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Looking for other "mothering"-minded moms in Israel. Anybody out there?
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I've been searching to see if there was anyone else here from Israel. I live in Hod Hasharon. I just discovered this forum a few weeks ago and I am totally hooked.
I've been mainly on the diaper thread, though I've also gotten on the vbac and gentle parenting thread.
Anyway I hope your still onhere. It's good to know here are more Mom's on here from Israel.

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Shalom from Jerusalem

Hi, I'm here too. I don't like too post (I obsess too much about what to write, and I spend too much time on-line as it is) but Momto5 outed me a while back LOL. I live in Jerusalem, originally from NJ (here since 1991). I have 3 children, 9, 7, and 2. #1 was raised semi-mainstream due to pressure from dh, # 3 was home-birthed and still BF because now I have more confidence to do things my way. (She recently toilet-trained, leaving me free from guilt on the disposable diapers). I work pt as an ed/psych consultant, and I am active in the Masorti community (= Israeli version of Conservative Judaism). I'm veggie, my husband is tolerant. Purim Sameach!
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Hey I'm originally from NJ as well. I've been here since '96 and we are actually still pretty mainstream. I have been making the change gradually hoping my dh wouldn't feel it too much. Both my births were hospital births and they were horrendous (you know what hospitals here are like). My oldets son was only bf for 4 and half months but my daughter is 11 months and still being bf. I am going to switch over to cd's. I just put in an order. that is actually how I found this forum.
We are the typical chilonim, well almost typical I like to bring some customs into the house like lighting the candles on friday night, although I grew up in a conservative home and went to yeshiva in NJ.
Well good to meet you.

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wish I were there!

I'm just your typical wish-I-could-make-aliyah-but-can't-right-now person, but I am glad to see like-minded mothers in Israel. Curious, what is the home-birth situation like in Israel? Maybe in 5-10 years we'll be able to make aliyah, once all of my husband's training is complete.
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I am here!
We live up north.
We have three kids. More later, gotta go prepare for shabbat

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Homebirth in Israel is starting to get some recognition and is on th rise. Although it is still typically thought of as very alternative. My very good friend recently had avery succesful v-bac water homebirth in TA. She had two wonderful midwives with her. I myself am a two time c-birth (unfortunately) and am most probably not going to be eligable for a home birth in Israel.
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homebirth in Israel

Here's my experience with homebirth in Israel: My first was a normal hospital birth with midwife on shift at Hadassah Mt. Scopus 9 years ago. I had a lovely English midwife, plus a doula I hired, plus my husband (acc. to rules, only 1 helper allowed, but they let it slide). Great birth (no drugs, epis. etc., I labored at home for 2 hours, then was in the hospital for four more), but I hated the aftercare (ignorant nurses, no rooming in at nite, stupid policies, etc.).

Baby #2 was 7 years ago at Misgav Ladach - a progressive/ controversial birthing hospital (where Mom2Five had her first two, I believe). Good midwife, better aftercare, rooming in, but still some ignorant nurses and stupid policies. Total birth time was 1 1/2 hours in labor (10 min in hospital) and I didn't even get to try the jacuzzi!

OK, so my births are way too fast and intense for any candle-gazing and meditating, so for #3 (two years ago) I considered a homebirth, for expediency sake. DH was strongly against, but the private midwife I used for pre-natal check ups was all for it. I wouldn't have had the nerve to insist, but then MISGAV LADACH CLOSED! Two weeks before my due date! Not only was it a five minute drive away, but it was the only hospital that would accept private midwives!

So 1/2 weeks before my due date when I went into labor, I still hadn't made a decision (although I pre-registered at Hadassah Ein Kerem just in case, and to make my DH hapy) but since I was early I am I FAST I just called the midwife to come over! Can't argue with a woman in labor! (We had bought the necessary supplies and arranged for a friend to come over just in case). We were worried she wouldn't arrive in time (her moshav is 60 min. for Juerusalem) but I went into labor at 2 a.m., she came at 3 a.m., and Talia was born at 4 a.m.! (and she was gone by 6 a.m. - the lucky midwife! 700$ in 3 hours!).

Now, in order to receive the maternity grant (about $350 at the time, I believe) there is/was? a law that a mother giving birth at home must report to a hospital within 24 hours with the baby to collect. So hours after brth (it was a Friday, so we had to rush) I showered, packed the big kids off to my friend's house, and went to the hospital. (They didn't quite understand what I was doing looking for the maternity wing pushing a stroller [I was too weak to hold the baby and DH was parking] but no one gave me a hard time). I got a quick check, the baby got a quick check (without giving me a hard time for refusing interventions) and all was well. The only bad part was that the baby got chilled on the way over so had to be warmed up for a few hours (in an incubator in the same room) which wouldn't have happened if we had just stayed at home and rested!! They gave us the runaround when I announced that I wanted to go home only hours after I had been admitted (I didn't want to stay over Shabbat, and I can never sleep in the hospital) but didn't say no. We got the money, my husband was reassured, and we all lived happily ever after (and Talia turned two a few weeks ago!).

So the moral of the story is, it may not be right for everyone, but it is certainly doable. If you want Ilana the midwife's phone number, PM me!
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Would that be Ilana Shemesh by any chance???
Heard amazing things about her. She has delivered a few of my friends babies. Unfortunately she does not do v-bacs.
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homebirth in Israel

Yes, you are correct. She only does low-risk births.
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Do you know of any midwives who do v-bac homebirths other than Shane (I heard she is leaving Israel for a year)in Israel?
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No, I don't. Do you know (of) Joni the birth coach? She might know names. Or call Shoshana Goldbaum, who used to be in charge of all the courses at Misgav Ladach (I used to facilitate the Child Psychology Discussion Group for new moms and lead the "Preparation for Parenthood Workshop" there) but I don't know where she is now. Sorry, I can't help. Mom2Five used to be my resource until she left Israel! Maybe try BabyGlo through Janglo? (Jerusaelm Anglo Yahoo group for new moms). Good luck!
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Shoshana Goldbaum is an awesome resource!!
My first two were born at Misgav. It was okay. My third was born in the Zeef hospital in Tzfat, even better IMO. They have a small jacuzzi that was great, and it is in a bathroom, not in the labor room, so your not out of luck like you weree in misgav if you don't get that room. They do ped checks for the baby next to Mom's bed!! I had the baby with me the entire time. I stayed there for about a day and a half. I liked being hom much better though.

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So, how many of you cloth diaper? Did you buy dipes here? if so, where?
My Mother just bought me about a dozen dipes and a few covers off of ebay for my B-day. They should arrive here in two weeks. Until now I've been using sposies. I hope we are able to make the switch, my baby is 15 months.
What was everyone else's experiance?

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There is not much selection of cds here. I just started cding and I bought everything on the net and had it sent to my Moms in NJ. I know that someone sells Kooshies here and at the Derech Em in Pardes Chana they sell a few cds. But I heard they don't have anything great. I'm going to go check it out when I return home. There is a cd thread on Beofen TV site in hebrew (I actually posted there in English). I personally don't know any cding mommies in Israel, but I am trying to convert a few of my friends.
(Of course I myself have just converted over to cds.)
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Looking for a Doula!!!

Dear mothers in Israel! I lived in Israel for 11 years, but work took me back to Holland 2 years ago. I will B"H come back in Israel in 2006, hopefully trained to be a Doula. But right now I am looking for a Doula for my sis-in-law. Because I work full time, and am mother to 3 children (7,5 and a baby) I can't be there for her myself.....Could any of you please tell me if there is a Doula in the Ramat Gan area, or a midwife with affinaty to complementary medicine ( I myself studied healing and BFR, my sis-in-law does yoga)? I really hope you can help us! She is getting so nervous.....Hope to hear from you soon!!!
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Pien, It depends wether she is planning to have a home birth or a hospital birth. Only certain hospitals allow doulas and they have to be affiliated with their hosputals. I can get her in touch with a few different people that will be able to help her. You can have her call me at 052200505, my name is Dahlia. Hope I can help.

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I would try the midwife Ilana Shemesh for information http://www.leida.co.il/page.asp?id=85001. Let me know what you find out. We are planning on moving back to Israel in 2 years and I'm training to be a doula. I'm also interested in finding out about out-of-hospital birthing options are available in Israel. I've been working up the nerve to e-mail Ilana myself...
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I can get you in touch with the people you need to speak with in regards to Doula's and home births (there are no birthing centers in Israel at this time). If you are interested in contacting me you can e-mail me. dstudent@netvision.net.il.

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I e-mailed you last week - did you get it? I really would like to hear about the birthing situation in Israel. I had 2 bad experiences there (hospital births) which I would prefer to avoid when I return to Israel in a few years.


(My e-mail should be under my name)
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