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I have TWO big follicles this cycle! I got my hCG shot, and go in tomorrow for IUI so I can start the 2ww!

Wishing for TWO August , but would be perfectly thrilled with ONE August !

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Baby Dust to Everyone!*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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Babydust to all of us, everyone!
See you all in the 2ww!
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Hello everyone!!

Go Kelly Go!!!!

I haven't charted this month, trying to be calm and patient. I am cd 16 today. I usually O on cd 15, but I have had NO cf and no O pain yet. Who knows?

Truck loads of baby dust for everyone!!!

to all!
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Tuli - sorry about the insurance run-around. That stinks! At least you are seeing a different doctor, hopefully in a different practice.
I just wanted to warn you against letting just anyone do your lap, it really does make a difference to see a specialist.

And to everyone here - ~~ GO EGGIES GO! ~~ GO EGGIES GO! ~~
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Dh is home!!! May the bding start! And he may not be going away next week, which means we can bd EVERYDAY!!!!

CD8 today, so I'm not going to stop bding if *I* can help it! I didn't get the Luna Fertility Kit :, so I'm going another month unsure of *when* I'm ovulating!!!! Taking NO chance!!!

Mamasoleil c'mon baby....
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Baby dust to all at this time!

I went to the RE today, go back Sunday morning, do the trigger shot Sunday night and 36 hours later, Tuesday morning, do IUI!!! Tuesday will be cd14 for me. This morning he saw 2 follicles maturing really well, 2 that probably won't develop into much and another one on my left overy that won't do much of anything since it is adhered to my bowel.

My dp, April, got to take time off from work today and go with me to my appointment (I have to travel 2 hours to get to the appt and 2 hours home plus a little over an hour doing the ultrasound and bloodwork and pharmacy stuff, so she hasn't been able to come before today). She is FINALLY getting really excited/scared to hope about all this. She had fertility problems and a m/c when she went through all this infertility stuff herself 20 some years ago and has just been REALLY reluctant to invest or hope.

I am SO excited..... I, too, would LOVE To have , but the possiblity of or more is really scary to us, although the RE thinks that since there are 2 follicles that are so much more developed than the others, we don't have too much risk of more than twins....

I guess I will be headed over to the ttw next Tuesday!

My sister had her appointment today. She is at week 39 today and her doc is getting worried about her high b/p and gest. diabetes and the baby getting to big, so he has scheduled her for induction Wed night if she doesn't deliver before then (she has been having contractions off and on the last couple days). I get to be her labor coach, so I am hoping that baby dust flows my way--- if so, I will share with you all.

I am sorry this is so long, I am always long winded here. You all are the only ones I can talk to about all this since my dp has been so afraid to engage......

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I am glad you are going to have more options. I spent 2 years with an OB giving me the run around and not helping at all -- I get really mad just thinking of the time she wasted by not referring me on -- I am turning 37 on monday and she should never have wasted my time at the age I was when I was going to her. I found the RE I am going to through a referral from the midwife at the Planned Parenthood where I work and then a friend told me he is the first RE she has ever found that has really helped her with her endo -- I feel really good about him. I hope you find someone you feel good about too. I do agree, that expertise with lap is really important. If you do have endo, someone who doesn't do lap all the time can do more harm than good.

I also have PCOS and treating that has been key to getting me to ovulate. Up until a couple years ago, I had no idea fertility was so fragile. I guess you never know until things aren't working.

Good luck with the new doc!!
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kathybird, you sounds so excited, it's contagious! I hope you and your DP have a good visit, sending you lots of baby vibes!!!

Ho hum, I don't know what's going on anymore, it looks like my body tries to ovulate, then stops, then starts again a few days later. It's only been 6 months, so I'm sure I should give it some more time, especially since I'm nursing my toddler pretty frequently most days. I just thought things would be more normal by now.

Best wishes to everyone TTC (you know, I get the feeling there must be a whole lot of lovin' going on right now )
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Sahara, what you are describing is pretty typical for a breastfeeding mother. Even after I got my period, I had two anov cycles before I finally ovulated at 18 months pp.
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Kelly WOOHOO on your 2 follies!!!!

mamasoliel~ I hope you and dh have been busy "wink"

Adina~ Have you left us for the 2ww thread??

Sahara~ No wisdom, but I hope O comes soon, it does sound like typical nursing cycles.

stafl~ are you still waiting to O?

birdwoman~ here's to a painless trigger and successful IUI!!!

Aurora~ sorry O was tardy, did it show yet?

Annais~ yeah!! great to see you here. +++ to nice fertile eggs!

I'm cd 5 today. But at least this ones normal. Last time spot just didn't want to go away. ++++++++++++++++++to us all!!!
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Hi ladies.

I haven't been on the 2ww boards in a while--mostly because of the big trip to the in-laws, where bding was not possible.
I'm a little behind y'all, expecting af any day (probably today). I have become pretty regular, in the meantime, and made dh's task quite clear to him, so I, too, am hoping this is THE month.

Baby dust and + pg tests to all, inshallah!
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Worked night shift Friday night, and had my niece over for the night last night.(13 mts), so we haven't um, bd'd yet....
However, we will be doing the deed so to speak tonight, and I'm hoping he won't be leaving tomorrow, we only find out tomorrow, if he does, we'll have to get some qt and 'get it on'
CD10 today. So if we bd today and tomorrow, and I O on cd14, we might be okay? Oh, I hope so, or I'm hoping I'll O later, like cd16 so that dh is back cd15....
It's all so freaking complicated!!!
Hope your bd'ing is going 'smoothly', not as complicated as mine!


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Welcome UmmNuh!!!!!

mamasoliel~ sounds like you've been a different kind of busy. I hope you guys are blessed with good timing!!!! Sounds like the probability of a baby girl is rising with your gap between possible O and bding.

AF finally left so I will getting busy :-)
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Until my sis has her first baby, I will not be birthing any boys...she's to have the first...(don't ask)
Anyway, I'm hoping it'll work...I've been EXTRA good, spreading EXTRA good karma around, trying to intice that little soul....hee hee....
Get busy sister!

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Until my sis has her first baby, I will not be birthing any boys...she's to have the first...(don't ask)

Ok I won't ask. We don't want you to get in the dog house if a little boy comes, lol.
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Go buy some little girl baby clothes, maybe those will help send out the right vibes, LOLOL
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YOu think? I'm on my way!
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I have sort of gone over to the 2ww thread....but I am trying not to obsees about this. I am still checking in here though! I love you ladies and want to know how things are going here too.
I am 2-3 dpo now - and I am waiting until december 1st. If no af by then - I will test. That should be more than enough time. So everyone join me in the "AF stay away" chant!!
I have only had one negatvie moment so far....one of my best friends emailed me yesterday and said she and her dh were not preventing, but not trying. She always manages to get to life's goal before me...so I had that moment of "awwww....crap. She is gonna be pg before me." Which would be great but would still piss me off. But then I snapped otu of it and said to myself, " That won't happen cause I am pg RIGHT NOW!!!" hee hee :LOL here's to hoping.
Good to hear all the positive vibes on here!!! Good luck to everyone. I will check in.
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I am at cd8 so tonight we start the BDing! I have not had much desire since dd was born but the thought of another little one help out. Baby Dust.
. . , . , . . , ,
, . . . . , .
, . , . , . , .

(That is my poor imitation of baby dust )
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