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Originally posted by two-kids_uae
i finished painting the kids room.... but the stenciling is really killing me. I have only completed two walls. Two more walls to go and four more weeks before my due date. I wanted to do my room also but i am going so slow in the kids room I am not sure if I will be able to.
Boy...you are wayyyyy ahead of me. We keep talking about painting or wallpapering the room, since right now it has two AWFUL floral prints on the walls (two walls one print, two walls the other *sigh*). It might happen in the next few years

my sister-in-law just had her baby - 2nd baby - she was in labor for 7 hours. I managed to convince her to go completely natural and I told her its all the intervention that delayed her the first time. Now she swears that because of the pain she will never have anymore kids. I was like Oh No - now its my turn.
Well, I don't think I would want to think about the next kiddo right after I just had one. Maybe with time she'll realize the pain is really short-lived--especially considering the reward at the end Of course, it's easy for me to say this...with ds1 I had an epidural I feel much more prepared for this guy, and I'm hoping that will make a big difference in how things go.

I'm glad to hear it is only 12 days till your dh returns As much as he drives me insane, I'd be really sad if dh weren't here. Not to mention him missing my nightly gymnastic attempts to get comfortable....
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LJKellyolol, you reminded me of the times dh would finally give up[ on me getting comfortable and give me his back after I tossed this way and that way and itched here and there and still couldn't get comfortable...i would be like "oh thats nice, just turn ur back and sleep" I mean he never meant anything bad - sometimes I would stay awake for hours and just watch him asleep. I would think that he is sooooo lucky to be a man.

So where are the rest of our March Mamas....this is the time we need to stick close together and let each other know what is going on....time is ticking and we don't have long to go...so lets keep in touch.
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well, here's my update-had a midwife vist yesterday and since she thinks this one might get big (10 lbs by 40wks) she said that next visit-next week she might strip my membranes (I'll be 37 wks. then). From what I've read this is like other (not pit or breaking waters) induction techniques, it depends if your body and the baby are ready. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, I always believed that the baby comes on it's birthday, but dd was 10 days past the edd, and if I go that long this one might get very big.

on the positive side, this baby is so big (and currently facing the right direction) I don't think he's got room to turn posterior like dd-so hopefully no back labor this time

otherwise, I've picked up my tub and have all my homebirth supplies. we just need a new hose to fill the tub. now I'm just worried that we'll have time to fill the tub-last house we emptied the hot water tank 5 times. this tank is bigger so hopefully it won't take as long.

that's all that's going on with me-now I just need to get rid of this cold!

what's happening with everyone else?
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Two-kids, I agree, lets keep each other updated now that we're getting so close!

Here's my quickie update - had my 36 week midwife appt today, got the GBS culture one and talked about laboring at home with my doula (finally picked one!). This time I measured 38 cm, so not a huge gain again (went from 33cm at 32 weeks to 37cm at 34 weeks) so no worries there anymore, we probably just caught a growth spurt.

Is anyone who is having a hospital birth packed yet? I plan to start that this weekend, and ds is having his first over-night stay and Grandma's this weekend (he's more ready for it than I am!) so I'll probably wash the newborn diapers and sort the baby clothes while he's away.
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I probably should get stuff together for the hospital...(as much as the homebirth sounds soooo nice!).
I finally got the cloth diapers last week, cpf's--so they are all going through the wash now. I'm debating over using them from day one or if I should wait a few days so they don't get stained. I'll probably just cut up some fleece we have around the house and make some liners. I really want to have him in cloth diapers from the get go! I can't wait to see them on him!! (Can you tell that I've been reading way too many posts in the diapering forum? They've already got me addicted!!)
I still have to get all the newborn clothes out of storage and get them washed. Maybe that will be my goal for this weekend.

Dh got completely freaked out on Monday when the midwife said that I would be full-term in 10 days. I've been telling him that 37 weeks is full term, but I guess it sounds different coming from the 'expert'. :
I'm alllllll for having this guy as soon as he is ready. Everything aches and I swear I'm getting bruises on my ribs from him kicking. At least after he is born I can have some input on where he kicks.

ds1 was right on time though, so I'm not getting my hopes too high for an earlier birthday. It is nice to think about though

Other than that, I'm just waiting for the snow to melt. I love winter and all that, but enough's enough!

Melamama--I hope the cold passes soon. I *just* got over an awful one that ds gave me...

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I'm at 35 weeks. One more week until I'm in the clear for homebirth! Our midwive's student came to our house yesterday (midwives were at a birth), for the home visit they do before the birth. She estimated that baby is around 5 pounds, and slightly posterior, but still has time to move. I'll start taking evening primrose (orally and vaginally) next week to begin ripening the cervix, and we'll do the group B stress culture next week as well. We have our pool but still need to buy/borrow a pump, and we need a new hose.

My wonderful mamma friends had a beautiful blessingway for me yesterday evening. We ate good food, everyone gave beads and blessings to the baby and me, they painted my belly with henna, soaked and massaged my feet, did a facial masque, and just totally pampered me. It was such a sweet experience, one I'll never forget.

It's hard to believe we're all in the homestretch!

Hoping all is well with all of you, boobykinmamma
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boobykinmamma-your blessingway sounded fabulous! what great mama friends!

just wanted to pass on some info about avoiding a posterior baby-and the accompanying back labor (my dd was born posterior and I had accompanying back labor and have been doing everything to avoid a repeat)
*try to reduce the amount of time you spend in a recline position-sitting back, you want to focus on leaning forward
*spend some time (1/2hour/day) on all fours-pelvic tilting or just hanging out
*and even riding in a car you want to be upright or slightly forward--these things make it less comfortable for baby to go back to back with you.
you may know this already, but a posterior baby presents with a different part of the head-so it is like birthing a baby that is a pound larger (!)

ljkelly-thanks for the well wishes, I think I am over the worst of it

I hope everyone is healthy and feeling good
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melamama: thanks for that info on posterior babies...both of mine were posterior and I have been doing some of the stuff you said. At the ultrasound, the lady told me that the baby's face was facing my back so I assume that she will stay that way.

I think I will be 37 weeks in three days.

As far as hospital stuff, I don't know why I have no interest in preparing anything. Here, we have to prepare the clothes the baby will wear in the hospital cuz they will put the baby in a towel and then when its time to bathe they ask you for the clothes....

I should be getting ready cuz yesterday i thought i was in labor...i kept on having bhixs plus crampiness under my belly button and it kept on going for about a couple of hours but then it went away....

I was glad it went away cuz dh is not due back for another 8 days. I have this awful feeling when I think about laboring without dh by my side.

My next midwife appt is the 16th of Feb. which is in 2 days. I was wondering if the bhix did anything down there but I don't think she would do an internal.
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Haven't posted in a while.....but will be 37 weeks on Monday and just having a really hard time with the home stretch this time.
I'm pretty short so baby is really low and that straddle/waddle is making getting around hard (especially with a 3 yo) Last midwife appt at 36 weeks was an internal and I was 2cm and 80% effaced. I panicked for 2 days at that because we have NOTHING ready and the house is more than just messy. But with my dd I walked around at 2 cm, 90% and 0 station for 3+ weeks and finally delivering almost 2 weeks after due date! I'm preparing to go late w/this one too because it was so frustrating with #1 after everyone saying I would for sure go early. But in the back of my mind is the hope that the 2nd has to go at least on time as I'm already dialated and effaced and low and only measure 34 at 36 weeks! Hmmmmm....famous last words.

My dd was posterior as well and it took me 6, yes 6 hours of pushing (after 19 hours of labor) to get her out. I'm trying to get on all fours as much as I can but it is so uncomfortable! I will try the other suggestions as well.

Anyone else worried about the political situations and having our babies? I'm trying not to let it get the better of me, but I live pretty close to D.C. and I just can't help it.

What a tense post I better take a deep breath and be thankful for such a healthy pregnancy or this baby is surely not gonna come early:

Good luck to all and blessings!
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I'm 50 miles south of DC and let me tell you-going tinto town and seeing armed guards with machine guns at the capital is very strange!!! I'm not worrying about it-I always say worry is a useless emotion....just trying to stay wrapped up in the "joy" of baby! I'm also 37 weeks!
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I didn't even think about how location could cause stress!
I think the most we have to worry about here are the cruddy roads that are only half plowed...

I'm finally going to meet my doula today--we've been talking on the phone so far--but today is the first day we could both meet. I'm really looking forward to it

I've got to go get kiddo #1 started on his schoolwork. His workload keeps getting smaller and smaller as I get bigger and bigger. Amazing, isn't it? These are the times that I like to remind myself that in 2 hours at home you can cover as much as the school would have in the entire day...at least it sounds really good

May you all have an absolutely wonderful, relaxing, nice and cozy Valentine's Day

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I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, and still feeling really well although my blood pressure went up and my labs came back looking suspicious for pre eclampsia so no homebirth for me. The homebirth CPM has transferred me back to the CNMs I saw in early pregnancy. I'm rather sad about it but am trying to keep a positive outlook. The hospital where we will have the baby is where my mom works as a nurse so I know they will treat me very well, but I was really hoping to have the baby at home and my husband wanted to help catch. Now I'm trying to mentally reframe my vision of a good birth in the hospital and of everything going well. Bedrest brought my BP down enough that they're not talking induction this week, but would like me to do what I can to encourage labor - walking, acupuncture, etc.
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Seraph,I feel for you about the loss of a homebirth. I had a beautiful homebirth with dd1 and am very sad about going to the hospital this time. I am trying to envision a lovely birth there as well. I work there, so will be surrounded by friends, but it just isn't the same. I do believe that the experience can still be what I make of it and am trying to be positive about it. Good luck to you! Maybe they will still let your dh catch. I've seen that in a hospital before. Are you eating lots of protein, and cucumbers, and drinking nettles tea?
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well i had my 37 week checkup - nothing new - got a swab done to see if I have Group B strep since I tested positive like 3 months ago...

I had some jelly-like discharge....i dunno if thats the mucous plug or what

but i must say for some reason i am scared this time...I don't have the motivation that I had with my previous child and I am afraid that I might not be able to handle the pain and everytime I think about it....i get stomach cramps.

of course, midwife says just take it one day at a time and it will be okay.... i know it will be but I am not sure where this fear is coming from...well it could be that I know how much pain it was when I had my last child....it was almost unbearable....

anyway, i have been having diarrhea everytime I eat something...

{four more days till hubby is back}
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Two-kids (soon to be three-kids! )

You've already gotten through childbirth two times-- I'm sure you'll do great this time too!

I had an epidural with my first one (lonnnng story), so I never got a chance to find out if I could make it without massive pain medication.
I'm a little nervous about that...but I feel SO much better this time around--both with how my midwife visits have been going (as opposed to a pig-headed OB) and how my body feels. I'm trying to focus on the feeling good, rather than the nervousness.

Having said that, I still really wish that I knew that I could make it through labor without drugs--so you are a BIG step up from me!

And YAYAYAYAY only 4 days!!! That has got to be a HUGE relief.

I'll be 37 weeks on Thursday....I'm just really wishing there were a way to tell the babe that 37 weeks is 'full term' Speaking of which...gotta call the midwife. We're snowed in...no way I'm making it to my appt today

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Thanks LJ for the booster -- I feel a little better.

btw, I had an epidural with my first baby (dd) -- long story also, I really didn't know any better...episiotomy and all.

so with ds and finding the mothering boards besides being in completely new relationship (i mean I got divorced after dd and remarried 2 years later - then a year later got prego with ds) I decided to read and do a lot of research which helped me decide to go natural and realize that it should be the only way to go.

believe me LJ you can do it and your body can do it -- you just have to let your body do it....you have to go through the pain and just concentrate and breathe...I did it once and I hope to do it again.

ooooh how I miss snow....it doesn't even rain around here...and when it does it is a rare occasion - everyone gets dressed and runs outside in the rain...it happened once last year.

Yeah i really wish to have this baby now but with my last two I went to 40 weeks...we will see this one could be different.

I appreciate all the support I get from these boards...I couldn't do it without Mothering and you of course lj...thanks.

I think i am getting sappy -- talk about mood swings -- one minute i am sad, the next happy and now I am in tears.......................
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I know what you mean about MDC...there are so many nights where I'm so stressed about everything else in life, I just want to hide. I end up sitting here reading most of the night and feeling so much better. Everyone here is so wonderful

I've decided that I can deal with holding off on the babe until the 3rd (he's due the 13th), but that is as long as I'm waiting
Think about how cool it would be to have your birthday be 03/03/03

I spent all day yesterday on the couch, I was sooo uncomfortable. I felt like the babe was up under my ribs. Today is better though, thankfully. At least I can deal with sitting at the computer

I've been going through laundry left and right, getting all of ds1's baby clothes out of storage. I forgot how much stuff I had! We are SOOOO stocked on baby clothes--at least newborn through 18 months! Ds was born in Sept, so he and this guy's birthday's will be 6 months apart. That means that the clothes we bought for him in the fall will work for the new babe in the spring--not bad, eh? The only problem I see are all the Christmas clothes that will be fitting the babe in the middle of summer :

I also bought a bunch of nursing stuff for me. At least enough to get us started. Somehow I managed to nurse ds1 for almost 2 years without any nursing clothes. I think I just did the whole yank the shirt up thing, but I can't even remember. How is that for pregancy brain?


to everyone!

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Hi, everyone! Had my 36 week mw appointment yesterday. I was only measuring 34 cm after being right on for dates for awhile, so she did an internal to check positioning, and the baby was pretty low, although she said my cervix is still pretty long. Well, that explains my constant need to pee--it's getting riduculous!

We finally have everything we need for our homebirth--which I'm in the clear for (legally) as of yesterday, yay! We did the group b stress culture yeserday, too. I'm having lots of braxton hicks contractions--they started around 13 weeks this time, and have been fairly uncomfortable all along, but never regular.

Happy final weeks to all the March moms!
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Hi all! i'm kristen in baltimore and i'm expecting our first DS on 3/11. i was convinced for a while that he would come early (or maybe i was just hoping, i dunno!), but it looks like he'll be on time if not a little late, based on the latest:

i'm 37.5 weeks; around 34 i developed BV and during my pelvic, the midwife remarked that i was 35% effaced and the boy was at zero, which didn't surprise me since my thighs hadn't touched in a week previous, LOL. the next week, at 35, i was about 50% and he was still really low, so low that i was measuring small (about 33). i started, during the giant snowstorm, to have really strong contractions, some of them painful but inconsistent; when i went for an NST (i was starting to worry), she said that he'd climbed back up, that i was still 50%/1cm but that my cervix is completely posterior. for some reason, the contractions have stopped being painful (they are still strong, but they don't hurt) and now i worry that i'm somehow regressing! could it be?

so glad to see so many other march mamas; thanks for having me!
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Two-kids--How are things there? Is dh home safe and sound?

Kristen-- Hi! and Welcome Maybe your guy just decided he didn't want to come out and see all that snow?

I'm also hoping my guy (due the 13th) will decide to come early. I'm soooo ready for him!! The waiting is going to drive me batty. With ds1 I had all sorts of new toys to play with to keep me busy--and of course we had to go out and buy one of everything in the baby stores. This time around we are using ds1's stuff for the new babe and have only bought stuff like diapers and a new car seat. There are only so many times you can ooh and ahh over a car seat and prefold diapers.....

Not to mention it would be nice to be able to sleep without getting the near-constant internal jabs and pokes.

I'm off to pretend to be productive....
I hope everyone else is well!
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