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Me? a handful????

WE will be in DPO land soon, don't ya worry...then we will be going NUTSOO for 2 WEEKSS!!!
Ain't it fun???
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I think all the DDDDC is making cwazy, lololol

yeppers forgot how nutsy you are during the 2ww I take it ALL back!!!!! LMAO.
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hee hee hee hee....(still untouched.... )
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C'mon sisters - we miss you over on the 2ww! Wishing you all lots of O right away!!

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My birthday is two weeks from today. Wouldn't that be the best birthday present ever?

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Yeah - it is about time ya'll come and join us on the 2ww.....'cause everyone knows that misery loves company!!!!

<-----------Hey - when did that happen?....

Yep - sex is about the least magical thing you do whlie ttc.....but it does give for some good laughs.

mmmmm - time for bed.....
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Adina - I first noticed your new title yesterday !! I figured you had already seen it. DDDDC?

BTW - I was feeling a bit optimistic about my 2ww today, so while I was shopping, I bought a package of newborn onesies . Not sure that it will help me get a + this time, but it makes *me* feel more positive !

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I think I'm in the 2WW!!!!! See ya there!!!!
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Oh MamaSoleil!

I'm excited!

ANyone else done twiddling?
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Hooray for mamasoleil!! Great to have you with us at last! Hope we have BFP this time around!!

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I haven't posted this past week cuz I have no idea what is going on. I think I am Oing today though. Having some cramping but still no cm, or at least very little, and it is not stretchy.: I usually have lots of cm too. Wonder whats going on? I took ds to a b-day party and told dh that we should go upstairs for a bit. He thought I was joking. I told him I wasn't but he said, "I should really get my work done, won't you still be ovulating tonight?" ALL of the blame is on him if I don't get pg this month. One of the rare times I initiate sex, not to mention daytime sex, and he rejects me!!!! My ego has been squashed. Good luck in the 2ww Mamasoleil.
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Such jerks sometimes!!!!: Don't worry, did you two bd yesterday?
I'm not REALLY sure if I O'd...though I'm hoping, cause I'm working two more nightshifts, which isn't condusive to bd'ing...ya know?
I've been cramping, like pms cramping for the last two days..or three? I even took 2 HPT's, cause I remember that cramping from the first time...(all negatives of course)
But, um....there was spotting in my undies!!!????

May this be our cycle...cause we're wearing thin, I think!!!
A baby in the fall??? SWEET!
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I'm so hormonal!
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Yeah...ditto that!!!
ing ing ing
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Okay, so cd16...I started thinking...hmm..what if I DIDN"T O???
So we just had a 'quick' one before work, then papasoleil called my cell while I was driving to work, and said...

"Btw, you are pg, love you"....

He's never said that before!!
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I hope you are!

Can you send over some baby dust?
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Here you go:

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Mamasoleil, wow, do you think he knows something ? Sometimes it seems that as clueless as they are, they can be pretty in tune to us. I really hope this is your month. We didn't bd last night, dh fell asleep while I was on MDC(oops) but we did on Thursday and we will again tonight(and probably tomorrow too). I have been having those menstrual like cramps but I think I usually get them when I O, so hopefully. Last cycle was anovulatory. August abaies, wouldn't that be cool ?
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All this time I thought we were trying for October babies?:

Hmm...don't matter to me, any kind of baby will do!!!....though I get along REALLY well with Leo's....
Well, I don't know if he knows, but I'm taking it as he DOES!

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dh fell asleep while I was on MDC(oops)
I hate it when that happens!

I've been having premenstrual cramps too...maybe implantation for us? I thought O cramps were felt on the right side....?
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