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Birth PLAN??

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Have you made one up yet? Will you? What did you include?

I used the same one for my past two births but I think I'm going to make up a new one this time around...I think that the other is outdated and my feelings may have changed on some things.

Anyone have any good resources to use for those of us who need to make one up???

Can you tell what is on my mind today?? The Birth day...less than four months away!!!
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the [earth mamma angel baby has a nice fill in the blanks birth plan.
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i don't really know what that is, exactly (i mean, i can guess, lol)

My old OB (the vagina nazi) didn't even tell me that was an option, lol, and my new doc hasn't mentioned it...i guess he either doesn't do "that sort of thing" (he's kinda oldschool) or he assumes since it's #3 i have it covered, lol.
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yes I will....I didnt' last time but will this time...
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Last time, the appointment where I was supposed to go over a birth plan with my doctor, was an emergency get-to-the-hospital-now appointment, so I never made one.
Oh well.

This time, there will be a birth plan. :P
I haven't made it up yet [well, it is all in my head] but it involves lots of "leave me be!" time. I dont' want anything invasive AT ALL. I just want to labor and give birth and be happy.
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I'm going to make mine and bring it with me to my next appointment maybe (on the 27th). I'm pretty nervous because my OBGYN is kind of intimidating and talks a lot, so I'm not sure really what to expect. But *sigh*. I guess I'll give it a shot.

here's a link to an interactive birth plan

So babyzone.com isn't really the coolest website :LOL but they do have this birth plan that covers lots of issues...I've toyed around with it. It will give you an idea of a birth plan anyways if you don't know what one is. I'm going to look for others and combine them all to make MY birth plan. Mine is also very non-invasive, no touchy, leave me alone-ish. :LOL
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I don't do a birth plan.

I talk in depth with my careproviders and my husband pre-birth to ensure that everyone is on the same page. For the last two births, it's worked. For my first, my OB totally disregarded my birth plan. It made me lose faith in the idea of a birthing plan that is used for more than just myself.

Good luck to all!
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I like making a birth plan. It just spells things out to make sure no one is assuming one thing while another is assuming another. My midwife, doula, DH, and I all go over it together. To think that four people will all be in "in tune" with each other at the right moment is not a chance I'll take!

It also motivates me to reasearch the newborn treatments available each time and clarify in my mind why we don't do them. (trust me- I forget all that stuff as soon as its in the past!) Makes me feel more empowered & confident at the birth. Especially important if we have to transfer to the hospital.

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[QUOTE=Czen]I like making a birth plan. It just spells things out to make sure no one is assuming one thing while another is assuming another. My midwife, doula, DH, and I all go over it together. To think that four people will all be in "in tune" with each other at the right moment is not a chance I'll take! /QUOTE]

Me too. I also take 5 copies of mine and DH hands one to each nurse as s/he walks into the room. And we put one up on the door of the labor/birthing room. That way everyone sees it and (as annoying as that sounds to do) everyone is on the same page. If a MW/nurse or doctor has concerns about something on it...then s/he can discuss it with DH when DH is available for a couple of minutes.

So far they have been pretty good about keeping everything we wanted (except for with my 1st they said that it was hospital policy to have the fetal monitor on for 20min out of the hour--but that kept slipping and ended up being on the entire time : : )
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I'm making my birth plan today. Should I show it to my midwife before hand? The hospital I will be at has several midwifes, so I won't necessarily have her at the birth. I am a little nervous about a couple of things. Mainly, I want the umbilical cord cut after the placenta is birthed unless there are complications. I kind of asked her about this once and she acted like she had never heard of it!
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I made a novel of a birth plan for my first son and everything went out the window--in addition, I don't think anyone at the hospital read it.

My Bradley instructor recently brought up what I think are some good tips:

1. make an in depth plan for yourself and your partner and your midwife, doula, ob, whomever. go over it in detail and HAVE THEM SIGN IT!

2. make a bulleted, one-page version of it and print it on colored paper for the nurses at the hospital or birth center (have the hcp sign this one too). chances are they won't read the long version. deliver a copy to each nurse with a small box of chocolates

3. post one of these colored copies right on your door

she suggested www.birthplan.com for ideas but I am yet to check it out
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my birth plan is done...my midwife comes for the home visit next week and I am giving it to her then...I am also making copies for anyone who is her assistant(the second midwife may change depending on how long I am in labour)
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Mine is here http://oct2005.diaryland.com/bplan.html I took the same one I used for Lochy & updated it a bit for this time. (I had done the same previously). It originally came from a sheet from the birth center with like four questions on it, I looked at their new one last appointment but told her I wouldn't be needing it again as I had already just gone ahead & updated my last one. I'll be printing it out for my home visit this Friday.

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Last go 'round, I showed up with cute colored copies in teacher-y fonts, as well as an Easter basket filled with goodies for the nurses (DS was born sort of close to Easter). The nurses were really respectful and let me labor naturally. They were pretty great, actually.

This time, I'm going to do cute paper again, and include a Halloween pumpkin filled with goodies. But I'm simplifying it. Bigger letters, just a few bullet points. I have a few big priorities, like NO INTERVENTIONS as long as baby and I are healthy. I'm not going to break it all down like I did last time.
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I highly suggest that you take it to the doctor/MW because there might be things on it that you are feeling pretty strong about and they might not allow it. Even if you talk to everyone in the office...there might be a nurse that you didn't talk to and she doesn't 'do that'. Have the doctor/MW sign it too. That will help. I said this earlier but thought I'd re-mention it, my DH handed a copy to every person that came in the door. When he ran out of copies...he asked them if they read the birth plan, if not it was posted on the door and there was a copy in my chart .

I am taking mine in next week for my 36w appt. I should have taken it last week but I forgot to include some things on it that I think are important this time around. There are so many good links to birth plans out there.
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