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Low carb diet for vegetarians?

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Is this possible? I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and I'd like to decrease my ratio of carbs to protein in an attempt to lose weight, but most of my sources of protein (tofu, dried beans) are also carbs. I do eat some fish, but good fresh fish is too expensive to eat every day. Any suggestions?
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I eat a pretty low carb diet. I rarely eat bread or any other baked goods, cereal, or pasta...
I dont eat a whole lot of grains either...

I like to get my carbs from fruits, vegis, yams, etc...

For proteins I eat tempeh, tofu, quorn, protien powders, nuts and nut butters, tahini, homemade hummus, black soy beans, lentils, hemp seeds, vegi burgers, and TVP. I also eat fish on occassion.

I wouldn't catagorize tofu as a carb... many foods contain carbs but the carbs may come from fiber or are minimal...
the carbs you should stay away from if you're trying to loose weight or improve health are the grains, breads, pasta, cereals, white potatos, sugars, juices, etc...
But do eat freely of fiberous foods, vegis of all kinds, apples, grapes, berries, etc...

Stevia can be used in place of other high-carb sweetners. Unlike Aspartame, Sacharin, and AsulfameK, it is all-natural and safe.

If you also eat dairy and eggs and occassional fish, then you really have plenty of protiens to choose from... just replace grains, breads, etc w/ vegis and fruits...and stay away from sweets...
you'll feel much better!

That is how I lost my pregnancy lbs (along w/ daily exercise)

Be sure to eat plenty of fiber, Essential Fatty Acids, and lots of water as well!!
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Thanks, Jaze. It's a relief to hear that the carbs in, say tofu or beans are more acceptable. I was beginning to think that there was nothing that I could eat! I have been snacking on things like almonds, rather than crackers or cookies and I'm not overweight, I just would like to lose 10-15 pounds for vanity's sake. I will definitely purge the pasta and rice from my diet. Luckily, we eat only whole wheat bread. And I have a bottle of flax seed oil in the fridge, but one taste of it kind of left me reluctant to try it again, but I'll make an effort.
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I like the taste of hemp oil over flax... it's got more of a nutty taste. Flax oil on it's own makes me gag...
also you could try adding the oil to a smoothie or protien shake to hide the flavor.
Flax meal is also easier to et down for most people. I add flax meal and/or hemp seeds to fruit salads, yogurt, salads, stirfries, baking, etc
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