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whatcha eating???

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I have been having a hard time eating latley. nothing tastes very good and I'm just not especially hungry either (I think it's the heat) I've been living off cereal, salads and bean burritoes it seems..

what are you eating these days?????
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frozen foods (eg, smoothies, anything w/ frozen raspberries or blueberries, etc), salads that I try to heft up with lots of veggies and baked tofu--I've been trying to make a massive quantity of whatever it is so that I can graze on it over a couple days, since having to make something in the moment makes it more likely that I won't eat a good meal.

my new favorite recipe source is Eating Well magazine, which I'm officially addicted to now. They have a website with lots of yummy recipes as well.
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about making mass quantities. It makes me more likely to eat, and at least DH and FIL get fed.

I'm drinking very cold mango protein smoothies.
Dried unsulfured apricots with a handful of raw almonds.
Very cold salads with ginger soy dressing.
Bing cherries, again very cold (I'm seeing a pattern here).

And I'm so much more likely to eat anything if I didn't have to make it.
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yep, i'm officially into small meals and no cooking

hmm, i am loving watermelon, potato/pasta salad, decaf iced tea (yummy! with decaf green tea too), cereal, sometimes a frozen wheat waffle in the am, cottage doubles, pbj, apple with pb, oh and sandwiches (homemade) with tons of veggies. last night i made soft tacos, those were good too.

the bummer is that we try to eat as a family - dd is just 2 and great about eating everything but dinner foods - and if i'm not cooking it so we all eat together, she's not trying it. urgh.
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Brrrr! Last week it was HOT HOT HOT, but now it is only 55-60 and I'm cold in my long sleeves. You guys are making me COLDER with all your chilled out foods! ;-)
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Just went through an unhealthy eating phase...I won't bore you with what I ate, but it did include a brownie sundae. Despite that, I gained no weight in the past 2 weeks. Go figure.

tonight DH is making one of my fave dinners...pasta (multicolored rotini) with spicy peanut sauce and steamed veggies. YUM. I'm also going to make up a big batch of bean salad with balsamic vinegar-based dressing - good for lunches.

Breakfast is usually cereal (BORING), though sometimes I make a fried egg sandwich for the protein. I've been bad about protein lately. We went through a smoothie phase here, which helped on the protein front, but none of us are into them anymore.

For the most part I dislike preparing food. I am eternally grateful to DH, who is an awesome cook and loves making dinner every night (well, almost every night).
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Right this moment I'm eating my favorite snack for this pg... when I was pg with Abigail I couldn't stand this!

I loooovvvve granola with vanilla yogurt and berries, right now I'm eating it with blueberries.

I've been eating pretty well, unusual for me during pg. Lunch is usually hummus on this awesome organic bread I've been getting at the health food store - it has rosemary in it - with lettuce and tomato... sometimes I eat an abnormal amount of Pirate's Booty though and I've actually been cooking though I'm not particularly interested in doing it most nights. I only do it out of necessity... mostly we eat vegetarian, once or twice a week I cave in to my dh's wishes and do "meat and threes". I eat ice cream on Friday nights, my only sweet other than maybe a cookie to tide me over or a coke : (I'm a GA girl, what can I say?)

I haven't gained any weight for three weeks, a good thing since I craved fast food at the beginning of my pg and gained too much.

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Tonight we are having seafood pasta. I make it with crab, smoked oysters and baby clams, with fresh parsley and garlic, cooked in Olive oil and served over pasta with LOTS of parmesean cheese.

I am also making a lasagna this weekend. I will probably freeze some of it into portions to have for those days I don't feel like cooking.

We have also been eating lots of fruit and salad.
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Cheesecake - homemade from scratch, gram crust, double thick....yum!
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Oh I will eat just about anything these days!! Everything tastes soooo good!
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Everything not nailed down.
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small amounts, no cook, fruits and veggies mostly
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Well, I am eating because I have to. So, whatever I make for lunch or dinner for the family, I will have some. I don't really do breakfast. I will usually have a piece of peanut butter toast or something. My problem is that I get hungry, I eat (and not a lot at that!) and then I feel sick and naseus for an hour or two. I would rather just not eat, but I can't do that!

My big thing through this whole pg has been ice. I go through at least 6-8 trays a day. It was even worse when I was on vacation and it was readily available at the hotel. lol!
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Same as last time -- chocolate sorbet with salted peanuts on top, almost every single night. :

Actually, though, I'm with most of you on the "cold and wet" front. I've been eating a lot of raw veggies dipped in hummus, fresh cut up fruit, cold cereal, salads with soy dressing, etc. In the last month of my first pregnancy, I drank chocolate soymilk as though it were water -- nearly a quart a day! WOAH!

I am trying to cook/prepare food in large quantities, too. I hope that we have a couple of cool days in the next month so that I can make my gigantic vegan lasagna and freeze most of it for after the baby arrives. For now, we're doing a lot of hummus, corn on the cob, fruit salad, refried beans & tortillas, and (oh well) bagels with soy cream cheese.
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Isn't there something about an ice craving meaning you need more iron??
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Went on a fruit buying spree today as it seems lots of stuff is in season now. Watermelon, canalope, cherries, mangos, grapes, peaches, apples, bananas, and pears. Guess that'll do me for a while if I can get to it before Nathan does! :LOL Fruit doesn't last long in our house.
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I am not hungry either. I don't feel like eating anything, I have to force myself to eat. Really wish I had this problem when I am not pregnant, would make weight loss alot easier! Because I also have Gestational Diabetes, I have been having to force myself to eat regularly.

Breakfast: Usually whole wheat english muffin with diet jelly or peanut butter
Lunch: Mini bagel with cheese and some kind of meat. Or tuna melt. Try to eat a piece of fruit also.
Snack: cheese crackers/peanut butter crackers and some fruit
Dinner: Really bad here! Not hungry at all at dinner time. I was eating some cereal, but didn't work well with blood sugar. Tonight I had a slice of pizza, also will eat a hamburger, grilled cheese sandwich, maybe some soup. Not hungry AT ALL for veggies! Or salads!
Snack: Same as above, but also craving ice cream!!!So I indulge in a popsicle every evening.

Lots of iced tea (decaf and red rasberry mix), water, and some diet soda throughout day. I am getting over a UTI, so I am drinking at least 8 oz. every hour!
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I have been hungry. I found out almost a month ago that I am pregnant : . Since then, I have craved spicy foods and have found a way to put tobasco on just about anything. Chocolate tofu pie has also been a hit for me (sans tobasco). I am so glad for all of the fresh fruit available right now, mmm.

Amanda, Mom to beautiful Magnolia, 9 year old big sister to be.
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Originally Posted by henhao
Isn't there something about an ice craving meaning you need more iron??
I've heard that too, but I had the same thing with all my other pgs and all my bloodwork is fine. Go figure!
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Queen Mommy,

Hee hee, I don't know why I got so worried. I even pm'd you.

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