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Originally Posted by meowee
At the very least there should be some kind of disclaimer (last I checked there wasn't) on the UC forum about it "not replacing medical advice" or something legalese. I have read UC threads for years and it seems like once a year or so there is a fetal demise.
Not to hijack the thread or start a riot- but from my experience, most UC mamas are very autonomous with their pregnancy/births etc so most would not even consider any loss of life a result from the MDC boards, or medical advice. Nor would they place blame on the MDC community that could cause any litigation.
Also, if a disclaimer were to go up, it should be on every pregnancy and birth forum. No need for prejudices.
And, for the record- UC deaths are the ones you hear about, but deaths occur with assisted births as well...hospital,homebirth, Midwife or Doula assisted. It's a shame that those losses are not as publicized as frequently as a UC loss. Perhaps if they were, the "stigma" that surrounds the UC concept would be eliminated.

My opinion about a suicide thread? If you are asking for help, you need it. And if help is needed, even that of just a cyber friend, the conversations could very well take place in PM- but suggesting the person seek help is all MDC can do, it can place many people in a difficult situation, one of helplessness because of the cyber environment we are in.
How about a list of resources for those in need as a sticky in the Health thread or something of that nature?
Lots of love
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I agree that any UC mama wouldn't hold MDC liable for any troubles stemming from their UC... however, if the mama died, someone else might do some digging around and find that she was encouraged by folks here and decide to hold MDC accountable. Say, an investigator who was trying to drum up evidence to hold the husband accoutable... Just theoretical...
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Not only that but...

...states have been known to sue on behalf of babies, in spite of parents wishes.

Which could also happen in a suicide.

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I think another point and why I can understand why is because with many of these other topics we are dealing with people who are at the very least thinking with a very clear mind. They are taking information and processing it as a competant adult. With someone who is suicidal you don't know what their true state is. I have never personally dealt with someone in real life who was seriously considering it but they say to immediately call for help. Doctors and hospitals cannot let you leave if you express suicidal thoughts that seem imminent.

What if a post puts her over the edge? What if there is communication through posts and all of a sudden she posts and says thanks all but it's too much...I'm going to go do it? It almost seems like it's protecting both sides. We all have down times and horrible times and it's nice to have support but I totally see why they would pull it.
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So does anyone know how she is? All of this discussion is fine, but how is she?
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Actually, I wouldn't think that there is a real risk of a legal suit against MDC for a number of reasons. However, professionals IRL are required by law to report illegal activity to the authorities. I am not sure anyone would want to be in the position of receiving information like this and not really be able to do anything about it (due to the annonimity online). So I guess you could make the leap that you wouldn't want to provide a forum for someone in this situation if you really weren't able to follow through.
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Wondering how she is....
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Originally Posted by AngelBee
Wondering how she is....
I did a quick search for her name and she has been on posting so she must be doing okay. Her last time on was a couple hours ago
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