to 184, then to 189, and now I'm 198! So it is my first big weight gain, so I am a little worried. :|
I'll try not to worry about it, but I can't help it! :P Thanks for the replies!
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I had a doctor appointment today (I'm 22 weeks), and my jaw almost hit the floor when I stepped on the scale. I've gained eight pounds in the last month, and it freaked me out, especially since I was overweight to begin with. This puts my total weight gain up to 14 pounds, and I was really hoping not to gain anymore than 15 the entire time. I asked my doctor about it, and he wasn't worried in the least. He told me that fluctuations--even that big--aren't a cause for concern. We're going to keep a close watch on it for the next few weeks, but as of right now I'm not supposed to worry about it. So ask your doctor (when you get one), but don't get worked up about it before then.
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I gained 8lbs. last month and my midwife was not concerned~
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Another big weight gain for me, too. I gained 9 pounds between appointments! I stepped on and off the scale 5 times and rechecked it each time, I was so floored. My midwife was not concerned, especially since everything else checked out well. DH is so sweet, he was surprised also and kept saying that he can't even imagine where those 9 pounds are on me. That said, my belly did "pop" during this time frame so that's where it went.
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Hi Rach~I went in for my last appt a few weeks ago and had gained my first 8lbs (I've been pretty steady since the beginning with no gain) THAT and my high bp was a cause for concern, they really scared me : ...They did some tests and have me keeping an eye on my bp at home. BUT I have to say that since my little scare I have been doing a lot of research and there is a wonderful thread on the "I'm pregnant" forum-a sticky-called Pre-eclampsia watch dog on the loose...I read the first couple of pages and was reassured that having only one thing on their list of things to watch out for is not something to freak out about. If it is in combination with other things...then I'd be careful. Check it out and if you have more concern...call your doc/mw!!
good luck!
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our babies are growing =)
it seems like we're all gaining over this last month.

oh...*shakes you*
sorry, i had to do it.
no one else had yet. :LOL
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