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Belly cast?

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I put this in the weekly forum, but thought I would open it up as a thread. My Dh mentioned that he would love to do a belly cast this time around. Anyone ever done one? Any tips or suggestions? I guess I better get a move on if I am going to get this done before baby arrives!
- Kerri
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Yes we did a belly cast, it was really very simple. A little uncomfortable but it was worth it. We used just a couple packages of the casting strips, my only tip would be (if you can't shave completely hairless and I mean everywhere - nipples, belly, down there , etc.) to use lot of vaseline. It hurt like a mutha taking it off :
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Did you buy a kit or make it yourself?
- Kerri
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I bought a kit online for my SIL and she said it was great! Kind of pricey - but it comes with everything (including vaseline)
here is the link...


I bought one for myself too - but I am waiting until I get a little bigger (maybe in the next couple of weeks)...
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So when is the best time to do it? I have my kit....have had it for months! LOL I suppose you want to wait as long as possible.....but not too long? :LOL
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we did one during my last pg just a couple days before I went into labor (@40 weeks). I got my kit off ebay for about $20

only bad thing was I got clausterphobic or something while doing it and had a bit of an anxiety attack. I'm not sure if it was the feeling of the casting or whatever ingredients are in it. I actually had to have DH remove it though it turned out great though!
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Last time an artistic friend went to the art supply store and got supplies for much cheaper than a kit and then we went for it one afternoon about 2 weeks before the due date -- it was fun and cool. We used massage oil rather than Vaseline and it worked fine. I still haven't done anything with the cast yet, but some day will decorate it and hang it somewhere.

I don't think I am going to do a cast this time, since we are having professional maternity photos done in early August ...
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