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samsara-WHen was you edd?? Mine was 3/7. I was in Towson for the first 6 months of my pregnancy-where are you delivering???
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LukesMum (sorry -- got your handle wrong first time around), i'm due 3/11, so technically i'm not late but i somehow crossed a line of total impatience in the past week, so my lack of progress is really frustrating me. i was so grateful for the good weather today so that i could put down my book and leave the house.

i'm delivering at Union Memorial -- one of the last births, as they're closing their L&D to make way for a cardiac wing. another mama i know just delivered there last week and said it was really fun, that the nurses are all so sad to be leaving that they're really making these last days count. i spoke to one of the nurses there, who said that every birth these days is like a party -- as it should be!

so where are you now if you're not in Towson?
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We are in Fredericksburg, Va. which is lovely but I'm feeling isolated. I have 1 friend who is a CNM and crunchy but otherwise-AP is almost unheard of here! The one hospital and the CNM's here are all very medically managed...so we're planning a homebirth. I still am having a few contractions here or there but wake up everymorning thinking-is this it?? My midwife is coming down today and I may let her check me--for no other reason than curiosity!! I have mixed feelings about it.....but she is over an hour away and I think she wants to know how I'm progressing (if at all) I'll let everyone know!

Sad about Union-I know Kathy Slone is moving all her waterbirth stuff over to Mercy...
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Well after an incredible 90 minutes of labor () ds2 was born on the 8th at 6am

All I can say is that if you have the opportunity to do a water birth, DO IT! It was SOOOOO incredible!

I just escaped from the hospital (UGH!!) and I need to go get some sleep. I'll post more details later--as much as one can have details about 90 minutes (25 of which were the car ride to the hospital...)

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oh, that is great news! what a great name; so glad it went fast and that you're home already. looking forward to the story.

slainte, eoin!
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heck, i'll go again...it's my due date. i know it's simply an estimate, not an appointment, but still...i'm feeling a bit sad that i am sitting here pregnant with nary a sign in site other than the same old BH i've been feeling for two months! i guess when i thought of 3/11/03, i thought my son would be here by now. my body tends to not hold onto stuff for very long; i purge illness quickly and i shun most medication because the half-life, for me, is a joke -- i never get more than say, an hour out of cold medicine, so i don't bother. which is why i figured he'd be here at least on time, if not early.

i'm doing my very best to trust his instincts and to not put my personal stuff on him, but DAMN! i'm just so anxious to meet him.

how's everybody else doing? it looks like march is dropping off the charts, here! congrats to ljkelly, lea, and elfie...who's next?
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well, I've got a week and 2 more days before the EDD (3/21).

B*tchiness has set in, though it ebbs and flows. I forgot how easy going most of these pregnancy hormones have made me, until I started screaming at the cat. My momma says she thinks I must be getting close from all the moodiness, and I have to agree. Her judgement is good, she's always known what's going on with me, even when I don't. From what I can feel of my posterior cervix we are effacing nicely, baby is -3 or -2. I still think I'll be birthing around full moon time, so I guess by that estimation, we only have another week. A week does seem longer than it used to however...

Friends are coming over today to disinfect my inflatable pool and thermometer with bleach, rinse it and dry it so we can bag and label it. When the time comes, dh will bust out his air compressor, and attatch the garden hose to the kitchen faucet. I find the whole scenario amusing when I think about it. dh stumbling around in the middle of the night with hastily pulled on steel toed boots, down in the basement hooking up his gadgets, then me sighing in pleasure as I sink into the now full of warm water cartoon aquarium paradise that is the pool, complete with plastic floating seal thermometer.

I feel kind of like I'm spectating this stage of the pregnancy. A little bit loopy and strange.

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oooh congratulations LJKelly!!!!

wooohooo....wonderful....waterbirth!!!! i dream of a waterbirth....thats great and awesome.

congrats again.

can't wait to read ur details later.

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Delaney Gwen is here!!

She was born 3/10/03 at 5:30 pm mt via c-section. Short story -after I had been complete and pushing for 2 hours, I swelled back up to 8, stopped pushin for an hour - OMG is that HARD - but was still an 8 and swollen, agreed to an epi and pit to see if we could get back to pushing....and 8 hours later we did the c and never getting farther than 100% and 9 but still cervix all around baby's head, we did the c. (quick side note, I am 5 ft flat, and while not tiny, definately not big, more a petit/medium frame, and my first son as a c-sec for a persistant brow presentation at 6lbs 15oz). Anyway, out came baby girl, and I said "she's huge!" And my midwife (who helped during the surgery) told me that she had been more off to the side than we had thought (we thought she was just turned a little to the right) AND she had had her hand up by her face, and oh, by the way, she weighs 8lbs 6oz.

Anyway, we're finally home, she huge and healthy and I'm healing much better than last time.
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congrats to so many!

update here, we just moved 2 weeks ago and finally have the house ready again. i'm due in 2 days and i can't stand it. well, i can stand it more than my partner. she's so disapointed that the baby's not here yet that she hasn't gotten up yet today. weird.

so yeah, we're completely ready, jsut waiting around. maybe even 2 weeks to go. the baby has dropped, but she came back out a couple of days ago and turned posterior, but then turned right back around when the midwife started talking about it. it was funny.

good luck to everyone left!
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Eleanor is here! And she is safe and sound. She was born by emergency C-section on 3/11/03 at 5:12 am. She had a true knot in her cord and was smart enough not to try to come out the usual way. She is absolutely beautiful and Sophia and I are just totally in love with her! I am home now and recovering, and will post more later. Congratst to those who've had their babies and good luck to the ladies in waiting.
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we are all moving right along! Fergus was born on Thursday, 3/13, @809pm; my birth plan was shot to hell but i couldn't be more in love...i cannot believe he's in my arms.

congrats to everyone! we are rockin'!
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Yeah....congrats samsara----I will call you next week to see how things are. Great name!

And congrats to all other March mamas!
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Kaia Morgan is here!

Hi march mamas, I hope you are all doing well. Here's a brief synopsis of my birth story.
We had planned a homebirth, but my blood pressure went way up in the last few weeks of pregnancy, so we ended up having to do the hospital route. My BP hit 170/110 on 2/28, so my CNM decided to induce on 3/1. We went in to the hospital in the evening and they put in cervidil, which gave me regular mild contractions and softened my cervix overnight. We spent a few hours in the morning walking around and trying to dodge the pitocin, but around 1:30 pm they finally started it at a low dose. The next 12 hours I was in early labor - really mild contractions, they upped the dose really slowly. At around 1am, active labor hit, and I say hit because it felt like out of nowhere suddenly I was in intense pain! Because of the pit, I had contractions every 3 minutes. The only thing that got me through them was to stand up and sway back and forth while making low oooooh sounds and chanting to myself. MY DH stood up with me for every contraction and held me while I swayed back and forth. I could sleep in between but he stayed awake to be there for me - we hadn't gotten much sleep in days so he was so tired, but he stood up every 3 minutes for 7 hours to hold me through the contractions. He only missed a few when he went to go get some coffee because he fell asleep on his feet! At about 8:10 am, I felt the urge to push, so I got into the bed and started pushing. She was born at 8:40 am on 03/03/03 (a lucky birthday!) - first the intact sac was born, it burst with a gentle pop, and then she followed a few minutes later. My perineum was intact but I tore a bit on the right side because her left hand was on her right cheek. Her cord was compressed under her arm briefly while she was being born, so she came out floppy. My mom was there, she's a NICU nurse at the hospital we were at, so she was able to bring the baby up to my chest and rub her and give her some oxygen by mask so she could be with me right away. Her apgars were 5 and 8, she eventually pinked right up and wailed. She was 7 lbs 14 oz and 20.75 in long. It was a great birth despite all my fear about being induced, I was really afraid the pitocin would make things harder than I could handle but I did it! We opted for early discharge - I'd had enough of the hospital - and we were home by 5pm. She is wonderful and healthy and I'm so amazingly happy. You can see some photos of her at http://www.queue.com/kaia.
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Hi all and congratulations!! Our server has been down or else you would have to hear all my drama!! So, you get to hear it a bit delayed. I'm 41 and 3 days --UGH!! Tried to induce with castor oil yesterday and it stirred up some good contractions for about 10 hours then quit!! I ended up dehydrated and on the toilet for most of the night--not fun!! I'm getting very discouraged. I have been planning a homebirth--we're ready to go. At this point, I'm big, exhausted and not ready to labor physically or emotionally. I did go to to OB and get a non stress last week and a sonogram--shes a perfect 10 and I have lots of fluid so we're fine. I'm 37 yo and just wondering if my small body is really strong enough for all this--I am literally hardly able to move. They say the baby weighs 9 lb 13 oz (realzing this is a sonogram and the error zone) Today, the easy births my friends have had with their epidruals and pitocin is sounding really nice. My poor 3 yo is parked in front of Sesame Street (the TV is rarely on in our house) and dh has been working from home for 2 weeks...waiting is killing us. I can't get it together and go out becuase I just feel like crap. Ok, enough--come on baby!!!
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you can do it. I promise you, there is nothing wrong with your body, it is doing what it needs. I am glad to hear that baby sounds so healthy, that is a wonderful thing!

I can sympathize, my body feels puffy and achey and as big as that almost full moon, and I while I love being pregnant, I'm beginning to wish it was all done. my EDD isn't until friday.

my soon-to-labor thoughts are with you and the baby.

more babies are born on the full moon than any other time of the mo. maybe that's what your baby is waiting for?

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Hang in there, ladies-in-waiting!! Your babes will be in arms before you know it!

Awwww, Seraph what a little dolly! She's so cute and what beautiful eyes. Ellie has that little red birthmark between her eyes, too.
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Yeah!!!! 13 days "late?" our beautiful 10 lb 4 oz baby girl arrived3/20 at 524 a.m. 13 hour homebirth-labored in tub but got out for pushing. Can you believe-NO TEARING and only scant bleeding!! My midwife is awesome with the warm compresses and that alfalfa and nettles did the trick. I'm feeling great and will post more later
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Congratulations to all the new March mammas, pappas, partners, and siblings! Welcome to all the new March babies!

Leela is a month old--can't believe how time flies! She's up two pounds from her birthweight (yay for mamma milk!) She's given us a few small smiles, and is looking nice and round and healthy. DS (3 next month) loves giving her "smackers" (kisses) on top of her head and looking at her "tiny feet." Right now she is lying on my chest as I type and I have my nose planted on top of her little head, breathing in that amazing sweetness.

I love the pictures--what beautiful babies! I will post one soon, and my birth story in the homebirth forum when I get the chance.

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Congratulations, Lukesmom! Good for you for being so patient.

Here is a link to some pictures of my little sweetie.

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