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to the OP - I would definitely try for the vbac. I would not go back to the doc who claimed to be so vbac-friendly and then advised you to have a surgical birth when there was nothing wrong. Most pregnancies go a week "late" it doesn't mean a thing. Many many babies have their cords wrapped around their necks, my vbac baby did, twice. vba2c is safe, as long as you have a care provider who believes it is safe, as long as your care provider trusts in your body and in the natural process of childbirth (very very few medical doctors do, though). I'd go find a group of very experienced midwives, if I were you. Good luck!
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I was thinking of you and just wondering how you were doing?

How did the driver's test go?

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Driver's test went well - I've got my "novice" license (we're on a graduated program here...I still have some restrictions, but can now take my kids and husband out in the car). The examiner didn't ask me to parallel park, as he noticed that I was having difficulty turning around in the seat while backing up straight...something about this enormous belly not fitting behind the steering wheel. :LOL

My ultrasound due date has come and gone, and my due date as per my LMP is this Thursday. I keep thinking labour is coming in the evenings - aches, pains, digestive upsets, etc. - but it turns out to be nothing. I hope it happens soon, as I think this is the longest any woman in my family has ever carried a baby! Besides...every time my mom leaves the house (we're living with her until the beginning of August), the first words out of her mouth when she gets home are "no labour yet?". It's starting to get to me...
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Don't ya hate that when you get close to the due date and everyone knows they start calling and asking are you in labor yet, did you have the baby yet, how are you feeling.

And when they keep asking it makes you more frustrated because you don't know when the baby is coming and all your feeling is tired and heavy lol...

Congrats. on the driver's license!!!

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Tired and heavy - that's about right.

My sister called last night - "where's that baby?". I'm like..."uh...in my uterus". She says "still?".

Do people think I'm just going to have the baby and not tell anybody? It's like they think I'm waiting until the next family gathering to show up with the new baby and show it off as a big surprise! :LOL
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Well you know, the best revenge after them calling and asking so did you have the baby, do you think you'll have the baby today, tomorrow, or maybe Friday. You could call them all at 2 am to tell them you had the baby.

Then when they say why did you not wait until morning, you can just say I thought you were so eager to know when I had the baby, I didn't want to leave you out and wanted you to know right at the moment lol..That should get them

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...still waiting...

I was talking to dh about my last doctor's appointment. He says he thinks the North Shore (where I live) obstetrical community is afraid of me..
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