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pyshic children

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I believe my girls have some psychic abilities.I have no concrete evidence since they are only 2,but I sense it.There have been little things here and there.
I am wondering how to tell really,and how would be the best way to flourish this ability?I definately dont want to sqiush it.I ultimately want to let them explore this as much as possible.
I was told once my someone who was gifted psyically that she felt I had some abilities as well.I have also had some experiences,but I am so unsure of how to explore this any further.
So I guess what I am asking is,how do I know about us?
How do I help them and myself to open up to these feelings and experiences?
I am a little confused too b/c I strongly believe all children are p/gifted.They are so pure,and have no veils adults do.I also believe adults do too,but life has most of us fogged.So how do I know if we are beyond that?
Sorry if this is confusing,I am still confused myself,and a little scared talking about this to not knowing how this will be recieved here.
Thanks for listening.

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Everyone has psychic ability but many people ignore or deny it. I think the best suggestion would be to learn more about it, like the different types of ability and how it is expressed so you can recognise where their gifts lie. Your Psychic Ability by MJ Abadie is a good book that could help you.

One of the best things you can do is not deny or ignore when they "know" something.

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Pagan Parenting by Kristen Madden talks a lot about this, and has exercised for both parents and children. Even if you're not Pagan it might be a good read for you. (I found my copy at the Book Warehouse for 5 bucks!)
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Try this yahoo group my 16 yo dd told me about.

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i think most children are psychic.
I had the most unusual child say to me, "I want to come to your house and see Snake."

I don't have a snake. I had a little chinese party favor snake that she had seen but frankly she never expressed interest in it. But by the next time I saw her I was about four months pregnant and I was due in July and my son would be, in chinese astrology...."Snake." IN fact I had just had some artwork framed of Snake symbology when she asked.
I felt she wanted to meet my son (before he was born!)
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I understand twins in particular tend to communicate psychically with each other. Cool!
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I guess it would help if I could spell.:LOL!
Thank you for accepting this topic.I find it can be very taboo.
I will check out those books recomended.
susan~I am lookign forward to witnessing this with them.I have talked alot with older id twins,and thier stories are facinating!
Arduinna~I agree with believing them and not denying it too,but what I am stuck on the most id how to open dialog with them about it.I really want to try and help them feel like they are not different,just special.Also whats tricky is using words like real and not.For eg:they see my Papa who has passed in July.They tell me he is there,and I believe them,but I am not sure where to go from there.Do I tell them he is in heaven?Or not?This is where it is so confusing.I want to help them understand he is not there in the flesh like mommy and daddy,but it is very real.KWIM?
khrisday~I am not sure if I am Pagan or not.I am just learning about Paganism myself.I had never even hear og it until a week ago.I can say I do believe in what Sylvia Browne says in her teachings and books.
Thank you for the link daryLLL
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Regarding them seeing their grandpa: It's up to you if you want to tell them he is in heaven. Since they are only two I don't know if they realize that he is not in a physical body ?? They might know that? I think that validating what they say is most important. They probably understand more than we think and may not need an explination at this time about him not being here in a physical sense. I would let their questions guide you. If and when they need more info they will ask.

But obviously do what you feel is right for your family and children. I am so sorry for your loss.
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I think you should focus on yourself and devoping your psychic perceptions, and your children will be encouraged just by your presence. I would be cautious about focussing on their ability primarily. Though you may learn a lot from them if they seem to be more developed than you.

Just being in awe of them is enough. We grow by nature into our full potential. It's where we limit ourselves and each other that may block such development.
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Yes, I agree with everyone--children have these innate abilities and sadly life sometimes takes them away. Sonia Choquette's The Wise Child is very helpful in showing ways to support children's intuition and inner guidance.
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Zen has shown an aptitude in this area as well. She can tell me when we are expecting unexpected guests. I have always had the ability to call people back into my life who I may not have had contact with in years and may not have even been close to when I knew them. I just start thinking about them a lot and wondering where they are now and it's usually a matter of days before they appear. The examples are numerous.
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I have a book entitled, "Children's Past Lives". by Carol Bowman I liked it.
If anyone would like me to mail it to them, I will...then after you finish it, you should mail it to the next person interested....

let me know.
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Thats a pretty awesome offer trabot
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if you want it charmarty, just let me know.
how are your girls? I have worried about their fevers.
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trabot, if charmarty doesn't want it, i'll read it and pass it on to whoever wants it next.... cool!
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sure. let's give charmarty a few days because she has some sick girls right now and I don't think is online much...
charmarty, let me know and if you want it I'll send it to you and then you can send to steph. or if you don't want it now I'll send it to steph and then she can send it to you.
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trabot~Thanks so much for the offer,(and understanding re not being online much)I would seriously love to give the book a read,but to send it to me would be pretty expensive(I live in Canada)I will look it up at my local library instead.Thanks tho.Go ahead and send it to steph.My girls are getting better.No more fevers.Now if I could just get them to stop being so grumpy!Holy cow I want my sweet funny laughing all the time baby girls back!
hey steph where is your senior name?????????
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charmarty, so glad the girls are getting better. That was a very scary time last week. If you don't find the book at the library, let me know. In the meantime, Steph, PM me your address and I will send it to you and we can start with you. It is a fun read!
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