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Bad sling comment

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Usually I get positive comments on my sling, but today I was wearing my 13 month old in the hip carry in my beautiful hotsling when two women walk by. One of the women looks at me and in her words says "that ain't no baby harness that's a sheet, that's ghetto. The other woman says "I think it's creative". Then the other woman goes on again about it being a ghetto sheet. It was more the woman's tone of voice than her words that bothered me, she just had a really mean voice tone, and also giving me a nasty look.
Oh well, I guess I shouldn't let it bother me, but some people should just keep their comments and looks to themselves!
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Obviously she is an ugly, hateful person, and you should be glad not have have anything in common with her if that's the way she wants to be!
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Ghetto sheet? Seriously? What an ignorant thing to say. Either way, I'll take a ghetto sheet over a baby harness any day. I love snuggling with my babe.

Maybe she's just bitter that she didn't think up the idea first.
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That's awful! I am sorry about that mama
The best is just to ignore those stupid comments and savor the good ones. I bet you get a lot of "ooohs" and "aaahhs" with your Hotsling
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ROTFL.... if only she knew how much I paid for my "ghetto sheet" and my collection of other "ghetto-sheet type" carriers....

silly woman.

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Even if you were wearing a "ghetto sheet" (whatever that is!) who is she to comment on it?!!!

Just out of curiosity, which hotslings were you wearing?
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Originally Posted by katsam
Usually One of the women looks at me and in her words says "that ain't no baby harness that's a sheet, that's ghetto. The other woman says "I think it's creative". Then the other woman goes on again about it being a ghetto sheet.
Well, I don't know about you, but the impression I have of the woman who made the, "ghetto" comment is that I wouldn't really care what she thought. Just the fact that she used the word, "ghetto" makes her sound as if she's not a very educated or open minded person to begin with, I would have blown her off as being totally ignorant.

Now, if I saw your hotsling, I would be like, "oooh, is that a hotsling, is it reversible?" I love seeing other mamas wearing their babies.
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Man, some people...sheesh. I wish I had an awesome ghetto sheet.
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I know, I really don't care what she said, I just really couldn't believe that she was glaring at me saying that with me in total earshot.

Yes, I should have told her how much my sheet cost :LOL

For who asked, it was this hotsiling, the prettiest in my opinion
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Well, I happen to think the mendhi hotsling is far from ghetto.
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The Mendhi is soooooo gorgeous!!
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Shheeeshhh... some people!
FWIW, I think you have excellent taste in slings (I have the same one coming to me in the mail!)
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I have that ghetto sheet!!:LOL It's my fav ghetto sheet Cause we live in da hood ya'll!
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I have that ghetto sheet too!!!!
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I am sorry the woman was rude, but I am seriously lmao at the term "ghetto sheet" ! Sometimes, people are so ignorant, you just have to laugh.

And your sling is beautiful! I am totally jealous you have a Hotsling - I'm currently lusting over Hotslings
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I just ordered that ghetto sheet today!
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Its like some people freak out when they see something different. This guy in the health shop took one look at dd in the sling and rudely said to me "she should be walking", i just replied well i'd like to see your fat-ass chasing her around the mall while i shop! :
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Heck, if that's a "ghetto sheet"....whatever that means....I would be proud to wear a t-shirt saying "just another ghetto sheet wearin' Mama!"
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Thanks everybody, I am totally cracking up over this experience now. At the time I just couldn't believe how rude she was though!
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I understand! I was in Kanab this weekend and we were looking around in one of the little stores and there was a lady there who went to put her daughter down (she wanted to wander) and she said to her friend that she was getting so heavy. Not two seconds later they turned around and saw me wearing DD. They both looked disgusted and proceeded to follow me around the store gawking (ok,ok maybe they were trying to look at it in more detail and didn't have the guts to ask) and whispering about me. They finally shut up when I told DH that women can be so catty sometimes.
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