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feng shui

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You know I just feel like posting this piece of data. I am not going to post it in TTC because it is probably too far out in the woo-woo world....but.....

I had two miscarriages before I had my son. after my last miscarriage I had a feng shui practitioner come over to my house and the first thing she said to do was get rid of the metal bed. I had a lovely turn of the century cast iron bed. She said, "Sleeping on metal is very bad for trying to conceive." She said the metal energy is bad and that I should get a wooden bed. My husband and I got rid of the bed (I gave it to a friend and had her sell it whereever she wanted...I didn't feel karmically I should earn any money from it.) Anyway, we picked out a wonderful wooden bed frame. It didn't get delilvered until October.
I got pregnant within two weeks.
I delivered a beautiful boy in July.

I have had my feng shui practitioner come to the house several times since and she has given us adjustments all over....
We do what she says with some humor but also keen interest.

just sharing.
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I love the woo woo factor

Well, first I'm sorry that you went through two losses, but what a neat story. I'm an energy healer and totally embrace feng shui concepts. I know a little bit and it definitely works. The prosperity corner, for example . Congratulations on your little one's birth!
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yes and for those who haven't tried.....

Yes and for those who haven't tried feng shui....if you want to start getting a feeling for it...than just do this.

Look all through your house. If there is anything that doesn't work (broken lamp, broken radio, broken this, broken that..) Well, either take it to the shop and get it fixed or throw it out. Just get it out of your house.
And get rid of the clutter.
Start throwing stuff out.

If you don't love it and you don't use it..then get rid of it.
You will clear the space for better things to come into your life.
Just try it.
it does work, doesn't it LadyLee?
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Another feng shui thought.....

Our "wealth" area is the sun room and kitchen.

WE have a side door off the sun room and the half-bath is off the sunroom.

We also have wooden pegs along one wall for jackets and bookbags. It is a *challenge* to keep this area tidy but I have and our finances have prospered.

For the past 1.5 months we have been rennovating the living room and dh has been *dumping* all the various *crap* and displaced objects from the living room into the sun room.

DH's bonus is based upon a percentage of profit he makes from various bids and estimates. He was counting on one job in particular for his bonus. He needs to make 90% of the estimated profit to get *any* bonus. For the $180,000 of profit from this one job he came within $2000. of the 90% and didn't get the bonus.

Now, I know it's insane but I blame part of this on having the wealth area of the house completely trashed because of the rennovations.

Now, to get dh to help get rid of the junk in the sun room without revealing my true reasons because he already thinks I'm a New Agey kook.

Debra Baker
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In our new house we have a den, which we'll use as the family sanctuary.

When we were first married we each went through our possessions and got rid of everything from previous relationships. That felt great!
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I am very interested in learning about feng shui.... is there a good book on the topic?
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there are two major forms of feng shui

one of them is compas and he other is form.

One is based on the placement of your front door. The other is based on directions...n..e..s..w...

you will find good books under each type of feng shui.

My own experience is I started in Form. Which was easier..in my own opinion to handle.

Then a few years ago I switched to compass and now i'm strictly compass. Howevre there are still good tips in both areas that can apply to feng shui in general.

One that I think is very good and can start your prosperity (which is more than money) and just a good basic primer is...

The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Prosperity
by Terah Kathryn Collins

I think Terah has written other books too. Go to amazon and read about it. But that is a great book from form school.

Lillian Too is the most popular author in Compass school Feng shui. She has more books than (my grandmother's expression...) heinz has pickles. Just oodles.
I always learn from her books.

But first go tot he INTERNET. There is tons and tons about feng shui. plus Lillian Too has a major website which has some informnation and you know Terah Kathyrn Collins might also for compass.

note to Debrabaker: get that junk out of the sun room. Even if you have to lie to your husband.....I'm need to clean the rug...whatever...also doulbe check the websites I've mentioned they may have some remedies. (If you follow form, I think you would really enjoy Terah Kathyrn collins prosperity feng shui book. Very helpful in our house.
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so, what is the "black hat" - i think that's it, school of feng shui? a friend of mine's sister has been studying w/a fs master of that approach, and is offering some basic classes now.... the prosperity corner is a powerfull place!!! in the house we moved out of there was a bathroom/laundry combo. there - bad, i know.... and though i did cures there to help (and i think they did help some), still, we ended up spending soooooooooo much more money living in that house. once we moved back into town and our old house, where the corner is part of our living room, everything eased up financially again....whew!!!

oops, gotta go!
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i knew a black hat feng shui practitioner

it was a type of form feng shui...again, based on the placement of the front door. I recall that black hat generated from (I think) Tibet.

Yeah, bathrooms and prosperity are just a big drag. Big.

Based on my chinese astrology and compass school, my best locations are the kitchen and the bathroom. Yeah, I know great. I have had to do little remedies....but keeping the kitchen together is just insane.
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We did feng shui in both our home office and at the business office. Within weeks, the restaurant started doing so much better and hence brought us more income.

We have a serious problem with clutter, which I try in vain to keep under control. Another issue we have is that our bathroom is in the center of the house with no ventilation. I put outside scenes on the walls and put up a garland of fake ivy, so far we have not had any of the "sicknesses" described in the book I use which supposedly are rooted in this specific problem.

Our front door faces an auspicious direction for me, but not for dh, so we will be moving our bed to face an auspicious direction for him, and hopefully will sleep better.

So neat to see what others have done and their results!
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ok.. i'm thinkin i is in need of some fung shwayin..

does anyone know of any sites on line with the bagwahs??
i'd do a search, but i don't know how to spell bagwah.

i remember the fame one.. and i think the family one.. but that's it. my computer room/office/art room is a huge mess, so i'm wondering which bagwah that is..

oh. and i have a back door and a front door. i mostly use the back door, since it is private.. so would i apply the bagwah thing from the entrance of that door?
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I love Feng Shui, there are so many aspects, and the history is fascinating.

I belive it's spelled bagua, or paqwa, depending on which Chinese spelling you're using - fortunately, Feng Shui is spelled the same either way, it gets confusing when you're looking at one form, and they use one spelling, and you look at another, and you get the idea. I believe tai-chi and qi gong are the same thing, different spellings.

I don't know about anything online, sorry, I bought a few books, but I don't have them right here. I think the previous ones suggested are cool, but I haven't read them all. I also bought a small book, can't remember the publisher, it's about 2"x3" and it's pretty handy, references and history.

Ya'll have insipried me to tidy up my mess. I'd been letting it languish because I'm busy, but I really do need to get it out of here. It's bad


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mamabeard, I believe you should concentrate on each enterence on how it is used. If the back door is used more, esp for visitors, you need to make that as clear of clutter as possible. And, yes, apply bagua from that door, or use a compass and draw a map of them acording to that...does that make sense?
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yup. thanks.. question tho: since the bagua is octagonal (? if i remember correctly), what do you do if one side (in yer home) is lopped off.. my backdoor is in my kitchen and faces my fridge, which is along a back wall.. the kitchen veers around to the livingroom/dining room, and then from there, off to the bedrooms and bathroom. so really, from that entrance, i only have the right side to deal with. or, could you work around it?
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I believe if it's not there or it stretches out side the compass, you then have more or less in that area, either way, I believe it's disruptive. Esp badish if it's lopped off. Sorry.
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uh oh! time to move!

maybe i should start using the front door more.. but my couch is in front of it cuz of space constrictions.. i'm in trouble, aren't i?
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No way! That's the beauty of feng shui, there's always something you can do to compensate for bad features. Like mirrors to change the flow or soft fabric to change the harsh lines, etc. It might be a matter of rearranging your furniture. Has a lot to do with flow in the room and not having something in the middle of a walkway. It's all very common sense like if you look into it
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Your couch is in front of your door!!!???!!!

oh, boy, this girl needs help!

I'm not good at visualizing things, so the kitchen thing is lost on me. I'd need to see a picture. But get that couch moved asap!

And everything is suppose to assist the flow of chi, you are blocking chi with that couch. The odd corner collects chi, if the corner is lopped off, it speeds up chi. Oh, I need a diagram:
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heh heh.. man i rearranged my couch about 30 times to get optimal flowness goin.. wish i could draw it for you. but i'll try to explain. my couch is litterally 2 inches too long to fit perfectly along the wall on the other side.. and (as it's a sectional), were i to have it come out perpendicularily from the wall it would block the path between my living room and dining room (there's no wall between them). i live in a really cool older apartment with lots of slopes and arches (and crazy, not square angles.. is that good for f.s. or not?).. um, and the couch only fits in front of my front door. sad as it is. hey, since i don't really use the front door (except for laundry and to check mail), if i cover it with a nice flowy piece of fabric would that cancel out the doorness of it?

and about my back door... it's kinda L shaped, with the door being at the top of the L, and the doorway into the dining room is the bottom, ending part. if i put a mirror on the wall of the back wall, would that help? it'd only be reflecting cupboards, tho, so i dunno..
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You can stop using the door as a door. I don't remember what you'd do to negate it.

Mirrors are to reverse the energy flow, like if you have a door at the bottom of a stairway, the energy just rushes right in the front door and up the stairs, so the mirror at the top of the staris that faces the door sends the energy back down stairs. You can change the energy rushing in with a cristal that defracts the energy, and they look cool. I don't think it matters what the mirror looks at, it's all about energy flow, don't think the size even matters, but it could be related to the amt of energy.

Odd angles cut energy in the room, and are especially bad in the bedroom, but you could hang chintz along the angles and that softens it. I don't recall anything bad about arches, but I believe that any soft lines are better than hard ones, and it depends on what type of energy you want to invite in or swirl around.
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