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absolutely Ivanhoe! I remember reading this now.

I think in the south (south of the equator) you just turn the bagua (or paqua) around. has to do with magnetic north and such, but also the sun and seasons. however, you can't really blame the westernization of feng shui because feng shui originated in Asia, all of which is north of the equator. however, when someone noticed this (don't know who, but I believe they were of Asian descent, and quite some time ago, centuries? and not a westerner) they adjusted the thinking for proper alignment. unfortunately, I don't know what school of thought to suggest going under. If I find it in my resource, I'll share.

the history of feng shui is almost as interesting as the theology.

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lurker checking in to report she has purchased FS for prosperity by Terah Collins and was up till midnight cleaning up, de-cluttering and making pretty, in a semi-panic. (with the state of most areas of the house and yard, i don't know why we haven't just fallen off the face of the earth!) i don't know whether to thank you or curse you, trabot!
i don't know how much weight intention carries, but i hope a lot, because with 2 little ones, i'm not going to be able to tackle all of this clutter and disarray, especially in our wild tangle of the back half of our back yard, anytime soon.
i'm sure i'll be back with plenty of questions!
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I'm with you Susan

Last night I bought a copy of "Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston

It is so thin and cheap ($10 or so) I couldn't resist.

I started reading it last night and couldn't put it down. Very fast read, very motivational. I couldn't start de-cluttering last night because my legs were aching (was running around all day).

I felt panicked at first too. OMG there is so much! But in my mind I started getting psyched about all the junk that was going to out the door (and hopefully, all my procrastinating, and low-energy as well.)

What she says is very true... I feel stuck, lacking direction, tired all the time. It's hard to get motivated.... I'm eager to see the clutter disappear and see how I feel...

DH cleaned out his closet recently (to my shock) totally on his own. He got a very nice raise and promotion 2 days ago. Coincidence??? Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God) says there are no coincidences.
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Thank you girls!

It just wouldn't make sense to me NOT to turn it around in the S Hemisphere!

I'm working on removing clutter. I found my whealth zone is in my bedroom, so if I clear it up, will I be whealthier? What are you supposed to do with the zones you want to improve (besides decluttering, Of Course!)? I will be tackling the "knoledge" zone, as that's the laundry room and FULL of broken, piled-up things, and I need my DP to do well in his studies!

I too, have felt very un-motivated for a couple of years (was I ever different???) but I really see a change, mostly in my attitude, so I'll buy the woo-woo factor if it helps me getting up and taking care of myself and my house!
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I like the author that trabot recommended too. I looked through some other feng shui books in the library and felt like I needed to stand on my head and hang coins from my toes on red ribbon, in other words, too much to think about. I'll stick with the Collins book for awhile.

We spruced up our wealth areas. Our counter offer on the house was accepted and our tax refund looks quite pleasing. So I'll take the woo-woo factor too. My husband will even continue to keep the lid down on the toilet. He might start doing the same thing in the workshop.
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I've been busy with a job lately so I haven't been able to post here....

I'm so glad you guys like the Feng Shui for prosperity book. I just thought it was one of the easiest reads and excellent, excellent examples. it really is one of those, "Oh, now I get it" books.

and of course I know you are cursing me too..... you should try being MARRIED to me. My poor husband. Although, he now is very gung ho...and has made changes himself because he thought the energy was wrong.

Re: southern hemisphere...yes, yes, yes. I feel like such an A** for not even doing that mathwork when your posting first came, Ivanhoe. I am so glad you have mad e the changes..... by the way, you are including your patio, now, aren't you? i really was pro-that.... did you get the FS prosperity book, too?
I think it will be a great resource.

Leaflady...CONGRATS!!!!! now when you move, you need to bring all your F.S. knowledge to the new place. by the way, one thing I learned about selling a house is that sometimes painting the door red will help selling it.

celestial: You know I have thought about your question and I didn't get a chance to ask my own fs consultant...but at first glace I think I would design them so that just those little areas or room that stick out from the rectangle. so even if they are in the bedroom, which you do want a bathroom there...they stick out a bit from the retangle..but not in a way that the whole rectangle is thrown off. but , I don't know...that's my idea.

Tannibani...the clear the clutter book looks good. I think i've read another book from the author...I think...I should double check.

just a small little note...anyone doing compass feng shui...which we now do in our house...next year is the big year of change....arghh...i'm scared what kind of changes that mean.....
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I'm reading Kingston's book and enjoying it. She has a lot of detail, and the book is small so it won't add more to your clutter inky
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okay, as promised, i'm back with a few questions.
most importantly, we need to work on the front entrance to our house. our career area runs from five feet out from the front door in to our foyer. so part of our career area is in the front yard and the front door is recessed and rather dark because the garage juts out to the left of it.
first, isn't it auspicious to paint your front door a shade of red? is that okay even if career area colors are supposed to be black or very dark hues? can a mirror be used to simulate the water element on the approach to our front door somehow, or will that screw up the flow of chi into the house? (we don't have an electrical outlet outside to plug a fountain in by the door, that would be my first choice. dh wants a mirror.)
any suggestions would be appreciated. i've put some flowering shade plants in pots under the arch on the right side of the approach to our front door, and we're going to expand the sidewalk approach with flagstone, and i'm trying to keep it swept clean. how about a crystal somewhere? hanging from the front of the overhang that covers the last five feet of sidewalk up to the door?

also, our wealth area is in our kitchen and part of that is outside too. we'll anchor that corner. but there's a window box that juts out of the house in the fame area of the kitchen, in front of the sink (and i love it). do i need to worry about that screwing up the flow of chi or the unity of the room?
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Red is an auspicious color for a door (I need to work on our door when the weather breaks :-)

If the mirror would be facing your door that's a FS no-no because the chi would be reflected right out the front door.

Big important thing (and if you read Karen Kingston's book you will *know* this) is to keep the front entrance clear of clutter. Nothing to impede the chi.

Apparently keeping clear of clutter is the number 1 feng shui thingie.

I have a picture of three koi to enhance my wealth area (as well as an origami mobile but that's getting dusty and I need to ask my daughter to make another one :-)

If the mirror is facing out perhaps you could represent water with a lovely print of a water scene (which is what I did with my koi, they are a print of a 19th century Japanese painting)

BTW: has anyone read Denise Linn's books??

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I think I read a Denise Linn book.... was it something like "Sacred Space"....or something like that..I think that was her's...and I remember I liked the book..
It was a long time ago and all a bit fuzzy.

Yes..red door is very good. I might go for wind chimes instead of a fountain.

But always, clear the mess.
I too have put a mirror facing outward.
I presonally would wait a bit before the crystals. I guess my thinking is do all the other stuff and then come in with the crystals.

One think you might anchor your wealth section with is ....one of the multicolor pinwheel.

You know I should go find a link for some feng shui paraphenlia...
let me see..

Again I would recommend the Western Feng Shui for prosperity book. I think it would give you some additional thoughts...
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I think this is the place I bought a few things... a three legged frog..(don't ask)...

anyway for those of you interested..

wrong link...edited to remove...
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I've been hunting everywhere for the three legged frog for our career area and cannot find one!

But this link - I only see software, books or a magazine. I'll look at the links...maybe there are links to products?

I really need that three legged frog!
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you don't see little lines saying things like... coins...buddha, three legged toads?

let me try the link...
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whoops. It doesn't give the right page..it give the original page...

whoops again, this isn't the same place....this one is in the UK...

Okay, let me go search again,....

I'm sorry. This is what happens when I drive my computer without enough coffee...

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okay...here is one..in the us...


I'll keep looking...
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here is another one...
this is kind of more appealing to me than the one above...

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Awesome, Tracy - thank you!!

As a side note, I've read Kingston's work over the years and love it. I recently had a horrible confrontation with my parents when they were visiting in our home. A two hour, very upsetting, emotional discussion followed between my DH and my parents.

As soon as they left, I used alot of Kingston's recommendations for space clearing. I could feel the bad vibes from the conversation/confrontation in the room. It was heavy and weighted with the vibe of my parents, if that makes sense. Didn't feel like our home belonged to us anymore.

I used salt, incense, clapping for cleansing, making sure I was in the right spiritual place as well.

It was AMAZING! My DH came into the room after I was finished and remarked how clean the room was. It was clean - clean of the bad energy left by my parents. It wasn't that I scrubbed any objects, it was the space that was cleansed.

Still decluttering and employing remedies bit by bit. We have our first official feng shui consultation next month! And she is trained in dowsing and space clearing - important for us since we have EMF problems.

Still loving this thread.
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congrats on all the brilliant stuff going on,frogertgirl....

What school is the FS consultant? I"m assuming it is Form not compass.....
Can't wait to hear all about it.

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Originally posted by trabot
congrats on all the brilliant stuff going on,frogertgirl....

What school is the FS consultant? I"m assuming it is Form not compass.....
Can't wait to hear all about it.

She uses both Form and Compass as her main approach, although she is taught in BTB and uses Flying Stars for analysis.

She studied personal and environmental clearing with Denise Linn.

It'll be a month away as she is going to China for a bit, but I am so, so looking forward to this! I'm continuing to declutter and organize as those are things I can do without an expert. And I'm sensing more which areas are not 'right' somehow, and reading how to remedy those.

Our situation is unique with the power lines so close and the tower holding those lines, which are in our view. I just have not been able to get past those things since we moved here, even though everything about the view is gorgeous and all that. We hung beautiful windchimes outside and those help alot. But we need more work in clearing the EMF and physical remedies.

It is great as far as my DH is concerned, except that we cannot work out this bit about the open garbage cans in our Career/Life Journey sector of our garage. That sux big time. But otherwise, he is thrilled that I'm finally taking on our home as a project and doing what he hoped I would in terms of decorating and all that. I need 'the expert' to tell him about the cans, perhaps.

He's a Capricorn Sun/Scorp Moon - SKEPTICAL. But his Venus in Pisces in the 4th house must be loving this!
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well, i have to say that i'm really struck by the difference it has made to declutter and arrange/improve aspects of my house according to the terah collins books on feng shui for prosperity.
not that material riches have begun to flow in (although we have always been lucky, with money or moneymaking opportunities seeming to come in when they are needed), but i'm really surprised by how different i feel in the house.
i'm gliding through these past few days with a certain lightness and ease, if that doesn't sound too mary poppins-ish. i get such a lift when i look at areas that had been cluttered for months.
i think i've felt this effect in the past whenever i did a thorough cleaning/decluttering of my house, but i'm being more mindful of it now and it really is a distinct feeling. at first i thought it was just the quieting of my subliminal critical thoughts as i would walk past a messy room, but i'm wondering if it's more than that, if there really is an energy at work apart from my own mind's effect on my energy levels.
also, i'm wondering if anyone has noticed themselves resisting that it feels good to have their place in good order, if you will. my husband and i have both noticed that we really like how the house feels but on the heels of that we think that we shouldn't *need* the house to be neat and tidy to feel good, that that's somehow compulsive, not healthy.
anyone else struggle with this (annoying) reaction?
still grateful for all of the info and inspiration,
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