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It's July!

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I so wish I could actually read and catch up to you all, but there's no way. actually the other night in San Fran we had wireless internet and I read a lot but the connection was severed before I could read all or respond.

SOOOO... lotta travelling and drama here. We had a great time in Santa Crux with our friends. We went to the aquarium in monterrey, and did go to the boardwalk (some one here mentioned it- Annie?)- it was 65c ride night
we also hiked and had fun. met my friend's new 8month old.

then we spent the night in San Fran- on the 3rd floor of dh's cousin's house with windows on 3 sides. we had a great view of the fog :LOL
the big drama was getting here to Nantucket. we flew all day to Newark and when we got there last night our flight to Nan was cancelled ra'am was in tears and dh was turns out that continental had no more flights until monday?!?!? crazy. fil was in manhattan at his apt so we were supposed to go to his place adn then get on a chartered flight with him the next day (today). I was thinking- who lives near NY.... wonder if Andy could come spend the day..... but then on the way to their house (sans car seat, which was checked adn in airport hell), fil calls and says, "go to white plains, there's a chartered flight leaving at 9:30 pm for you".... so we rushed like mad over there in a crazy cab drive with an uncarseated baby (is that was people do in cabs?) and made it. it was insane and I wondered why on earth I was spending my time travelling like this when I live in HI????
we're here now. it's beautiful- gray out but nice.
R and N are thrilled and have been catching critters in the ocean all day. Luka went to sleep at 2am last night- slept until 10:30 and then ad a 3.5 hour nap.... can you tell the kid was exhausted?!?!?!

anyhow, I just realized that it's July 1 and there might be a new thread.... maybe i'l post this there too, if I find one.

one thing I was gonna say re the postcards (since I did read about those....) is that no one needs to send one to Luka- I'm just not organized to make a scrapbook : BUT.... R and N love to get mail. they can certainly get a joint card.... i might send some cards from here If i feel like I can brave the crowded stores. either way, I'll send some from HI.
also I WILL have wireless and easy access for the next week, so I'll most likely be able to stay in touch : funny that's important to me
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