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Midwife consultation

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I moved from Arizona to New Mexico at 20 weeks, and now at 24+ weeks, we had a consultation with a midwife.
I've been really having problems since my birth with my daughter, putting my care into someone else's hands. But this midwife is really hands off, which I think is perfect for me.
Since I'm a VBAC, we have some guidelines we need to follow, and I was afraid they would be terrible and invasive, but they aren't! And she even let me know which I could waiver and which I could not, which is good to know that I'm not being forced into anything I don't want for this birth.
While I was there, she offered to listen to the baby, but I declined since the little beast has been a mover and a shaker these past few weeks, so I knew she was fine. I did have her check my blood pressure and it was 118/66. After I told her about my weight gain, she asked to measure my fundal height and found that we are measuring 4 WEEKS AHEAD! So we obviously had a bit of a growth spurt.
She teaches hypnobirthing and we signed up for August classes.
By the end of the consultation, I knew she was the one and we have our first official appointment next week!
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that's awesome!
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Sounds awesome!

Finding a person you like and trust is so comforting isn't it?
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Sounds like an awesome lady you found .
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Yay! It's so great when you have a good match!

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