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Weekly Thread June 19-25

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Tell all your guys Happy Father's Day!!!

My hunger has really slowed down the past few days. I wonder if that has anything to do with DH and FIL both being gone this weekend???

DH delights in tormenting me. He is in Phoenix at a seminar, and he called this morning to tell me that the next one is in Spain at the beginning of August, and if we meet such and such goal by then, all three of us should go (3 docs). I said, "The HECK we are! We are NOT going to Spain at the beginning of August. YOU are not going to Spain at the beginning of August." He just starts laughing at me. Turd.

Edited to clarify that DH is teasing me.
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DH has a seminar in Minneapolis in August also. I am being selfish and asked him not to go. He said he wouldn't go. He understands.

We went to the Minnesota Zoo yesterday. I did good until the last couple of hours. My hip and feet started hurting. Plus I was HOT (80-85)! I was afraid my ring wouldn't come off my hands were so swollen (it did though). Overall it was a really fun day. I'm glad we didn't wait until July to go!

Today we got Avery a new pool. She is out in it right now with DH while I am in the AC. The pool looks so inviting though so I might have to join her later.

Had my MW appt. on Thursday. I gained 5 lbs. and everything looks great. Baby is head down and I can tell from the pressure! I have actually gotten a lot of my energy back this last month. And I am feeling more like my normal self.

We have no plans for July so I am thinking it is going to go S-L-O-W since I am excited for my Mom to get here the last week and for the baby to come!
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I'm not sure if I've posted on one of these threads before, but I'm due August 3rd.

I've had a weird burst of energy this past week and have been getting lots done around the house. I've enlisted DH, too. He's currently installing towel racks in the bathroom His three kids are staying with us for a week starting tonight (they're 16, 14, and 12) so although they are here regularly we're gearing up for a longer stretch of time than usual.

A friend and her DH dropped off a bunch of baby stuff for me this morning -- a crib, changing table, stroller, booster seat, and a bunch of baby boy clothes. I am so thrilled! Now I just have to wait for the baby's room to be painted in the beginning of July so I can start setting things up. We have stuff everywhere!

The baby has been moving around like crazy lately. DH says it means we're going to have a wild man on our hands...I hope he's wrong!
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Hi...here's my update. I had the rectal surgery on Friday, really no big deal and pretty quick. I have been feeling well and I am hoping to return to work either this week or next. I am still contracting lots and feeling pretty cranky about it, but there doesn't seem to be any more changes in my cervix, so I want to get out there and do some work and catch some babies!!!

What did you all do for Father's Day? We bought way too much...a fire proof safe, a gazebo for back porch and an outdoor fireplace. DH is spending his father's day setting all that up! We also went out to eat at Applebee's, which went OK, except for 2 year old who carried on the whole time.

What kind of "treats" are you buying for this baby? Since this is our last, I am going to buy a sheepskin and an Amby bed. My other kids wouldn't be put down for 2 secs, not even to sleep! So, I am hoping the Amby bed will help with naptimes and some at night so I can get some rest and a break! Other than that, we don't need much, but I will get new sling and new carseat.
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I changed drs and have my first apt. on Friday.. they'll probably schedule the c-section then, most likely sometime between 7/19 and 7/27.

Trying to sort through clothes and get stuff ready for the consignment sales since I'll be otherwise occupied. If I can get it ready, DH can take it.

My friends are going to henna my belly and do pregnancy photos on Thursday and my blessing is Saturday... the next Saturday is Lindsey's big sister blessing.. and I need to sign them both up for sibling classes at the hospital. Our 10th anniversary is the 15th of July.. and I feel like I'm seriously running out of time before she's born.

I'm working on big sister and big brother bags for the hospital, and trying to figure out what on earth to pack in my bag for the baby and myself.. and I'm too tired to figure it out.
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Wow Jodi, you are going to have your baby in about a month! Amazing!
I had a big weekend. My parents came all day yesterday for a visit and my dh's Dad and partner cam all day today. I served three meals, which was fun because I love to cook.
It is finally getting sunny again here after many days of rain. Yahoo. I want to get into the pool again.
Anyone doing or have done a belly cast. My Dh just mentioned it and said he was really interested. I didn't do it with ds, but think it would be cool. Any good recipes out there or hints, ideas??
Well, I have an appt this week. I feel good- a little achy, but overall doing well.
- Kerri
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hanging in there after a busy weekend DH had a project to do out side on our new patio yesterday, so after swim lessons for dd in the am, he got started. i took dd in the afternoon to visit my grandmother (staying at my aunt/uncle's locally for a bit), and then last night we dropped by some friends so I could give her my pump. she is due in a month and so excited/nervous about nursing -it's cute

today dh finished up the project and we had a bunch of stuff to get done. poor guy, it wasn't relaxing at all for him!

dd was STILL awake after I had been laying down with her for 45 min so he took her for a quick drive in the car - i think it's b/c she napped late.

that's about it. i still walk like kaeser sose (sp) from usual suspects b/c of si joint issues - my poor right hip! at least the chiro helps.

question for the chiro's on here - I saw a chiro that I LOVE last wk, he sees my bf, my mw love him, BUT he isn't in my ins network. I find out tomorrow if they'll give me an out of network provider referral. if they don't, there is really no way I can see him. I can't afford to pay for out of pocket chiro for the next 2 mo (he wants me to go twice a wk) when there are in network chiro's that are covered with a $15 copay. would you a) find a new in network chiro or b) just go as often as I can afford to the one i like?
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Not much going on here. Next week swim lessons start so that means we'll be busy, busy for two weeks.

Still feeling really well thankfully! It hasn't been over 80 here yet, so maybe that's partly why

I'm just working on getting some deep cleaning done around here while I can still bend over easily!! Hubby will be home in about a month and then baby a month after that. I don't want to be doing all this hard work cleaning when I want to be enjoying time w/ hubby!
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Hi all -- 34 weeks here!

It occurred to me this weekend that I am looking at anywhere from 3-8 weeks for the "average" time to due date. Woah. 8 weeks doesn't bother me nearly as much as THREE!!!! Holy moly!

We've accomplished much of what we need to do, I think. We've hired a doula, I have a plan, backup plan, and backup backup plan for DD for when I go into labor, I know where the car seat is in our mess of a basement, I've almost finished what I need to leave my staff at work with everything they need to keep afloat when I'm gone. Beyond that, I think everything else I can get done will just be gravy.

Our baby is (according to spinningbabies.com) Right Occiput Posterior, which is not real comfortable, but apparently not the worst of all possibilities. I have some exercises to do to try to help him/her move anterior in time. My midwife also recommended that I look into starting to take dandelion leaf/root supplements to prevent another PUPPPs outbreak like I had last time. I haven't decided if I'll do that or not...I may just wait and see if I start seeing symptoms. I'd rather not treat something I don't have, just in case -- but I'm still thinking.

I've got that pregnant waddle going full tilt now -- join me in a loud "QUACK" anyone?

Glad everyone is hanging in there!

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Wow, Crunchy--you can still bend? That's amazing. I have been dropping things and just kind of looking at them on the floor like "oh, well..."

We switched from the OB to a midwife for homebirth, and our doula was on board (she's the midwive's apprentice) but now she quit her job for the midwife, but still has our $300 deposit for doula services. She had agreed to roll it into our midwife fee, but now she's not returing my phone calls!! AAaaaahhh!!! I hate dealing with yucky money situations and am pissed that she's not being professional about this. And this was right after I finally convinced my husband that everything would be professional and safe with the midwife!!!!!

Other than that, things are fine. We are finally finished building some bookcases for the baby's room. We made a whole wall of them and built them 18" deep so they will hold lots of big toys and games for years to come. We have most of our house projects done. Now I need to start loading the freezer and get some diaper covers! We also need to buy a new camera. Anyone have a camera model that they love for kid pictures?

Has anyone else rented a doppler? I just did today. I feel silly, but my baby has scared me into going in to have him checked twice, so I broke down and called for a doppler today. Now we're towards the end of the pregnancy, I am getting more worried about anything happening to him since we have come so far. Anyone else?

Have a great week! Enjoy those bellies while we have them, right?

expecting first boy: :home:
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Okay, Debi, your post was like getting a triple espresso visually: 3 WEEKS????!!!!!!

I think I go work frantically now.
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Originally Posted by Adrienne
Wow, Crunchy--you can still bend? That's amazing. I have been dropping things and just kind of looking at them on the floor like "oh, well..."
Yeah I can....thank goodness...I have too many things to finish up! I'm just tall and not much baby in there I guess, though s/he is supposedly right on track size wise. I just don't get very big. Most people say I look about 5 mos along, but I look about average for me at almost 8 mos. This is me at about 34 weeks last time.

Though, I suppose I can technically do my many chores I'm trying to finish 'after' as well since I won't have a newborn to tend, but this nesting thing is stilllll hitting me. I guess it's proof it's fully hormonal....and not just situational :LOL
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Exciting news!!! DH is changing jobs - signed contract with new co. and is just working out details with old co. (boss "refused" to let him resign...hah hah!) - and he is planning to take time off from now until a week or two after the baby is born!!!


It's too bad travel is out (Kristen, about nine months ago, DH had to promise that he would cancel his planned trip to Russia - to climb Mt. Elbrus or something - in July if I got pregnant. Can you imagine? It's in Chechyna, and there was no way I'd let him go, considering!).

But I am now enjoying happy visions of having DH satisfy my nesting urges - he can clean out the garage, clean out the basement, set up the office, etc. etc. And enjoying some much-needed time together before baby comes

Huh. Maybe wishful thinking. So far, all he's done is clean out his work office, bringing home boxes and boxes of *more* junk to clutter up our home office. But I'm still hopeful!

Went to doctor yesterday - on average, have gained 1 lb / week. Sigh. Am feeling very big and clumsy. And inefficient. Where do the days go? But still enjoying it and hoping to carry baby to full term. I need the time to get everything ready!
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32 weeks here....happily, not much new to report. Baby is still head down, and mw showed me how to feel the head last week...it was pretty wild. She's still squirming around and thumpy. (the baby, not the midwife) I think she is positioned LOT, according to spinning babies...back on the left, feet on the right.

The baby's room still looks like a tropical storm went through...maybe I'll work on it tomorrow when it's supposed to be cooler.

I do have more energy than i did about a month ago...but I'm not sleeping all that well, so naps are a high priority some days. Plus DD has just started sleeping in her own bed -- which is nice since it's difficult enough for me to get comfortable without someone else's feet in my groin -- but she usually wakes up at 6 am and is up to stay. Yeauch.

Gained about 30 lbs so far. Not as swelly as I was with DD1, but it's been cooler here than it was in Baltimore (imagine that!). I did take off my wedding ring as a precaution, though.

One weird thing I'm experiencing is the sound of blood rushing through my left ear. Only my left, and only when it's relatively quiet. Drives me crazy though. I think I'm going to turn on some music.

We're still up in the air on names, and I haven't been doing any labor prep...last time we took a Bradley class and read all these books. Dunno...I just feel more comfortable w/the whole thing this time through. I hope that's not false confidence!

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Glad to hear everyone is having a good week so far!

I'm so excited! Hubby is waiting to hear tonight if the full time officer at his department took this other job he was offered. If he did, dh will get the full time slot, with benefits, a pay raise, and FT winter work. : I really hope it goes that way as I am seriously running out of stuff to sell on Ebay to pay the heating bills.

Got back from OB appt. and found out I lost 3 pounds. ??? Can't figure out how that happened as I sure have not lost my appetite for anything...been eating like a horse and then some. Oh well, they didn't seem concerned, so I'll just have to beef it up a bit, oh darn!

Now that the heat is in full blast up here, not getting as much done. That 3 week thing is really freaking me out now! 8 weeks sounds like too long except when I look at everything that needs to be done.

happy days everyone!
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It's a HUGE baby growing time right now! I ate like a horse too! and didn't gain anything. I mean I felt like I was eating 24/7 and everything in site.

We just got an ice cream maker...soooo maybe that'll help plump me up Or....I'll have fun trying!!! LOL It's one of those ones where you freeze the container in the freezer. Then take it out, pour in your mix, and then turn it on for 30 mins and you have ice cream! Although all we've done so far is frozen yogurt and sorbet LOL I imagine it does really good on ice cream too I've just been too lazy to go to the store to and get more milk.

We even did soy yogurt strawberry sorbet yesterday and it turned out beautifully! The sorbets seem best eaten right away...because if you freeze them, then they get too hard, or at least in my freezer! For the soy one, we just put in 2 - 8 oz cont of homemade vanilla soy yogurt and then 2 cups of pureed strawberries and a cup of water. and mixed that all together and dumped it in! We ate that up with none leftover so I'm not sure how it would freeze. There are just the three of us it only makes about 1-1.5 quarts hehehe
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Holly, great minds and all that--we've had one of those ice cream makers for a while, but lost the blade. I just ordered a replacement blade yesterday, and can't seem to stop myself from checking my order status online all the time. I want ice cream!
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Ooooh you'll have to try the frozen yogurt!! It's sooo easy! Even with commercial yogurt. One of the big containers--2 lbs? I think they are. Just dump it in and 30 mins later you have fro-yo! Don't have to be nearly as guilty about eating fro-yo
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Yummy! You guys are making me hungry. Anyone try making ice cream with almond milk? They had a great sale on it and I stocked up....I might have to try some strawberry almond ice cream just for kicks.
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Might work okay. It would probably be more of an 'ice milk' than an ice cream. As any of the alternative milks--almond, rice, soy, etc. don't have the same consistency as milk. It would probably work well in the ice cream maker though, because it doesn't get it 'rock hard' once it's finished, so it's more of a 'gelato' type texture. If you freeze it after making, it gets hard, hard (like the sorbet) but I bet it would be okay to eat right away
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