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Everyone is updated.
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Hi, I'm Sherri. I'm not really sure where I belong because my actual edd is 3/1/06, but I have never made it to my due date yet, I've always delivered early so I'll most likely deliver towards the end of February.

Username: 3 Little Monkeys (looks like I'll have to change that now though)
Real name: Sherri
Edd: 3/1/06
Pregnancy #5
Child #4
not sure if we will find out the sex prior to birth or not
will have another hospital delivery
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Okay, here goes:

child #1
still debating.. will probably find out sex
hospital birth with midwife
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Username: CRosewhisper
Real name: Christine
Edd: 2-28
Pregnancy #2
Child #2

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musemor, Hillary, 2/9/2006, first pregnancy, first child, finding out the sex, birthplan undecided
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Username : NWBaby
Real name : Kristen
Due date : 18th Feb
Pregnancy # : 1
Child # : 1
Sex : Not going to find out
Plan : Hospital birth, I think
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We are updated

So Many Mommas. Welcome to all of you.

Blissfullyround: I love your user name!

Updated, UPDATED, Updated!!! :
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deleted--posted in wrong place!!

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User Name, Real Name, Due Date, Preg #, Child #, Sex, Birthplan

Hi, Vipassanagal, Catherine, due 2/15/06, third pregnancy, second child, sex is a suprise, homebirth
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You can update mine to hosp with doula and midwife
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Added and Updated
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My username is zinnia fairy
My name is Carrie
Due date is 2-12-06
Pregnancy #4
Child #3
Unsure about gender
Hospital w/midwife & doula
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sewingbarbaraj, due to have baby # 3 Febuary 20th , 2006.
Hospital with Midwife.
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Hey, just had the US to date the pg and I was a day off. Switch me to 2/24. I'll be going early though, so don't expect me to stick around that long. I was the first to deliver in my last due date club.
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guitarmama, Heather, due feb 18,1,1, surprise me!, homebirth
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I keep replying to this but I never get added to the list boo hoo maybe I am doing it wrong. well here goes. I am due 2/1/06. It is my first child. I have not found out the sex yet. It will be a hospital birth with an OB, my mother, and my partner atttending. thanks
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Updated, and added

PNGPORTLAND: This is the first post I have seen from you. You are added. Sorry you had trouble posting.
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feb birth

jennylynn72, jennifer, Feb. 12, 3, 1, not yet known, birthcenter w/MW
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Updated :

Welcome New Mammas
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