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Feeling movement?

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Could it be? I've felt a little bump in the same place a few times - slightly right of center just behind my pubic bone. It really reminds me of the first few times I knew I was feeling DD at 15/16 weeks but I'm only 11 weeks now. I wouldn't describe it as fluttering like many say. More like a single, tiny, gentle tap of a finger.

What do you think?
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I felt my second baby at 11 weeks. I know so many people say it's gas, but it wasn't. I've never felt that sort of "gas" before or since. And this time, I have felt the baby "flutter" twice, once at 11 weeks and once at about 11.5. I was leaning against my kitchen counter in a way that was applying some pressure to my belly, compressing the space in my abdomen, I think. It's so fun to have that feeling!!

I think you were feeling your baby, too, especially if you think you were. You know that feeling from last time.
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The 1st time I felt my son move was around 16 weeks- three light taps on my tummy after drinking ice water. I wasn't sure if it was him or not, until later when I SAW him move on U/S and knew it was the same feeling! To me it feels like little muscle spasms, and sometimes flutters. It's such an amazing feeling, isn't it?
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I'm pretty sure I have felt the baby move too. I am 10.5 weeks.
I felt DD at 15 weeks and it felt just the same.

It was a light fluttery feeling, not at all like any gas I've ever had.

I thought it must be my imagination b/c its so soon but maybe not!
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I don't think I have felt the baby yet, but yesterday morning I was lying in bed touching the sides of my belly when I felt this really quick little drumbeat. Did I feel the heartbeat????? I am only 12 weeks and that seems really weird, but we have been hearing the heartbeat (with a Bebe passive stethoscope) since last week. Does anyone else think this is incredibly early????
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I didn't feel Julian until 14 weeks, but I've been feeling this one since 9 and I'm 13 now. I went a week without feeling anything somewhere in the middle- it's still sporadic. I'm guessing in the next couple weeks it'll start being an every day thing.
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I felt my first at 13 weeks, and I don't remember with my second :

I have been feeling some tightening when I am laying still, but I think it's just uterus type things rather than the baby.

How exciting for all you guys though!!! My dd keeps wanting to feel the baby! I'm ready too!!!!
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I felt my first at about 16 weeks and my second at 20 weeks. How exciting to feel those first little flutters!!!
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Not feeling anything yet...I think i felt ethan around 18 weeks.

I cant wait to feel those little kicks again and always loved when he got the hiccups...

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I'm not feeling anything yet either (I'm 11 weeks today), but wish I would feel some sign of pregnancy...It does seem like my stretch marks are coming on already (sigh)....Other than the occasional dry heaves, sore boobs, tiredness, I don't feel very pregnant...but I am reminding myself that this is the way I felt with ds.
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Every once in awhile I feel something that feel so much like it could be the baby moving, but I don't think it is. Muscle twinges happen a lot down there, and bowel changes can feel a LOT like the baby moving. So I'd say, no movement here yet. But I can't wait to feel them!
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I am 10 weeks, and I think I might have felt the baby? I've felt lil twitches, and a light tap a couple times like you've talked about, but I've just talked myself out of it, saying it was a muscle spasm or something. I can't wait to KNOW that I'm feeling the baby!

Oh, one funny thing is that if I"m sitting down, and looking at my belly, I can see my pulse make my belly jump. The first time I saw it, I thought it was the baby, until I realized it was WAY too early for that!
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About 3-4 days ago I felt the first little tap. I have felt the same tap once a day since then It is a very exciting feeling!

My first I felt at about 15 weeks. With my daughter I think it was a little earlier maybe.
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I thought I might be until I figured out where my uterus is...still so low. So now I think it's probably just gas I feel.

I'm very much looking forward to it though.
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I'm 10.5 weeks and the other day I felt a little flutter out of the blue. I told my husband I thought I might of felt the baby, he thinks it is way too early - and according to what you read I guess it is. But hearing what others are saying, mabye it was the baby after all.

I can't remember when I felt the baby move the first time I was pg. I want to say it was 16 weeks though.
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I'm pretty sure I felt movement today (11.5 weeks.) It was a single tap in the exact same spot that my midwife found the heartbeat. I've felt a few flutters here and there, but I couldn't be sure it was the baby. This was pretty unmistakeable. It was the same as the first movements I felt with dd's, although I didn't feel them until 14-15 weeks. How exciting!
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I felt my first at 15 wks. I felt my 2nd at 12 wks. This is my 3rd and I'm 12 wks 3 days now, have been feeling that certain little something for over a week, really sporadic. It's very wonderful

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (6), Butterfly (23mos) and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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I haven't felt anything yet but this is my first pregnancy. And it's early days for that, so I'm told. I'm really looking forward to it, though!
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