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HELP! Sick baby won't eat.

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Ds has been coughing for a few days, horrible, wet, phlegmy, hacking coughs. Fever too, now runny nose. Oftentimes he has trouble nursing because his nose is too stuffed up. Anyway, about 3 times he has coughed so hard he throws up. Today it happened about 5am, after he had nursed back to sleep in bed. He had a coughing fit and it all came back up. He nursed before that about 1 am. It is now 8:30am, he slept from 6:45 to 7:30, woke up and has been crying ever since. I can't get him to nurse, take water from sippy cup, or eat any solids. He has a low fever, but the last time he did this he was better when he finally ate. He keeps almost falling asleep, then crys and crys and crys.

Any ideas on how to help him eat? It seems like he is hungry and tired and can't reconcile them. I'm sure by now it hurts his chest and throat to cough, he has been coughing for 5 days.

I am sick now too - no cough thankfully - but I feel like crap and I am at my wits end on how to sooth this baby, when I can barely shuffle around with him while he cries. Wah!
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You poor thing and poor ds

You can give him homeopathic tablets, I found the ones for specific cough types worked within a day or so to help symptoms and general well being with all my kids.

Give him a shower before bed, that will help loosen the junk. How old is he? If he's over 6mo, you can try vicks vaporub on his chest.

His tummy is probably upset from all the mucous draining, so that's why he is not eating. Try spraying breastmilk up his nose to help with the congestion.

And this is just a little remedy handed down in my family, use it or not as you wish. heat 1 c water add 1 shot good whiskey, and sugar and lemon juice to taste. Cool to comfort level. Babes can handle 1-2 tablespoons. Works better than benedryl.

I hope you find some relief and get some restful sleep soon.
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you didn't mention how old your son is, but mine is 16 months and he started teething his molars about two weeks ago and he was totally runny nose, phlegmy, coughy, wouldn't eat and very, very mucousy (sp?) would wake up in the middle of the night a total mess.
What I do and I've done this when he has a cold...is I get Knopp's Eucalyptus bath and I pour it into a very warm tub, one I know he can handle but still very warm....I get it all eucalyptus smelling, I also shut the bathroom door and I put some of Tom's Eucalyptus rub in the bathroom sink. I fill that with very hot water and let it run in the sink.
So, now I've created a eucalyptus steam room.
Then I get in the tub with my son. He immediately is able to start breathing and he immediately nurses in the tub. I stay in there with him forawhile so that he is really relaxed and just make him really comfotable. Sometimes this is the free-est he has breathed all day. Then I either put him in his chair and feed him (He is usually up for food) or I put him to bed. Depending on what time I feel I need to do this.
I've done this a couple times in the day when it has been really bad.
But I just hate him crying because it makes the mucous worse.

I too administer the Hylands homeopathy which is appropriate but when that doesn't work, I get the pediacare.
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i forgot to add steep a couple of cloves in there, too
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Thanks you guys! My dr (a naturopath) gave him some herbal cough elixer, and it seems to really help. But, like me (probably like all of us) he has a couple of really good coughing episodes a day, especially when nursing in the middle of the night. Is breastmilk mucus forming, like cows milk? Not that not give it to him, just curious!

Sorry, he is 10 months old. I've been searching for a cherry bark chest rub recommended to me, but can't find it anywhere. I have a vaporizer running, but it doesn't seem powerful enough to really steam things up.

trabot, the bath sounds nummy. I keep forgetting to buy eucalyptus oil... grrr! I'll try to get him steamy today. It is tough, the goo has stopped pouring out his nose, but he is really congested, like way back in the nose so it still hard to breath but really hard to get to.

Thanks for your help. He has been nursing a bit more. It is just so sad when you can't tell them why they feel like they do. And it is even harder when mom is sick too!
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BM is NOT mucus forming. I always squirted it up their noses to relieve congestion, and in their eyes if they got goopy
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