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Janulicious June #3

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We're chatty. Going to fill this space with our info soon.
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I too have Maya #37. Was a gift from the lady upstairs.

Nicole - how about using the semi-thawed stuff in the next few days while you work, and pumping at work to replace the thawed stuff? As long as it didn't get warm, it should be ok to use in the next week or so, I'd think. You can always smell test it

Lauren is napping and I really need to get downstairs and get my clothing ironed and put on, I'm just really not wanting to go out this afternoon. You know... all the people who insist on passing my kid around and gaahing at her while she's happy, and then insisting on more when she's frustrated, and finally when I step in, she becomes my problem to solve and then nobody wants her back again. Why don't people get it? I'd rather play with my kid when she's happy and then they can rock her after she's eaten and is tired so I get a break???

Ah but yes, these are also the people who "warned" me that I needed to make sure she took a bottle. That's why I never really pushed the bottle bit, I'd rather have enough control over the situation. Where's the *evil grin* smiley?

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Whooooaaaaahh s

I miss a day and I'm completely lost!!! Actually, I typed up a huge post last night, but computer ate it, so I just gave up.

Jessi - Thanks for the crack fix!!!! I needed it. That's so cool that Evvie is going on the pot -whoo-ee! She's a smart, that lassie

Anybody know where I can get a BIG baby bjorn potty? I've been looking for one for Kai, but all I can find are the little ones. With all this talk though, I think I'll still go get one for Viley. Better than the dollar potty pots from the Japanese store.

Oh, Karen, I feel ya about the mass consumerism. I always get a wqeird feeling in my stomach when I spend so much money. But, you have a big family and that's jst the way it is. At least you got a good deal!

Az, sounds like this doctor will be much better. Ask him if he can use homeopathic vaccinations. I wish I had some advice for you about E. She sounds fine, but I'll leave that up to the experts, like Karen. I wish Michelle was around. Then you could talk to her. She seems to know all about this stuff. I do know a LLL leader who specializes (sort of) in slow weight gain issues. I could PM you her phone #. She's one of my best friends, actually.

Pam, oh, these toddler years are sooooooo diffucult. Kobe was more of a whiner, but Makai can be very aggressive and defiant. Especially about nursing. Ugh, there are times when I just have to put him in the other room and walk away for a minute. I really have to work hard to separate myself from the situation - not play into his games. I mean, he's two yk? Lately, his big thing is pinching. So, he'll pinch someone, and of course he thinks its funny. I try not to let myself get angry, but instead (through gritted teeth) show lots of love to the victim and completely ignore him. He's doing it for attention, and if I react, then that's playing his game. After, the crisis I make sure to give him lots of love too, and read him a book or something to make sure he is getting positive attention. And in between there somewhere, I tell him pinching hurts and is not ok! Oh, and his new thing is climbing out of his carseat : I don't know what to do about it. Last time we went somewhere I had to stop 4 times!!!!

Oh, here is Violet in her friend's bumbo seat.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v6...e/IMG_0414.jpg Jessi, does Ev still fit in hers??? I'm only asking because Violet's thighs were kinda fat for it, and it took two people to get her out. I would think Evelyn would be the same way. But I think I still might get her one, because she enjoyed sitting up and looking around so much.

Ok, I'm gonna jet. Our townhouses are having a community garage sale. Hopefully, I can find something good!
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Ann, Evelyn is a little big for her bumbo, too. We kinda have to knock it off her with our feet to get her out. Now that she can sit alone, it is not much use to us - want to borrow ours? It's yellow. VIolet looks so cute!

Four of us with Maya #37 - that's funny. You'd think we had something in common.

Today Evelyn went pee in the big potty twice, once here and once out. Coool. Then (here) she promptly stuck her foot in the toilet water. She has not pooped yet today, which is weird.

I took her for a walk today, down to the Yu-can-du. We made Eric a canvas with her foot and hand prints. She was very cooperative for the feet, and pretty good with the hands. It turned out great. I'll take a pic tomorrow, of him with it. He's going to love it. We are so froud.

Happy monthday to Brynn, too!

Thanks, Lisa, for starting the new thread.
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Annie- it's so funny to hear you say I have a big family.... i guess having 3 kiddos hasn't truly sunk in yet :LOL I'm sure that when we embark on our journey and stay with friends in the first week and try to get the whole family semi-comfy, it'll sink in.

Lisa- you IRON your clothes?!?!? I am such a lazy butt, I will just not even buy something that needs ironing- or if it does, I stick it in the dryer for a few minutes before I need to go out and hope that the major wrinkles leave. I am LAAAZZY. I hope you enjoy your party, even w/o the strawberries!

Kathy- how inspiring that you got Brynn on your back in the ergo.... wil definitely HAVE to try that. It's so easy having him in the maya, but over a long period of time it sucks.... esp when he falls asleep and I'm stuck with it in one position. maybe tonight we'll try the ergo.
cool thing is that yesterday in the mall, 3 mamas with babies stopped me to ask about the maya and how it works. of course Luka was nursing during that time and they were all impressed with how discreet it was and all.... and so beautiful. it's a great way to tget the word out! both mamas had strollers with them but were carrying the babes....

kids are singing about cheerios in the other room. we don't even buy those.....
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Any Mei Tai users out there????

Had a bad couple of days.....E fell.....he is OK but we were so worried about concussion (sp?) Still watching him. And to think this is only the beginning.........I am so afraid I will be a smother mother.........I was freaking out & still am really worried. He fell about 1 1/2 feet & onto carpet......everyone says he will be fine.

DH feels really bad b/c he was watching him.......so I have been busy working on his self-esteem........it's hard esp. with Father's Day being tomorrow.

OH MY trying to catch up.........

Our city water is so not safe to drink........we use bottle of RO water here.

DH is into AP so no fighting here when it comes to co-sleeping, discipline, baby wearing and so on.

We use a humidifier for Ethan when he is stuffy.

WAHHHHHHH...........Ethan is 5 months old as of Thursday

I'm sure I am missing things.........sorry been hectic around here (see above)
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1 1/2 feet onto carpet? That doesn't seem like it would hurt him at all, just scare him. But it's easy to talk - Evelyn's biggest fall so far has been from sitting.

Your water is not even safe to drink? Wow.

Nana just walked in from yet another trip to the resale store. This time she bought another exersaucer. She said, "I hope you don't mind." (The living room floor is coated in large baby bling.) I said, "You watch her all day; you can do whatever you want." Evelyn is quite fond of the exersaucer, frighteningly enough.
To compensate, I ordered an Ergo for Father's Day.
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now that i said that, she fell a little farther: from sitting on the potty, and clunked her head on the side of the cosleeper. SHe's fine, of course. I ran upstairs at her cry; DH had rescued her, and I saw an upside-down potty on top of a hat, with a pile of poop on the hat. :LOL
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a message i posted earlier isn't here
i was commenting on Violet's beauty, and how happy she looks sitting

Lori- s 1.5 feet isn't too much. babies are pretty resilient w/ falls- did he fall on something especially hard?? when R was a baby i dropped him (long story) and he fell head first on the linoleum, which was on top of concrete. was scary- even went to the ER< but he was perfectly fine.

And look at Evelyn- she falls over and poop is involved :LOL

we got diapers from LHC today. soooo nice and SOFT. Luka is wearing one now with surfboards on it
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Lucky dh, Jessi! Wish I had the nuts to buy one...but I DID get my convertable Mei Tai yesterday (and my maya today : but the purple and green one, berry pretty!), and we used it for walks today and yesterday ... WAHOO!!! It's way easier and more comfortable than the one Karen made (no offense !) by default, I think. Just less material. I recommend it for the hot weather folks, 'cause it's even less material than a wrap! And oh so easy on off, tho I might get buckles for the bottom straps (like the big backpack buckles), make it even easier! I don't seem to be able to get the bottom as snug as I'd prefer once the baby is in, and I'm not happy untying and retying it while he's in it... anyway, it's awesome. We haven't had to resnap the blankie on, as it's warm and muggy here now. I think eventually it'll be just as "bulky" as the homemade MT and then it's just a toss up - one for the car, one for home? Woohoo! Very happy.

I figured out why I'm getting blockages. DUH!!! I got new bras before the baby was born, bravados, I loved them when nursing Beca, so I thought they'd be great...and they would be if I'd gotten the right SIZE! I totally got it wrong - wrong chest and wrong bust, and the smaller bust size cuts right across my nipple. I was just going to suck it up 'cause they're expensive, and jeeze, it wasn't hurting or anything...but NOW I've got what's going on! And thankfully I just got 2 new tie dyed ones that I ordered a couple of weeks ago (I am SO loveing our mail carrier these days...just wait, the list goes on!), so now I have a few that DO fit and I just need to be careful not to put the not fitting ones back in the drawer. WHEW! Hopefully no more blocked ducts. WAY sucky. It's better, btw, but not 100% because I went and squeezed (and OMG is that awful!!!) and now there's bruising and a bit of a crack that need to heal. I'm just putting some pure Vit. E. on it for the time being. Hopefully it'll be good by Monday. breathe.

NICOLE! Thank you so much for the great cookbooks!!! I may pass one of them on to Annie, who may or may not want it, but there ya go. She can save it for next year's yard sale ! The slow cooker book is EXACTLY what I've been searching for. Simple and good. And most of the recipes already have no wheat/dairy, so I'm good to roll! YEA!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! So sorry about dh and the freezer. My dh does dumb stuff like that too. Gotta say, your rant was pretty gentle on the forgetfull soul. If mine lost my milk that way, I'd be FUUUUURious. That is not a pretty site. So hugs, mama. You are needing a BREAK!!! not a bust . I'm glad Will is improving. colds suck. Good reason to and be chill w/him! Also you could nurse him lots in bed and build up supply that way, too!

Something I wanted to post to Karen, but now I forget what. I think it was on the old site, and it's just miles out of my head. sorry Oh, that I grew up in a family w/three kids and it wasn't BIG, but it was big, yk? stuffed in the middle seat in the wagon, it felt sorta ... big to me.

Kathy - welcome back to the fold, mama! Good to have you back!

more to post but my fella woke up crabby time to go try out the maya around the block!
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NAK with Davey. Have to be quick, 'cuz the kid is like his dad--can't sit still.

Andy--glad you figured out your boob problem. You take care of everybody, take care of you and those boobs, too!

Ooooooooh, I want one of those convertible mei tais . . .

Karen--Carmen's doing great with the Wonderoos. No leakage. Yay!
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Jess ~ by technical standards it's safe BUT I wouldn't touch it..........ick
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MANY MANY MAHALOS to you Andy, for Luka's cutie little shirt. It's perfect dh thinks it's very cool!
our postal mama also delivered me a nursing dress from motherwear, but oh, what an UN-flattering cut. GB says I look like a nun in it. it's definitely going BACK. what is it with mothering and frumpy clothes??? I am starting to NOT feel frumpy and certainly don't want to be wearing frumpy clothes. sigh.... guess I'll have to sew my own.

Andy- awesome you figured out the plug situation. i was wondering about your bras, but assumed you had checked with that. it's a simple solution! maybe those smaller ones will fit down the line when Orin is an older nursling (sorry if I'm assuming you'll still be nursing him as an older tyke).... no offense taken on the MT comment. the one I made for myself when Luka was just born is not comfy, IMO. I have another new one partially made and have just not gotten back to it- it's 90% done too... lame me. maybe i'll just pass it on....

Joyce- I'm glad the wonderoos are working for you! I think they are NICE diapers... I just have laundry issues

my lovely diapers are hanging in the sun. nothing as satisfying as seeing a laundry line full of nice white diapers drying in the breeze, eh? does that make me weird???
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Lori- babes are pretty resilient. Glad he's ok

Andy- glad you got it figured out!

Well I know for sure it's my pump thats busted, it's the piston part for sure. I was so engorged today and I was only pumping out an ounce and I knew I had tons of milk in there. So had to order the part, won't get it till like Tuesday though So i broke out my old clunker of a standby. It works ok but I know I'll have to be supplementing wi/formula for a few days that so sucks!
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Hey about the bm - maybe not safe for consumption, but maybe you could still use it for cuts and scrapes or a mommy milk bath? Hate to waste that liquid gold!

I don't know the number, but our maya is the solid moss green and I love it. It's more me than vibrant stripes or dark colours.
I spent $32 today at a used clothing store, I thought dh was gonna flip, but since we never buy things used (and usually shop at a much cheaper thrift store) we're out of touch with how much things would cost new. I think I got good deals.

A summer dress with buttons so I can nurse ($4), and a pair of badly needed capri length shorts ($3), two shirts for him ($3 each), 3 great books for the kids ($1 ea), 3 prs summer pj's for Geneva (also badly needed, $1 each), some other summer clothes for Geneva (~$4), striderite sneakers for abby (leather uppers, barely worn treads $1), pj's and splash pants for abby (~$4)

Anyway, I think I did alright. I still need to buy some more pj's for Abby. And I think I'm getting some (used) tiny bird longies...

Oh, and while we were shopping (Devon's Aunt and Mom were with me for help), Abby did her signature "hug another kid so hard they fall over" number on a younger boy, and after he fell on the floor and was crying, she hit him, which is a new thing. I don't know why... but she hit him after I said an admonishing "Abby" for the hugging. I was grappling in my head with my usual 'remember to be gentle when you hug, try hugging from the front instead', but I didn't get that far, and when I said her name she looked at me with a look of shame, guilt, and maybe fear(?) before she hit...

Yeah, toddlers are a lot of work! I feel better today than I did all week.

Yay Andy on solving the blocked ducts! You know I had nursing bras that hadn't fit since abby was young, but with tandem nursing, I was just so full they weren't comfortable. I haven't worn a bra since giving birth. I wear those tanks with the built in shelf bras full time, which is why I really want to get one with nursing flaps.
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Hi all!

Jessi - if you really aren't using the bumbo, I'd love to borrow it. but if you still kinda are - don't worry about it. I don't want to impose or anything!!!!

Poor little Evelyn, falling off the pot. I'm glad she's ok, or at least better off than the hat - which hopefully wasn't on someone's head!

Pam - sounds like you got some awesome deals!

Karen- nothing better than nice white dipes on the line. Ooh, and I love it when they come out of the dryer too, smelling so nice and all warm and fluffy mmmmm....gotta love those cd buns...(remember, I AM a crack addict, accessories included) You got your LHC already? No fair! Mine haven't come yet. Hopefully Mon. Oh, and umm....pics please!!

I did get my Violet soaker today!!! OMG soooo cute! And I got a side aplix sheep diaper that V is sleeping in as we speak, also cute. The Goddess/fairy tree one came too, but it barely fits Violet Pam, I would be happy to send it to little Geneva after we've had our fun with it!

Also...just a reminder to those needing nursing bras, ect....Blue Canoe coop ends this week. There are some good deals. I think everything is at least half off. I'm getting waaaay too much stuff : Let me know if you need me to repost the link

Nicole - forgot to say I'm glad Will is ok. Hang in there mama. Oh, and such a drag about the frozen milk. I agree with Andy, you sounded much more civilized than I would have been in that situation. How are you all doing otherwise?? When is Will's next surgery?
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trying to get back but mr crankypants boy: is just NOT going to help ... later mamas
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Oooo . . . did I read half off? Hmm . . . maybe that link WOULD be useful, Annie . . .

Went to the Galleria for a walk and C made a BIG POO . . . gonna give her a quick dunk . . .
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Evelyn has peed in four different toilets today: ours, BBLP, old-town, and the mall. Whew.

Ann - I'll check with Nana, but I think she's done with the Bumbo. We'll want it for the next kid, but in the meantime, it'll save us space in the attic.

Andy, good job noticing the bras. Duh, but yet not duh.

Karen, Motherwear stinks. I ordered some stuff from them, sent some back, and the rest either doesn't work well enough nursing-wise or is just poor quality. Forget it. Get a Glamourmom dress. That's the only dress I wear now. It does ride up a little, but not faster than I can pull it down. It's quite flattering.

I can think of something better than a row of white dipes on the line: a rainbow of brightly colored dipes on the line!

Pam, sounds like you got a great deal! That's a lot of stuff for $32. We spent that much today for one shirt for DH, and that was 1/2 off.

Nicole, many sympathies on the milk. The freezer and the pump both betrayed you in one weekend. :cry Don't feel bad about the formula; it certainly is not your fault. He'll be fine, and he'll be very happy to get back to your sweet milk after.

Everybody should post Father's Day pics after tomorrow so we can all see happy DHs - esp the new dads.
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Tiger: malls in Houston: our modern Temples of Commerce. Society used to build magnificent churches; now we build magnificent malls. Says something, eh?
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