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K majik, that sounds NASTY and I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Oooh, bring your books when you come! If you aren't allergic to peanut butter, I can make you some kick arse cookies, recipe curtosy of Avigayil.

That grrrl has some GOOOOOD recipes.
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Yay! peanut butter cookies!!!
I am allergic to Cocoa (so no chocolate )
Anyways, I'm so there!
I could maybe visit Friday afternoon, but I think Sunday next week will be better for me. I'll call you!
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white chocolate? these have white chocolate chips...
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Hey! Am I invited!?
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of course dude. Oh, and can I get your flax seed cookie recipe from you? Those were GOOOOOOOOOD!
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Wow, my memory really must be fuzzing out b/c you keep bringing up stuff Ican't remember.. Flax seed cookies??? (Or maybe that wasn't directed to me)
But I do have a really yummy veggie shepards pie recipe that we ate for dinner today!
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no dude, that was you.

Chalk it up to pregnancy hormones.

Well, that and the fact that...

I. Don't. Forget. Good. Food.

I actually do'nt forget much about food at all, to tell you the truth.

I think you used a regular cookie recipe but made it with whole wheat and flax seeds instead. You served it for shabbat the first (and only, I believe) shabbat we came over. Same day as the fish.

We were all surprized that there was dessert cause there was laready so much food and your dh was like "oh, we have fruit for dessert?" and you brought out all these cookies, which we had all polished off by the following afternoon.

Since Avigayil is on this list, I'm recommending that you ask her for some recipes too. I'm a big jerk, I have a whole stack of them (that Liv has since torn apart) that I haven't yet copied.

Avigayil, I think I WILL give these to you to copy at work...

Oh, and if I can just "out" Avigayil, she's the moderator of the working moms in Israel group that I know some of us subscribe to. So a big public thanks to Avigayil for doing that.

Okay, while we are on the subject of work, dh is NOT loving his job right now, and I know that SSS's husband is also looking for work in computers/high tech. Any connections?

Oh yeah, and it's a bummer no one showed up for the NJP event which I invited you all too. Was nice. So I guess we are up for trying again for a get together when everyone is on the same page. Just let me know. I'm a SAHM, so I can usually make things work.

Might be nice to have an event that dads could come to also. We could all meet at a park on a Friday afternoon, if anyone is into that...since shabbat is coming in so late. I know it might involve a little advance planning, but if we did it at lunch time, we might all be able to eat lunch on a yom shishi!

There is a park in Tel Aviv that is really beautiful, near the zoo, I think. Any other ideas? Or if moms want to meet up at our apartment with their kids (I have a VERY SMALL apartment, though, so this would be more like a bring your babies, but probably not much to do for bigger kids) I'm totally open to that. We could do a kosher pot luck.

Just let me know what you are thinking.
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Count me in if there's gonna be any plans...
and yeah, even white chocolate if its got cocoa in it.
But I do make a mean coconut and cranberry muffin
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Question about Royal Jelly


Does anyone on this list have any experience with taking Royal Jelly or know anything about it? Do you know where I can get it in Israel or how much it costs?

Rehovot, Israel
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Are you moving to Rehovot after the Merkaz Klita? Where are you from? I haven't been on here for a week or two so I guess I missed something. I work full time so don't have middle-of-the-day time for "play dates".....

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About Royal Jelly,
theres here in Israel an amazing woman who makes a royal jelly formula, she is in Herzeliya, but she ships to all Israel...
check out her website www.irenesteinrj.com
really, its great stuff.
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GREAT! That's the woman the article in the J-m COMposte was about but it gave no contact details. Thanks a lot!
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Hold on, Avigayil ... did I meet you at Berman's this past Shabbos? :

And I brought two jars of royal jelly with me from my acupuncturist in NY, so am looking forward to finding out where to get it in the land. Have been naughty and not taking my vitamins the last few days ...

So what's with the flax seed cookies? My DS#2 could use some of those on a daily basis. Poor little guy ... Pass 'em along maybe couldja?

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Hi Amy,

Yeah, I was wondering if that was you once you mentioned being at Berman's last Shabbat! Small world.

I spoke to Irene Stein - www.irenesteinrj.com - (thanks Majik!) yesterday about the Royal Jelly she produces/markets here in Israel. It sounds like super-duper stuff but OMG! What prices! And then she insists that in order for it to do you any good, you have to take it in conjunction with stabilized oxygen - another NIS 500 for a 3-month supply! I was about to do it anyway, but then figured I'd just run into the local health food store where I found Royal Jelly for NIS 85! Now Irene's formulation has some other herbs added to it so it probably is better but I just can't justify paying so much for it. I also happened to notice on the box of Royal Jelly that I bought that it is produced in Kfar Bilu A which is right here in our backyard - across from Bilu Center, if that means anything to you.

Someone else sent me this link also: http://www.matimop. org.il/newrdinf/ company/c2977. htm as a source for very high quality Royal Jelly. The place is in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, not far from Ashkelon, maybe 1/2 hour-45 minutes south of Rehovot.

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Great to see that this board is coming to life

I haven't looked at this board in a long time great to see it so active.

Netanya I sent you a pm I'm not sure you got it. You can call me at 0522200505 for more info and th cds.

So happy to hear about other mothering mammas out here

And I am not sure who was talking about hospital births here but they are that bad, though they say the religious hospitals are better (ie: Maane Yehshua, Liniado). And my best friend was falsely diagnosed with GD with her first child and almost falsely diagnosed with her 3rd, but she caught it and rerook the glucose test under different conditions so she could prove to her doctor that she in fact did not have GD.


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I thought I'd give a plug to my Natural Living in Israel Yahoo group. Join us!
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Shalom Mamas,
I was wondering if any of you might be able to tell/show me how to write my daughter's Hebrew name (Ilana) using the Hebrew alphabet. Please shoot me a PM if you wouldn't mind helping. Thanks so much!
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WOW! yes, totally go to Kfar Bilu to get any honey products.
(okay, here I will admit that my family are in Kfar Bilu and my parents-in-law are the ones who started the apiaries there and my dh grew up making honey with them... my Parents I.L. retired from the business now and its other people, but still )
but it's such an obscure little-known moshav that I get excited when other people know about it. You can also buy really good honey in 1.5kg for (i think, but I could be mistaken) 48shekles. its such a massive jar it feels "neverending"

And about Irene stein's stuff, I can't say that I've tried it, and I know its expensive, but I did some admin work for her (which is how I know about her) and I've seen her files - literally 1000s of letters from people who had amazing results. Aparently even the UK royal famliy buy from her. If anyone does get in tough with her, I suppose you could say you got the recommendation from me (my name is Ela, btw) and she might give a small discount. doesnt hurt to try.
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Anybody here Israeli-by-aliyah who came with school-age children? We had our first day of school today with total tears and just torture. Well, correction ... DD#1 (1st grade) was okay, but DS#1 (3rd grade) had a horrendous time of it. Neither of them speaks Hebrew, though they both can read a siddur, so I guess that's something ... but it's so hard.

And if they get a homework assignment, I mean, do they do it in English?

It's 5-something in the morning and I just finished translating as best as I could with two different dictionaries the sheet DS's teacher sent home, with a whole corny free-verse, I guess, about the first day of school ... and surprise, at the bottom are three questions for them to answer. Supposing that they're supposed to be answered in writing, but what do I know. Heck, just translated the **** thing altogether.

And as far as I know, the teacher's English is pretty negligible as well, so what good would doing the homework in English do?

Sigh. Will have to talk to her tomorrow, yes, but ... oy.

Any advice or suggestions on how to survive the next few weeks/months is welcome.
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Hi Imas!

- --Ilana is Alef-yod-lamed-nun-hay

-- Amy - sounds traumatic! Find your children some bilingual study-buddies, and get the yoetzet on your side. There should be programs for these children. It's not like they are the first immigrants in school, right! No way should they even attempt homework before Hannukah or so. Don't even look at it. It's not like they even do anything real at school until "after the chagim". Find the English speakers on the staff, and get them to help you, right away! Please feel free to call me (pm me for number) if you want to vent or brainstorm or whatever.

My 3 kiddos just started school after 3 years of homeschool. (Long story, and I've got to get the sandwiches done soon) It was their choice to go back, but it is a big change around here. I'm a bit overwhelmed, but at least I've been here 15 years!

Chibukim to all...

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