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OK, I pigged out on chicken chimichangas tonight. It tasted so nice, and now I wanna yack because I'm so full. :
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Currently chowing down on some watermelon slices - yummy! This is my 3rd melon in the last week. All fruit is sounding like the best thing right now I can't eat it fast enough! I am having to force myself to eat protein and a balanced diet. I have been trying to start my day with a bowl of cereal and a fruit smoothie with protein powder and some blackstrap molasses (for extra iron -last mw appt I was a little low). - I figure if I start the day with that - I can indulge in mostly fruit for the rest of the day and maybe have some fish or chicken and veggies for dinner.
I have already gained 30 lbs and hope that it slows down for this last 6 weeks...
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yes, protein shakes, and any kind of smoothie! I'm addicted, man!

I love Spiru-tein Vanilla flavor shakes which you can add anything to to flavor if I want diversity.

Or plain yogurt in the blender with frozen strawberries.

Or Chocolate soy milk and a frozen ripe banana chopped into pieces before throwing in.

the frozen fruit makes it thick like a real milkshake without the ice cream and sugar...delectable!

before this, I was hooked on Smart Deli (by Lightlife--pareve, meatless soy protein isolate) "bologna" sandwiches with spicy brown mustard. Go figure!
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