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whew....that should do it!

tnrsmom~have fun tonight



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I want to jump in too...

I'm having serious mothering hormones....
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Okay you all, I am suppost to be studying, but I had to update you. I went to RE this morning, he wants me to come back again tomorrow (after doing one more fertility shot tonight) to have my follicles measured again them maybe we can do the trigger shot TOMORROW night and inseminate Wednesday morning.... sigh... send me patience. I was so excited to be so close, I know it is only one more day, but somehow it seems like an additional week!!!

Funny report: I was at my (non-pregnant) sister's house yesterday for a few minutes and we were talking about my developing follicles. Her 3yr dd asked what follicles were, I told her to come sit right by me, put her hands on my tummy and say GROW! GROW! GROW! to the baby bird eggs inside of me.... she did what I asked, looked at me kinda strange and went to the other room to play. A few minutes later, she came in with a puzzled look on her face and asked her mom why Aunt Kathy "ate baby birds"..... It was so funny..... I explained to her that just like Grandma's name is Grandma Bird, my name is Aunt Kathy Bird and that I didn't eat baby birds, but I am trying to grow baby eggs inside of me so I can have a baby. She looked at my pregnant sister who was also there, whose baby she will have to share her Grandma with during work hours, and said to both of us "Don't have a baby. I want a dog instead."

It was really cute and funny.

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I'm afraid to say anything, afraid I'll be jinxed. How superstitious is that?

It took us 3 years the first time. Hopefully this time won't be so LONG!
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Well...the first time, it only took us...not long at all...this time it's taking FOREVER...okay...1yr4mts or so....so maybe it'll be the other way around for you!!!

Good luck sistah...keep us *posted*...would ya?????
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It's been one week since cd1 and I'm on a short cycle so time to get to work!

GOOD LUCK LADIES! Baby dust to everyone!
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That would make you cd8...i'm cd9...let the games begin...
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Pumpkinseed, Mamasoleil, we may be too busy BDing the next few days to post! We are all at the same place so let's go make some babies!

I can't wait to chat with all of you mamas a couple forums up
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Today is CD14 for me. I'm trying not to get too antsy because even when I do have regular cycles, they're almost always 30-40 days w/LP of 14-16 days, so odds are I won't O until later in the week. Very alert tho! Soft cervix but not much CM. No ferning in my saliva tests yet.

We're in a good situation if I do O soon: a very affectionate weekend followed by ongoing flirtation. The last 2 times I O'd, I noticed a sharp increase in sexy feelings in general and the appealingness of MrBecca in particular ~5 days before, so I hope this is a good sign. I'm also getting tears in my eyes at lovey things (earlier, a co-worker mentioned "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", and I nearly started sobbing at the thought of the Whos holding hands and singing their happy song!) which may be a good sign or may just indicate that I'm a silly mushball.:
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No, no, EB, you can't be a mushball, 'cause I'm feeling the same way. I definately have more interest when I'm close to ovulating, and get mushier too.

turnersmom, I liked your babydust, it took me a minute but I got it

kathy, you must be worn out with all of these appointments, it will be nice when you can relax and just enjoy yourself.

Pumpkinseed, welcome! I really like your username.

Arduinna, good luck!

mamasoleil, hope your timing works out just right!!!!

AdinaL - sending lots of baby vibes your way. I just visited a friend with a newborn, maybe it will wear off onto all of us

Aye, CD20 for me today, and a temp rise this morning so keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I'll finally be starting the 2ww this month.

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Papasoleil will be here for the week....we just had an argument though...
Not feeling too affectionate...I hope it passes soon!

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CD8 today, temps nice and steady. impatiently waiting to be fertile.

mamasoliel, sorry about the argument :-)

Sahara, yeah hope the temps stay UP!

Becca, sounds good!!!

trnsmom, YEAH!! good luck!!

Kathy, what's the status??

Adina, ++++++ to you

pumpkinseed, welcome!!!

birdwomyn, what's the status??
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Hi everybody,

Don't forget me! I'm CD9 (or 10? can't remember) and we'll start BDing tonight. I have the Ovulens, which is really neat, and we have no ferning yet. Something weird happened, though: I got it in the mail on Thursday, and on Friday, while in the middle of my period, i tried it just for the heck of it, and got ferning all over the place. Anyone know why this might be? It's gone away now, and looks like the picture I have of an infertile sample. The ferning looked just like the picture of a fertile sample. What is going on with my body? I have such bad pelvic pain this month-I can't wait to see my new OB and start trying to fix this.

Much babydust to all!

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Tuli, how bizarre!!! Maybe you're not reading it right? Hopefully...keep us posted.

Arduinna~when do you usually enter your fertile period?
*I* cooled off and woke papasoleil last night...
and you know the rest....
cd12 today, because I'm not sure WHEN I ovulate...I'm gonna bd right thru to cd18....my cycles are usually 28days...longest 33 days....so that's what I'm basing it on!

Keep up the positive energy sisters, and we'll be seeing +++on those HPT's!!!

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Me personally or in general?? For sure you know you are entering the fertile time when you get CM. I figure for me that won't be another week maybe?? I think my last cycle was 34 days (have to double check). I sometimes don't O until cd 21 or so.
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I meant *you* personally...I'm trying to go by cm..but sometimes it seems like I have cm for over a week...which doesn't make sense to me...I remember XM saying that she miscalculated, and always figured she was O'ing on cd14, but actually it was cd11...so...I'm going all month!!!!
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LOL to "going all month". Well just try and remember that "peak day" is supposed to be the last day before dry up. I personally like using an opk to be sure about O when we are trying.
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Well...dh is happy with the going all month thing: , so we'll stick to that....I keep wanting to get an OPK...but, they're so freaking expensive!!!!
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Sending LOTS of baby dust to everyone!!

to all!
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