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LJ: thanks for asking....YES!!! he is home safely and I am so relieved.

and WELCOME TO U - Samsara

Last nite from midnite to 6am I was having what I thought were contractions....I am still not sure if they were really contrax and they stopped or they were braxton hixs... let me describe them: backache plus tightening in lower stomach with pain all the way through my vagina....but i thought they were real but they never got any stronger than they were.

but it scared me b/c both of my kids were posterior and i all i ever knew was back labor so I know how to go through that and handle it but the stomach pain - I am not sure how I will handle that if thats what I get this time. I wasn't handling it very well last night when it wasn't that bad and I can't imagine what to do or how I would have handled it if it was worse.

now technically we really have 2 weeks left!!!!! Oooooh i hope it happens sooner than later too....its so difficult to do anything.
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hi, thanks for the welcomes! my rotten kid has no excuse now -- it rained almost three inches yesterday and the snow's practically gone, the car's dug out and it's warmed up -- come out!

seriously, i'm getting so impatient; i don't know how i'm going to survive the next couple of weeks!

two_kids, those pains sound like something i was having last week and the shooting vaginal pains were kind of scary, but they subsided just like yours and now i'm just back to the rock-hard painless BH. my opinion (based on "scientific" assumption, LOL), is that they were the "true" practice contrax; that is, when they're real, i'm told, they hurt lower and around the back, unlike the BH which supposedly tighten the whole uterus.

ljkelly, my fella sleeps when i sleep, to speak, and he doesn't poke me overnight -- quite different than a lot of women i've talked to. when i wake up, he's usually still asleep and i get out of bed all lopsided -- my right side is totally deflated. it's pretty funny and it takes about 1/2hour for him to right himself; sometimes it hurts while he gets in day mode, he's so contorted!
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Well, it looks like Ive become a February mama! Our little girl, Leela Prashanthi, surprised us by arriving at 36 weeks, 2 days. We had an amazing home waterbirth--I'll post the birth story soon. She weighed 5 lbs, 11 oz, 19 in. long, is doing great, and we're madly in love.
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YAY!!! Congratulations!!!
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Woohoo!! Welcome Leela Prashanthi!
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oh, that's fantastic! big congratulations and a welcome to leela!
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congratulations! how wonderful!
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Congrats on the birth!!!

CONSTIPATION----ugh, it is causing those crampy low pains so I don't know if it's labor at night or just my lovely end-of-pg symptom.

Big but not so big news.....another internal last Wed. has gotten me to 4 cm, 90% effaced and 0 station! Ok so logically I know I could walk around like this for a few more weeks, but come on...2nd babe, almost 38 weeks, anyone wanna tell me "of course you'll go early!"

Frustrating only because every little contraction gets me worked up. But I'm doing the same thing everyone else is----going back and forth between those low crampy contrax and the Braxton Hicks. I also go for a few days with spurts of regular contrax and then maybe 2 days of very little of anything. Being 4 cm, I figure that when I go, i'll go.

Mucous plug question--- w/my first I think I remember seeing a little brown tinged discharge about a week before birth, but nothing like a glob of anything. Today I've been having a little thicker discharge than usual, but could be just that. Has anyone ever gone into labor without noticing any plug at all? I do pee in the dark in the middle of the night so who knows:

So good luck to all of us on these last few weeks.....and to help me remind myself that babies come when babies come!
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hiya, elfie (it's me, kristen)! so glad i saw your post; i'll call you tomorrow (monday) so we can chat about our event.

i'm having the same exact contrax as you are; oddly, the boy had engaged and really lightened up on my lungs and esophagus, but then he jumped back up! i picture him doing a handstand on my pelvis, holding himself away from the bottom...little brat so i had about ten days of horrible heartburn and compromised breathing, but it seems that he's dropped again because i was actually able to eat a full meal tonight and i still feel hungry, with no indigestion. plus i've got that lovely can't-close-my-legs feeling, which is really fun.
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It's so much fun to come here and see everyone else going thru the same things! I'm also going back and forth between the crampy, low-back aching, sharp, shooting vaginal pains and the rock-hard, painless BH. She dropped sometime late yesterday. My heartburn has miraculously disappeared and I can eat more at a sitting. I also feel like I'm walking around a bowling ball. Last week I was 1 cm, and thick, but anterior. I'm 38 1/2 weeks. I lost some of my mucus plug on Saturday. With Sophia I never did see much of it. I think it came out during labor and I just was too busy to notice. I also never had contractions or bloody show with her either until I was in true labor. That certainly isn't true this time!

Congratulations on your February girl, boobykinmama!!
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Hi, anyone else feeling impatient?
I've run all my errands, even got my hair cut (like a twice a year event). For the last 2 weeks I've had Bhs and the low front and back crampiness, the shooting pains that make me think the baby is doing head spins on my cervix. I didn't have any of that last time so I really thought I was more ready to go. At first they were only at night, but now they're throughout the day, so I'm guessing it's getting closer.

We filled the tub for a test run yesterday, it was good because it took less time than we thought it would.

Dd was 10days past the edd, so I know that baby's come when they're ready, but I really thought I'd go early with this one. Now I answer the phone and everyone is like "how are you?" Like I'm going to be in transition and answering the phone.:
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Yes, very impatient! But at the same time, I'd like to wait another week until everything is in place. (Dd's room painted and her moved into, finished working so my leave won't be cut into, done with a bit more schoolwork, having my OB back in town,that kind of thing) My arms have started to ache to hold my new baby. That happened last time, too. They physically ache. The babies at work, and pictures of new babies create a really poignant sense of longing. It's almost painful. It's also hard when I take care of mamas who were due after me! They are at least very sympathetic. Twelve hour shifts are near to being unbearable. I need the next day to recuperate. I pray I don't go into labor after one of those!

Hang in there everyone, we're in the home stretch!
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Hiya ladies.

Well, I've had a stressful week! My father had a heart attack last Thursday (his second in 2 months!) and had a double bypass on Friday, but recovered amazingly well and came home yesterday - whew! It's tough, he's alone and I had to keep the rest of the family informed, pick him up, etc. At least now he's home, and my aunts and uncles can visit on the weekends to check on him.

With all that, I managed to gain 4lbs in a week!! Ugh! can you tell I'm the type to eat under stress? LOL

My midwife wasn't concerned about that at all, thankfully. At my 38 week visit today she said baby is well engaged (no joke! somedays I think she's trying to break my pelvis in half!). I asked her to try to strip my membranes (since dad is home and I have help for him, thought it couldn't hurt to try to go now) but no such luck. I'm only 1cm and 50% effaced, back to waiting impatiently!
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Melinda, I'm glad to hear that your dad is okay...I can't imagine going through that right now, although it must be a relief to know that he is okay.

and....Yeppers. It sounds like we're all just playing the waiting game....(all except Boobykinmamma!!)

My good news for the week is that my GBS test came back negative
I also got the thumbs up to start using evening primrose oil...Although I don't know how much it will help. I need to convince this kiddo that it is actually pretty nice out here.
He has dropped down *some*, but I swear he just used that space to stretch out his legs. He is STILL under my ribs, and makes sure I know it every single time I try to lay down.

I think we've actually got everything ready here now. Well, minus the washer/dryer...but those are getting delivered monday (YAY!!! My FIRST EVER brand new washer and dryer!!! I can't believe I'm this excited about it hehehe)

My mom is still completely freaked out over us not setting up a crib or anything for the babe. Every time I talk to her, she asks about it. DS1 used the crib maybe 3 times before he was a year old--and that was just to put him in while I was doing stuff in his room when I couldn't hold him (like hanging curtains)! Seems like a whole lot of space to waste for a big old laundry basket

We did completely splurge though and get a queen size mattress to put next to our old queen mattress. It was only a little more than a twin or a full would have been, and it means that ds1, aka Mr. BedHog, can still come in our room if he wants/needs to.

Speaking of which--I wanted to ask how you moms prepared/are preparing the soon-to-be siblings for the babe. Ds says he is fine with it, but after not sleeping in our bed for almost 2 years (he is 7 1/2), he is suddenly back in there every night. I don't mind..I love snuggling with the little bugger (despite the fact that he is a major bed hog!), but it makes me worry about how the baby is going to affect him.
Any ideas? I've tried talking to him about it...giving him words for things he might be feeling, but he was mr. mellow about the whole thing and insisted that he wasn't worried or anxious or stressed about it at all. *sigh*

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Melinda, sorry about your father. Good to hear that he's home and ok.

Lauren, I don't know what we're doing about the bed issue. Dd had a crib, but never slept in it-even after we took the sides off and it converted to a toddler bed. Now we've got a puppy so I thought we'd bring the crib down so I could have a safe place to put the baby down.

We were asking Dd where baby would sleep she said "in the crib in my room", then we asked where she would sleep and she looks at us like we're loony and says "in bed with you guys". We explained that she never slept in the crib and this baby will sleep in our bed too. She sort of blew that info off. All I can think to do is let her know how things will be. In the last week she has gotten really clingy. I can't count how many times I've heard "mama hold me". I was hoping she was in on some good information and the baby would be here by now.

We've also been talking about how I'll be tired and not able to do much, the nursing, and the fact that the baby will be tiny and sleep much of the time (not like the 1 year old 'babies' that she knows). It's so abstract. I've been trying to read her books about new sibs. The new LLL catalogue has several, but I think by the time I ordered them and got them we'd already be there.

off to my mw appointment, she mentioned stripping my membranes-we'll see.
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hi all. melinda, i'm glad to hear that your dad is doing well. ljkelly, i'm so happy for your new appliances -- it's cool to be excited about them.

it's just been snowing here nonstop since, like, thanksgiving; i've managed to have my last two mw appts cancelled due to inclement weather and my mw being a single mom who's gotta pick up her kids at school...sigh. it's frustrating at 38 weeks to have to play pioneer and resign myself to, "well, when it happens, it happens," and not have any idea at this point where i stand for effacement and dilation. i rescheduled for tomorrow but that's when we're getting the brunt of the snow, so i'll probably have to wait out the weekend with no idea of how i'm doing.

my hips are crazy loose and it hurts to get up in the night to pee -- that walk down the hall is really graceful, i tell you. strange twist: my hands hurt, like i have arthritis something awful. bending my fingers and making fists are out of the question for longer than it takes me to write this post. wtf?!?!

i had a panic yesterday when my sister's dog had an adverse reaction to his lyme disease vax (don't get me started!) and his liver enzymes shot to "immeasurable levels" -- he could have died. all the while i'm in this awful worried state of, "he can't die, he just can't;" i cried and cried and it struck me: is this what it's like to worry about your child? i'm so in for it.
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I also became a February momma!!!!

I had my beautiful little girl, khadijah, on 24th of Feb. I went into labor at 5:20am and she was born at 7:02am. Very quick, very intense and natural but i couldn't move around or anything because of GBS I had to take antibiotics.

I hope you all have a wonderful experience.

LJKelly: u still hangin in there or what?
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congratulations! that's great news...welcome, khadijah!
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YAY!!!! Congratulations!!

You must all be so excited! And I am so glad that Khadijah waited for dad to be home
Of course, now you really do have to see about becoming three-kids_uae inky

I'm still waiting waiting waiting
I've been having more frequent stronger contractions, but nothing regular. :
Could be worse though, right?

Snuggle those Feb. babes for the rest of us!

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welcome, khadijah!!

Definately snuggle these Feb babes for those of us waiting!
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