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Help! What's a good stretch for tailbone pain??

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At 35 weeks I've suddenly got lower back pain, but mostly at and just above the tailbone...I think it's from overarching my back?

Anyway, normally, I'd stretch out on my back and pull up a leg (this helped when this pain was joined by hip pain, but that's gone), or lay backwards over a ball...obviously can't do either at this point.

So, what'll help????
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a chiropractor can help!
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Yeah....I miss my chiro...and my massage lady...

but I meant something free
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OK, this isn't free...but I started noticing major tailbone pain at around 35 weeks and I bought something called the Tush Cush for my car and for when I'm on the computer. It's a cushion with a cut-out area where the tailbone would be. I swear it made all the difference in the world, since I think it was the pressure of the added weight on my tailbone that was causing the pain.
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Yep, nothing has helped me with that except one of those tush cush kinds of things and regular chiropractic visits.
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this stretch works well for me.

place your hands on a table top or desk that is aproximately waist high.

step back, legs hip width apart until your torso is horizontal with your arms stretched out completely straight resting on the table/desk in front of you. let your head drop. you can bend your knees slightly and rock back and forth. also tilting your pelvis feels good in this postion.

do my directions make any sense? essentially you are just bending in half so you look like an upside down L and using the table as leverage to get into that pesky lower back area.

good luck.
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swebster-thanks! That felt great
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oooh thaat's a good one!
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I tend to overarch my back, too. I've found yoga and pilates to help. Since you want something free, I HIGHLY recommend doing some pelvic tilts. You can do them standing. Stand with legs hip width apart. Draw your tailbone in. Your belly will move forward/up. I hope this makes sense! You can do this several times to stretch and strengthen the area.

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* Hmm. A tailbone pillow-thingy... that might help me... If I weren't already in early labor. :LOL Now, when's this baby gonna come out!?!

* I have a recommendation for an exercise. This one is better for that mushy hips feeling ... more so than the tailbone issue.

In this exercise, you need help. You lie on your back, feet together, knees bend midway. You try to push your knees together and your partner tries to keep them apart. You make an effort to push your knees together about three times and each time you should be more effective.

* Back on the tailbone thing: After my last birth, I was always slouching: don't do that! I kept getting my tailbone tucked under my pubic bone in a painful sort of way... it would hurt to walk, and my chiropracter would have to fix it.

-- Caitlin
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