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Had a Dr appt today. I'll be 33 weeks Friday, but she said I'm measuring big. She didn't say how big though, just that we'd keep an eye on it. I go back in two weeks. I really don't think I'm going to make it until August, but we'll see!

I've also not been very hungry lately. Have to force myself to eat
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This week is #34 - wow! I can't believe it! I am feeling really emotional and bloated and uncomfortable. I feel like I pee every hour (at least) and I can't sleep for more then 15 min on one side before I have to flip. Not to mention I am always boiling hot when I go to bed - even though the AC is cranked up and DH is freezing and under the down comforter and I am on top of the covers, naked and sweating with a fan directed at me and a cold washcloth on my forehead! I haven't really been hungry for much besides fruit and popsicles - DH makes fun of me because I have eaten about 3 whole watermelons by myself in the past week! I am starting to get more excited and nervous about becoming a mother. DH finally realized last week that he can celebrate fathers day for the first time this year as he is about to become a father - it was really sweet...
Sending love and positive thoughts to all you mamas as we enter the home stretch!
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10 cheers for watermelon!

: : :

I remember last prego I used to buy those 1/4 watermelon chuncks, go to a park somewhere and just chow down. Now I have to share...and try not to look like a pig at a trough cuz I need to set a good example for my son. :LOL
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I LOVE watermelon when I am pregnant. Unfortunately, with gestational diabetes I can hardly eat any now. I can have a little bit with a meal, but it spikes my sugars way up. My highest readings have been with watermelon, really sucks!!!!

So now I am sucking on ice...
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Mmmm, watermelon. I am a fruit freak anyways and have been pigging out on all the organic fruit that Whole foods has been getting in lately. It's sooooo good. But I've also been careful about protein intake, since it's not my strong point. I haven't been very hungry lately, but I have been gaining pretty normal, so I'm not concerned.

33 weeks and waiting. Time is now dragging by, I'm so ready to meet this little man, so ready. But I know he's not ready, I trust that he will come out when he is, but I don't expect that to be for another 2 months or so. I am getting big though, so that is making it harder on me. My body is hurting more, and I definitely cannot wait to be non-pregnant again. Earlier in my pg, I though it was so easy that I'd do it right away again, but now, I've changed my tune a bit. I'll definitely do it again, but I'll need a couple of years to get used to being normal. Maybe 3 years...

The weather has been very nice at least, which has let me tend to my garden. We've planted tons of stuff and I can't wait for it to harvest(can you tell I'm not a very patient person?).

Good to see everyone else is doing well.
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We have a name!!!!!!!

This has been an incredibly long process, with absolutely no overlap between dh and my favorites. We're both thrilled with this one.

Drumroll please.....

Jonas Gardener D.
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34 weeks and counting... I've been staying busy getting ready for our new arrival. Accruing items for the homebirth, etc. The house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. I've got sewing projects to do (must have a new sling for this baby). But, ugh, it's so hot I can't get motivated to do anything beyond make mental lists.

Hey, is anybody else obsessed with newborn diapers? I have 3 doz prefolds, a million covers, and a few Kissaluvs. Hope this will be enough!

I went to see my cranial-sacral therapist last week. She was kind enough to center my uterus (not sure how that works). I've been feeling great ever since. Yoga was much easier this week.

Oh, all this talk about watermelon makes me so sad. My midwives want me to reduce my sugar intake even though I didn't officially fail my glucose test. Borderline. Bummer. Pass the ice cubes...
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Nancy, I LOVE the name you settled on! I have a friend named Jonas (well, that's his stage name actually, but no one calls him by his real name!) and I love it. And Gardener is a great middle name!

We are no closer to a name at this point. Zoe and Josephine are the top picks for first names....and who knows about the middle name! DD *still* insists the baby is a boy (despite the 18-wk ultrasound results), and if she's right his name will be Finn William T____. (And he'll be wearing some pink clothes!)

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Thanks, Nancy! It's such a great feeling. Now I have to start connecting the name with the kickalotta currently drumming on my ribs.

Originally Posted by nancy926
(And he'll be wearing some pink clothes!)
I keep thinking this, too--if we get a girl, man, she'd better like bright, primary colors. :LOL
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I am a watermelon fiend too! I have been eating probably one a week or so, whole fruit popsicles too....yummmm!
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So I had hoped to be a trooper and work right up until or shortly before the baby is born. I realized today that I just can't do that, not with a physical job like mine. I'm starting to get tired after just the first hour instead of the afternoon (from bending at the waist). I feel strain in my abdomen sometimes when I give an adjustment, even though I'm doing it very gently. I think its just the automatic tightening of my core musculature.

I'm going to start talking to my patients to make sure it is OK that DH or our other doc take them over until after the baby is born. I have two families that I think truly need me (one mama is pg and due next month), and luckily they both come in at the same time in the morning so I'll keep them. Instead I'm going to sit with my CAs (chiropractic assistants) and help out with insurance stuff, because I can do it quickly and it doesn't hurt as much to sit.

I'm trying not to feel like a failure as superwoman! I feel bad whining about not working so much anymore, especially for all you mamas who decided it is best to stay in bed most of the time, esp with other dcs. I know you'd really like to just get up and do something! So I'm sorry. I truly am impressed and motivated by your resolve to do what you think is best for your baby, so I'm trying to follow suit by listening to my body! I think most of my problem with it is knowing that it's just ONE MORE THING that somebody else has to do for me. I'm used to taking care of business! Now DH and everybody else have to do so much for me that I normally can do just fine or better.

Thanks for listening, friends.
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BTW, Jonas Gardener is a great name!
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Kristin - hope you enjoy your time at home!
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Kristin, you ARE taking care of business--gestating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking care of something that's far, far more important than anything else. I say kudos for listening to your body.
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I think our bodies are pretty good at telling us when we're over doing it.. but lots of times we ignore them.

I've got my first apt with a new OB today, and am expecting to have a c-section date scheduled. I've been coming to grips with it all, and despite the birth I dream of, it's just not going to happen around here at this time.. so.. gotta make the best of it all, right?

My blessing is tomorrow, and I'm really excited.
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Thanks, mamas. I really appreciate the support.
I needed it today, especially after going out early this a.m. to scour the garage sales, and I'm so tired already. I felt pathetic.

Now I feel more validated. Thanks! This growing a baby stuff is hard work!
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Love the name Jonas. It was on our short list for DS. I love the song " My name is Jonas " by Weezer. Ever heard it?
Yes, you got it right. Take it easy and listen to the ole body. It is hard for me too because I go a mile a minute sometimes. I like to get stuff done and one of the biggest lessons my first pregnancy taught me and my DS has taught me since is to slow down. It is a beautiful thing. Not much happens fast in the parent world- except poop diapers!

I am great. We just got back from camping in Groton, VT. Gorgeous. We saw so many animals and went to the beach on the lake. It was so perfect. We are planning a couple more trips locally before I settle in for August.

I have another appt. on Monday ( seems like we have them all the time now, eh? ). Give you all the baby and belly report later.
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Originally Posted by Mama Coltrane
Love the name Jonas. It was on our short list for DS. I love the song " My name is Jonas " by Weezer. Ever heard it?
It's been running through my head for days now! The name itself has been stuck in my head since I first taught Lois Lowry's "The Giver" to my 7th graders, back when I was a normal person. Astoundingly good book.

Jodi, I bet the birth will be amazing, even if it's not what you'd initially hoped for. All fingers crossed.
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cool name we FINALLY settled on Adrian Justin for this bean

Kristin, don't feel bad at all about cutting back. with dd, i never had to. this time, starting at 30 wks the hip pain/discomfort has been so hard! i've had to really scale back - dh does the grocery shopping, not too much time on my feet, etc. listen to your body, it knows what to tell you (and me!)
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