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Cloth Diapers? Do it yourself or diaper service?

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I was just wondering if you're planning on cloth diapering. Are you going to do it yourself or get a diaper service?? My parents said they would pay for the first 3 mo. of D. service. I found a local company and it's way cheaper then I though it would be (about $70 a month). The company sounds environmentally friendly, but people have told me that D. services use really toxic chemicals and stuff. This company says " non toxic and phosphate free"...?? Just wondering what everyone's planning.

Oh, and do you have a favorite diaper cover you like?? It seems like there is quite a variety to choose from. Thanks!

boy: edd 10/29/05
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i cloth diaper and do it myself. for one thing, San Diego doesn't have any services anymore. Secondly, I prefer fitted diapers to prefold, and most services only do prefolds. in the long run, it's cheaper to do it yourself. If you think you'll be fine with prefolds, and your parents are going to pay for it, I'd go with the service, though - that way in the early months you don't have to worry about washing.

for little ones, i liked the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap cover. as they get older, I prefer wool covers. you might ask for recommendations over on ther diapering board to get a larger variety, though!
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We cloth diaper and do all the washing here. I find it isn't much trouble and fitteds are my favorite, so a service wouldn't work for us.

For covers, we love wool!!!! Imse Vimse is also a nice choice - their new poly soft covers are quite good.
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we did a diaper service and thought it was great. My ds was an extremely high-needs baby and I couldn't have kept up with the wash in that first year. We used the prefolds from the diaper service along with Prowrap diaper covers. Here is a link to the cheapest source i found for Prowraps.


You could always try the diaper service for a few months with the newborn size prowraps and then move on to your own diapers if you felt you wanted to do your own. Also, we found a Snappi to be helpful with the prefolds. Its on the same web site under Diaper Fasteners.

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I am doing cloth...I use motherease fitted...they are my favourite...I think I will use prefolds at first though, while baby is still teeny..

I wash them all myself...no big deal...for the past week my nearly 2 year old is starting to become potty trained! So maybe I will only have one in diapers after all!

I love cloth diapers!
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Carolyn, I'm so happy that Rhiannon has potty trained in the last few months! She only wears a diaper to bed at night, and only wets 1-2 times over a couple of week period. Liam didn't get out of daytime diapers until Rhiannon was a year old, so it will be a luxury to only have one in diapers when the baby comes!
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We started using cloth when Ashlie was about 9 months old. We wash our own and use a combination of prefolds, fitteds and AIO. My favorites are fitteds are SOS, my fav covers and AIO's are mudpie and I have a pair of Wooly wonder longies that a friend made for me that are my absolute favorite. Iwould never have been able to afford them if she hadn't made them. For the new babe I plan on using prefolds and bummi's covers until he/she is able to fit into smalls. A friend of mine uses bum-ware AIo and they are very trim and have a great fit so I want to get a few of them also.
I love cloth diapers and would never go back to using sposies.
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I did pay a service the first three months.It simply helps with the re-coup of your bod. My neighbors made meals and my family cleaned house. Very nice.

After three months, I swapped to doing my own. No biggie. Just an extra load every three or five days. I bought lots of flats, they wash and dry well. I kept six covers and washed them by hand in the sink and put them in the back of the shower to dry (like you pantyhose or swimsuits).
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With DS we have gone back and forth between cloth and sposies. I hate using the sposies though. However, he is close to being potty trained now. He gets himself to the toilet or asks for help to get there for poo, but for pee he will just go in his diaper. Or if he doesn't have a diaper on he pees on the floor a lot. One day about 2 weeks ago he peed in the toilet twice ... went in there and did it all on his own. But he hasn't done it again since Oh well. I figure it will happen sooner or later.

Okay, to get back on track! I want to completely cloth diaper the new baby. I will probably do mostly chinese prefolds, but I'd like to try some AIO or fitteds too. I am going to try and get myself a sewing machine and make some of my own. The fitteds that I have for Jakob right now, for some reason I can't get the pee smell completely out of them. I don't have that problem with the prefolds though. I like super whipser wraps also, and bummis are good. I would loooveee some wool covers. But they are darned expensive. I think I need to learn to knit so I can make some of my own.

I was looking for a diaper service as a possibility this time, but didn't find any in my area.
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For DS, I used (am still using) a service. But for this one, I plan on switching to doing it myself. I've been debating dropping the service now and picking up some prefolds (I already own the covers) for DS.

I'm using prowraps, and I dislike them. But have been too lazy to try something else, or to convince myself to put in more $$ for something else. I've been looking at pocket diapers primarily, and am really attracted to the ease of them (ever try a prefold-wrapper combo on a standing toddler? Takes much skill!)
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Hey, a diaper service for the first few months is a wonderful gift! I don't think they use all those "toxic" chemicals anymore. I believe services are actually more environmentally freindly than washing at home, because they use less water, and they actually get the diapers cleaner by using hotter water. So I personally really wouldn't sweat it.

But for us, we're already washing diapers, so it's no biggie around here.

And I LOVE the fuzbaby wool diapers covers. Those are my favorites.
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We wash our own it is really no big deal. The diaper servise will be nice for the firt few weeks. Then you wont have to purchase newborn stuff that is not used for very long. But then again you would not be able to use kissaluvs and they are wonderful and joy to use.
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I used a service until DS was 18 months old, at which point I switched to washing my own. I work outside the home, and my MIL and the baby sitter said "no more cloth please" so he's in Huggies when he is with them. With baby #2, they both agreed to cloth for one year. I'll definitely use a service again, since I will be back at work at the end of January. I just don't have time for that much laundry during the school year.
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