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Hmmm.....I wonder.....

((((Annais)))))~hope you feel better soon!!!
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OK are we all gonna jump over to 2ww?

Let's wait for Ms. 40 day cycle...
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Pumpkinseed~I've been posting on the Luckiest 2WW...but I feel like we should indeed wait for Arduinna!
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awwww you guys are so sweet.

I just need to vent. I HATE houseguests, especially when it's my parents. I never get any sleep. and I have no privacy. I got a whopping 5 hours sleep, for no good reason.

feel slightly better, but utterly exhausted. temps still low, which is good since I've gotten in no bding since friday.
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Hello ladies!!
I am off to lovely Seattle!!! Be back on Sunday. I may be able to check in before then.
Hopefully Arduinna, you will have O'ed by the time I next check in and everyone will have moved into the 2ww!! (Nice new title by the way Arduinna:LOL)

Hopefully af will not find me this week. Maybe being in Seattle will help - She won't know where to look for me!

Love to all and have a great Thanksgiving!!!
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ahhhhhh so was it you Adina??? payback maybe???

inquiring minds want to know.................................

Sending you +++++++
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Oh, looks like Arduinna's the Queen of the twiddlers...

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Anyone left?

Just me?

Have we all ovulated then?
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well, of course I'm still here. And feeling a bit useless and disheartened. This has been a wierd cycle for me. Normal af, then she went away, then spot returned. And now cd14 spot is still occasionally visiting. This is not normal for me. And I'm feeling like spot means that I won't get pg. But I don't know?? My temps have been normal. Low and steady, not up and down like an anovulatory cycle so that's good.
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hmm...that's bizarre Arduinna!!! Hopefully you'll see that temp rise soon...and will give you peace of mind!!! Hope you're bding like it'll save your life!!!
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Hey all!
Just checking in...
How's it going Arduinna, mamasoleil, PumpkinSeed?
I hope y'all have a great holiday, and much babydust!

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I'm stumped...cd20 here, and I've got some major eggwhite like cm happening...is there any possibility that I'm just entering my fertile phase NOW????My cycles are between 28-32 days....????
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Well, EW = Fertility so get busy LOLOL.

Me, I'm still waiting.
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Well - I have lapped you all. Here I am back at the beginning.....on cd 3.
Here we go again......
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Sorry about af Adina.

I think I am on a useless cycle. cd 21 isn't that late for me, but I have been spotting for at least a week now so I can't really tell if I have cm or not. And I have no idea if I can get pg while spotting. This really sucks.
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Hey Adina, I've lapped everyone too.
mamasoleil, I hope you got that figured out, I O around day 20 now, and have a really short LP. Hope that's not going to happen to you, too!

Arduinna, at least now you are kind of AHEAD of the rest of us

edited to repair grievious early morning typos
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Sahara~I'm PG!!! , took a test yesterday, really early, and there was the faintest of a line, took another this AM and the line is a little darker!!(AF only due Thursday)...so I guess I did O at the 'right' time
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Adina-I'm sorry AF found you and that you're feeling down. Aren't Mamasoleil and everyone else who got pregnant this month inspiring, though? We'll get there!

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